Yen Oor Perumai!

I have to post this just because this video is about Dalmiapuram, my birthplace 🙂  So please bear with me on this bragging!

Vijay TV had captured recent Kumbabishekam done at Dalmiapuram, near Lalgudi. Nicely captured (in this video from 6.40 mts onwards). This temple has gone through 5 kumbabishekam and HH Pudhu Periyava attended 4 of those events….Clearly Goddess Aryamba sametha Lord Chandramouleeswarar residing in this temple, is close to His heart.

In this video between 12:40 to 12:45 you will see the kovil entrance and the temple wall painted. Mahaperiyava, when He camped here in mid-70s, I think, stayed in our place for 3 days. There was a dias setup right by this wall by the entrance and He gave several discourses to devotees. I am still searching for any photos from those 3-4 days….With His blessings, I will find them!

The photo posted here is HH Pudhu Periyava’s much earlier visit to Dalmiapuram. Those days He walked everywhere…..All the folks are in the photos are a big family for me – my friends’ dads, school teachers, my father’s colleagues etc….

Pudhu Periyava

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  1. Dear Mahesh,
    Tnx for the ashtothrams. You have done a great job. I have been looking for this and by Mahaperiyava’s krups I got it. I pray Mahaperiyava will bestow His blessings on you.

  2. Mr Mahesh It is a nice video to watch. In fact, it is a great blessing to see
    it. I have seen this place earlier twice because my cousins were there. Besides
    my friend’s marriage took place in that town only.

    Balasubramanian NR

  3. Dear mahesh NICE video. His oliness had visited VALADY Village ( my native palce) for the Vaykkangarai Pillaiayr Kovil Kumbabhishekam. We are only about 20 kms from your place.Good no of Valadyians, lalgudyians worked in Dalmiapuram
    With respects

    • Shri Valadi Ramamoorthy is one name I remember, who worked in Dalmia cements for a long time – my father’s good friend too….I dont know/remember his face..I was too young then…Yes, there are lots of folks…..dalmiapuram,lalgudi, valadi are all just backyard for each of us….

  4. Dear mahesh,
    Thanks for posting this and photo.I started my carrier as chem,eng in dalmia ceramics and served there for 11 years from 67 to 78 and I could see couple of known faces in this photo.

    Great to see periyava and kumbabisheham of the temple.

    hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara


    • Namaskarams.

      It is good to know that you’re also from DPM…..I was 11 years old when you left in 78 – can’t say that I remember you….maybe my father, brothers will…

  5. Thanks Mahesh, I had visited this temple several times whenever I visited my beloved sister Visalam’s house to meet all family members like my brother in law shri Ganesan, my chella marumaans Kannan and brothers. In this photo I can see one of my sister’s relation. One person behind looks like shri Ganesan but not sure. Thanks for the nice feast.

  6. அந்த நாள் ஞாபகம் வந்ததோ நெஞ்சிலே……………….அருமை அருமை

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