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Dear readers,

I know that lot of you are non-techie folks who use the computer to do basic needs like read mails, browse etc. I do understand that at times you have issues in accessing this site – for some unknown reason. When you send me an email for help, I am unfortunately unable to help you for two main reasons (1) I am sitting in US (2) things are working fine at my end – I check this with two different machines, multiple browsers etc. I get lot of such emails regularly. Although I feel sorry for the situation, I am unable to help you. Without knowing what kind of windows, browser, windows security, anti-virus software installed on your machine, it would be too difficult for me to help you in any way.  Maybe some anti-virus is doing something or your internet connection could be down or some caching issues are causing this or it could be just rahu kalam at that time !! I suggest that you ask someone around you who are quite knowledgeable in computers to help you. I am unable to provide any technical help to resolve your issue from here. The best I can do is to check from a different machine to see if things are fine, which I do sincerely when I get such emails.

FYI – I use windows 7, Chrome browser. I also have firefox and Internet Explorer. I also have a apple mac laptop with chrome and safari browsers.



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  1. while trying to view some of the sharings, I get the remark awh!snap and I am unable to view the contentsof the sharing.can anyone help me?

  2. Quote
    …..are causing this or it could be just rahu kalam at that time !!

    Ha Ha. I enjoyed that!!!

  3. No problem at my end whether I am in USA or in India—–VENKATARAMANAN

  4. Namaskarams.I am G M Easwaran a retired bank officer. On this amavasya day–10.04.2013 I have bought an assembled PC only to view about our Maha Periyawa. Please help me as I am not very computer friendly. only an ordinary computer literate. In the mutt I am called Ramesh. My only prayer is that I should not think of any God other than our Mahaperiyawa – affectionately called Periyawa. Namaskarams.

  5. Dear Mahesh,
    No problem in opening your mails or attachments.Great work,carry on.

  6. Hats off to your sincere efforts in trying to help the “not so geeks”. Keep up the good wo

  7. mahesh uncle,

    i guess the technical snag could be due to anti virus problem or temp problem (rahu Kalam at that moment), i keep accessing site through Lappy, blackberry, Android phones till today i havent faced any such problem.

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