Gnanopadesam in a 15 mts speech by HH Pudhu Periyava


Ran into this video today…These topics/examples may not be new to all of us but it is a very complex field but the way our Acharya delivers and making it easier to understand for all of us is simply amazing – remember who His guru is! Wish I have the time to watch this regularly…..

Thanks to Sankara TV…..



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  1. I am always happy to listen to Sri Periyava’s discourses, whether recorded at functions or telecast on TV as Benedictory messages on the occasion of DeepavaLi, Makara Sankaraanthi and Tamil New Year etc. Very simple words and profound in meaning. The Benign Smile and His concluding chanting ‘NaarayaNa NaarayaNa’ never fail to evoke Bhakthi! He teaches us to remove the ego(Mamakaaram). Advaitha explained to ordinary mortals like me! Simply Maha Periyava talking through Sri Periyava or Guru Mahaans are the Same! Very auspicious listening today (10 April 2013), Elayaththangudi Maha Periyava’s Aradhana Day ! (Panguni Amavaasya Day) Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  2. nicely explained.

  3. thank you, enjoyed the talk about leaving the mama kaaram and always doing everything with Bhagavath Arpana mindset.

  4. Great, Thanks Mahesh

  5. From (-infinty) on this subject. Just thought of sharing this:
    The take away from this video is, everyone should constantly track one metric subconsciously: # of times “I” being used when we think, talk and write. And should aim to reduce it to zero someday. Period.

    Also – reminded of one sandhyavandhana mantra while watching this video.
    akashat patitam toyam yatha gacchati sagaram | sarvadevanamaskarah keshavam prati gacchati ||

    To money, material, pleasure etc., sky is the limit.

  6. Very nice. It’s always amazing to see the impartial mindset of kanchi periyavals. Their visits to TTD and even the example of Ramanuja in this video clearly shows the “shankaranarayana” mindset in them as advocated by Adi Shankara.

  7. sir, Not able to view as it does not open with respects, R.Venkataramanan

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