Must-read story about Kubhera Lingam from thredha yugam

I came to know about this lingam couple of months back….When I heard the story of this, it was pretty tearful to know the mahatmiyam of this lingam and the current state. At that point, I was not aware of the link to this lingam to Mahaperiyava.

Here is the small write up from HH Kuvalaikkal Swamigal describing the link to Mahaswami.

Here is the small narration about this lingam for folks who can’t read Tamil…

Location is Thirukkalimedu, north of Indra theertham. Thirukkalimedu is also called “satya vratha kshetram”. This lingam belongs to thredha yuga and worshipped by Lord Bhudan and Lord Vayu and various other mahans. This ageless lingam over a period of time, started going under the water and mud. After a period of time, even sewage water started mixing up and poured over this maha lingam. What a tragedy?! In 1978 Mahaperiyava when saw few kids playing on top of this lingam, tried to bring this up and restore it – but due to various reasons, it could not be done. Besides, he took the mud from that place and put it on His head saying that this is not a mud but viboothi as Swami is right here….. The sankalpam to restore the lingam started then. Lots and lots of tireless efforts were made by several few sincere Shiva devotees. They approached the landlord who owned this place. Originally they refused to give the land. After continuous negotiation, now the lingam has been recovered successfully along with the whole land from the landlord. Restoring was not that easy – the team approached some namboodhiris to check astrologically – there were few more complications before any effort could be made. After doing all the pariharams, the lingam was recovered…..Now this small team is working on constructing a temple for this maha lingam. Mahaperiyava’s sankalpam is coming to reality with His blessings….

Although I do not know all the folks, the main person who is tirelessly working is Shri Chandramouli, who administers our 2012 veda rakshana drive along with Sthapathi Shri Dhandapani with the blessings of HH Pudhu Periyava.

The team already collected some funds towards the construction of this temple and they need some more funds to complete this divine project. If anyone is interested, please contact Shri Chandramouli at – 994080033 / 9840556399. Knowing Mouli, it is hard to reach him on the phone as he travels a lot but pretty quick on email responses.

These photos bring tear to our eyes!

IMG_1791 copy

DSC_9206 copy-1

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  1. Dear Mahesh, Thanks for the post. My Brother and me have contributed a small amount to the temple construction through chandra mouli sir. Thanks a lot again. jaya jaya sankara !!! hara hara sankara !!!

    • thanks your kind contribution. even a second of thought to help in constructing a siva temple would result in all the blessings for that devotee and his next several generations. You went beyond that and contributed, which is priceless. You and your family should feel blessed….

  2. Thanks mahesh for great service-Ravi

  3. Great service. Such a huge Linga submerged in sand and muck and restored. Great Punyam. Will contact Sri. CHandramouli by email and offer my mite. Thanks for Kubera Lingam Dharshan and for making me blessed. Jaya Jaya shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  4. Thanks, Mr. Mahesh for the info. Regards Kala

  5. A good service to our Guru. we toxxet connected to these in whatever way we can

  6. it is a great job with the blessings of Mahaperiava. and it is our privilege/ blessings to participate in our own humble way in the temple consecration. will take up with sri chandramouli for bank details

  7. Amazing to know about it. And thanks for the details of Shri Chandramouli.

  8. Kindly give me where this temple is?. I would like to Visit at the earliest.

  9. Mr Mahesh, Really it is a scintillating information. Thank you very much for telling us this very useful information. It gives immense pleasure to see that the work is in progress around
    the temple. It is the right time that we take active part in this divine activity.

  10. All –

    Many of you have requested the bank details for contribution. I talked to Shri Chandramouli and have given his contact email id and phone numbers here. Please contact him for more details.



  11. Dear Mahesh….Extremely nice of you to have sent details on Kubera Lingam and our Maha Periyava… I am interested in contacting the people behind the renovation of the Kubera Lingam temple. Could you please put me on to them? thanks…. Sadasiva Kumar..

  12. Dear Mr.Mahesh,
    Please share the bank accounts details and email address of the Trust. Will definetly contribute.

  13. Dear Mahesh, I have been longing to see you. What wonderful contributions you are making to these descendants of Mahaperiyava cult. We shall definitely get the dharshan of Kubera Lingam and do our mite too – D.Manivannan, Nanganallur.

  14. Respected Mahesh, do let me know the right person’s bank account details,hope LORD SHIVA blesses OUR MOTHER LAND and the whole world too

  15. Dear Mahesh, Please share the details of how we can contribute

  16. Thanks Mahesh for the information. I would like to contribute whatever little I can. Do let me know the details to contact Sri Chandramouli / Stapathi Shri Dhandapani

  17. i shall contact HH Kuvalekkal swamigal when i go next and then find out how to go about helping this excellent cause. it would have been wonderful if it has been stated as to which chandramouli is it and his address. is it auditor chandramouli or other. n.ramaswami

  18. Mr. Mahesh, Thanks for the information. Please could you send the bank details as I am interested in contributing towards the above temple construction. Balajee

  19. thanks for your amazing article. please send the bank details of the trust so that the necessary funds can be collected from the devotees of mahaswamigal.

  20. where is it in Kanichpuram this Lingam is ?.what is name of this temple?.Is it sKunera Linga Saameda———–which goddess ?. can you share the address and route to this temple?.

  21. PL give me also the bank details and phone nos of the trust persons and actually where it is located. and my phone no is 09246868666.

  22. this is great and it is more useful if available in TELUGU AND ENGLISH LAUNGUAGES

  23. Mahesh, thanks for sharing this article. It is very nice to see the restoration work being done. Pls share the bank account details/email address of Shivarpana Trust/Sri Chandramouli. Thanks.

  24. amazing.. Thanks to those who helped to revive this treasure.

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