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  1. Dear mahesh,

    My name is thiagarajan an i am in chennai.

    Here we have group of friends visiting mutt regularly.

    With periyava blessing anyone of us would be in mutt every week.

    Pls. let me know if we can contribute on this.


    Jaya jaya shankara
    Hara hara shankara

    • Thanks for asking….We need to plan this properly and do it. when i say properly, we need to plan the logistics of recording, uploading, sharing etc……Pl give me some time and i will get back to you. Also pl give me your number separately in an email to me at mk.netid@gmail.com

  2. Mahesh – Typo in the title, pl. correct

  3. Thanks to His Holinesses to give me the chance to be a part of this meeting. Every moment I spent in that hall,every time I felt the glimpse of His holinesses, every word that was spoken of HH Pudhuperiyava on the dais, all I felt was “Am I even worthy of being in this gathering ?”. I couldn’t capture the entire program but the welcome address by Mr.V.Shankar is definitely worth a mention in this forum. Mr.Shankar who was with the acharyas throughout the period, said the acharyas showed a grace and agreed to follow every single niyamA of the law of the land and took upon himself every burden that was placed on the mutt.

    Shri Govind Giri Maharaj who was ordained the SanyAsa by HH Pudhuperiyava himself , narrated an incident in Gangtok, Sikkim where Pudhuperiyava was camping. The camp happened in winter and it was extremely cold in gangtok at that point of time. HH Pudhuperiyava , unmindful of all that, in his kAshAya vastram decided to sit outside to give prasAdham to the local people. The conversation, as narrated by Shri Govind Giri dev Maharaj, as follows:

    GGM: Guru maharaj, why do you have to be here in this weather? You are already shivering and this temperature does not suit you. Please place the prasadh here and we all will distribute it to people

    HH: This village has never seen an achArya from our Kanchi Kamakoti peetham. I need to be here to ensure people get the prasadham from Me and remember that a Shankaracharya from an esteemed mutt and Guru paramparA came to our village and blessed us personally.

    The incident speaks for itself and I dont have to say more. Shri.GGM also narrated an incident where a group of muslim villagers near Bhuj, Gujarat explained with tears in the eye that the Mutt’s van was the only vehicle to stop in their village to provide earthquake relief.

    “AchArya ShankarAcharyA, Santhume Janma Janmani”

    If the organizers of the meeting read this blog, I have a request. Please ensure nobody addresses His holinesses with their names which goes without saying even for the Chief guests. Shri.Bappi reddy , chairman of TTD, irked so many devotees with his careless speech. I feel it is the organizers’ duty to ensure this doesnt happen again. It is my humble suggestion to even make a public announcement to the gathering to follow this practice wherever they go.

  4. Mahesh – Thanks for sharing this. Is it a good idea to request balaperiayava to give weekly anugraha bashanam on various topics through a video recording for 10-15 min on this blog? We can share our sankalpam and see if his busy schedule can accommodate this request. Am sure someone from Chennai can go to Kanchi mutt on a weekly basis and record it (or) we you can provide a video-cam and internet dongle to mutt staff members and request them to help you record it an upload.

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