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I was talking to Dr Radhakrishna Sastrigal, Srirangam, yesterday to enquire about a very authentic book he wrote on Sri Adi Sankara and his timelines etc and requested him a copy of that book. At that time, he mentioned that a monthly magazine at Sri Matam – “Kamakoti Pratheebam” (I hope I got the name right) is publishing this as a series. I would like to post this as a book here in this blog. HH Mahaperiyava guided him during the process of writing this book. This was originally written in sanskrit. Can anyone provide me some lights on how to talk to the publishers of this magazine or get the books from the date this article started to come?? I will try to talk to the webmaster of kamakoti.org to see if they can help….

If you all remember, sastrigal was interviewed by me during my 2011 trip and posted.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I live in Thane and would like to buy Dharma Shastram book by Seshadrinatha Sastrigal all the parts available in Tamil.

    Am not able to get it anywhere, can you help me please, My mother wants it and I as a son would like to get it for her. Please help!


    Chandrashekar Iyer

    • Sir,

      I just came across your post. I couldn’t find an online portal that has Dharma Sastram book, but was able to find a series of books that contain articles written by Seshadrinatha Sastrigal for Vikatan Publications. You may visit this link – http://books.vikatan.com/index.php?aid=69 and buy the books for your beloved mother. Hope this is of some help to you.


  2. My father in law used to get these kamakoti pratheepam and have them bound year-wise. we do have bound copies of these. Is there any way I can give them to you so that all can get to read them. Let me know.

    These are quite old and the papers have turned yellow. If its legally ok, I can take copies of the entire sets and send it to you.

  3. Excellent magazine. Adi Sankara life sketch from various Sankara Vijayams consolidated and presented by Sri. S.V.Radhakrishna SastrigaL and also Maha Periyava Dhivya Charithram are being serialised. Old great articles from previous Kamakoti Pradheepam are being published again. Sri Rama Sharma is very helpful at the Matham. All devotees may become subscribers, annual or life or patrons and continue to receive this great journal.

  4. I paid the annual subscription for this book & I am getting this monthly magazine for the last 2 years. Annual subscription for this book is Rs.220 . Published by Kamakoti kosasthanam on behalf of sri kanchi kamakoti peetam No.1, salai street, Kancheepuram, Pin 631502

  5. You can contact Dr.V.S.Vishnu Potty, Vice Chancellor, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahyavidyalala (Run by Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt), Kanchipuram +914427264408 in this regard. He is in the editorial board. Dr.T.Venugopal, Professor and Head, Department of Mathematics, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahyavidyalala (Run by Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt), Kanchipuram +919578137581

    [ I AM NOW 65 YRS]

  7. ok…originally I thought of posting some articles from that magazine in this blog. After hearing all of you, it seems like Sri matam wants to promote this magazine. So my focus should change to promoting this so that Sri matam gets more revenue? I will talk to the names you have given and see how we can release a digital version so that people can purchase this digitally also – that would be lot more effective…..thanks for all the contacts….

  8. Though I have heard about it, I have not seen the book so far. I heard it once
    when I went to Giri Trading Chennai. But copy was not readily available.

    Balasubramanian NR

  9. As readers expressed, it is a sort of revival of earlier Pradeepam, sensing the need to sustain and propagate the religious values of our great Sanathana Dharma. It is a pleasure to read these monthly issues, containing delightful articles both to intellectuals and plain bhkthimans. The cover photos are excellent and the monthly journal is very topical, giving coverage to the events of the on coming month. The editorial is very thought provoking. Personally both the Acharyas are interested in the contents and perhaps monitor the articles. The price is very very reasonable and many ardent devotees can subscribe as life patrons

  10. There were a lot of articles about Adishankara and his life which was published by Kamakoti pradeepam when it was published by B.G.Paul and co from 11,Francis Joseph street,Paris corner.
    One significant contributor was Vidwan.Polagam Rama sastrigal who used to elucidate on lot of Sankara Vijayams like Pracheena Sankara Vijayam,Govina Natheeyam,Markandeya Samhita and Vyasachaleeyam etc,.I had copies of the journal and now it is being published from Kanchi
    Some of them have also been published as books

  11. The publication was re-started in Dec-11-Jan12 corresponding to Margazhi-Thai month of Tamil year, Kara. It is published by SRI KAMAKOTI KOSASTHANAM, SRI MATAM SAMSTHANAM, No.1, Salai Street, KANCHEEPURAM,631502. TAMILNADU. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTON is INR220. e-mail: kamakotipradeepam@gmail.com . Earlier upto 1974 this was being published by B.G> Paul&Co. for the Kamakopti kosasthanam. When that Co; changed hands this was stopped. A TREASURE TO KEEP AND FOLLOW OUR ENJOINED DUTIES TO THE EXTENT POSSIBLE. I am now a subscriber as I was earlier too; then Anl. Subs. just Rs.15/-. PL GIVE WIDE PUBLICITY ABOUT THIS AND MAKE ALL BENEFICIARIES. MAY GOD AND OUR ACHARYALS BLESS YOU. I am 80+ and glad to share this with you. S.R. Nagarajan. Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2013 13:27:50 +0000 To: nagarajan_sr32@hotmail.com

  12. You can please contact Mr, Ramasarmaji Manager of the Mutt Kanchipuram who is in the editorial Board

  13. I was planning to suggest to publicise this magazine through your portal, if you wish, as it’s published on behalf of the Matam and to top it, the team is made up of top-guns in the field, headed by highly respected Sri Mani Dravid Sastrigal. If I’m not mistaken, there used to be a magazine under the same name for a long before it was discontinued. So, this is a revival of sort and really worth subscribing – just Rs. 220/yr and it is monthly. Contact: kamakotipradeepam@gmail.com; ph# 044-27233115. This month is the 16th part of Sri Sankaravijayamagarantham

  14. yes there was a book. you are correct it is called kamakotti published by srimutt Kanchi,smilarly there was one for the past 30 years called Amarabharathi (www.amarabharathi.com too.

  15. I suggest that u can contact the present principal of sanskrit college Mylapore @ chennai, or its earlier principal Sri.Seshadrinatha sastrigal who given lectures in Sankara TV, Shakthivikatan, who hails fm Thiruvivamallai, kerala. or contact Sri Sankara viswa mahavidyalya,Ennathur, they are making some electronic recording and has big libbrary of old texts, etc, run by srimatan .If you are unable to get I will try if i can do help in your venture. Ing.R.Gopalakrishnan, BE,MS(Fr) Pammal BJP.(9445684215).Smilarly Giri brothers Book sellers at Mylapore,

  16. Sri Kamakoti Pradheepam is published by “Sri Kamakoti Kosasthanam”, Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, No.1, Salai street, Kancheepuram.

    Telephone No. 044 27222115, 27233115.

    Hope this helps.

  17. Dear Mahesh,

    I happen to have one issue (March 2012) of this magazine. Here are the publisher details from that issue. Hope this helps in contacting them –

    Published by – Sri Kamakoti Kosasthanam on behalf of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, No. 1 Salai Street, Kancheepuram – 631502
    Ph – 044-27222115, 27233115
    Periodicity – Monthly
    Printed at – Vetri Screens & Offset, 67 West Raja St. Kancheepuram – 631 502
    Mobile – 9994633248, 9380872792


  18. Mahesh. you can contact Rama Sarma mama in Sri Matam. he can help you on this.

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