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I was talking to a ganapatigal in Tirunelveli, who shared a scary incident that happened recently. Some miscreants under the disguise of “veda samrakshanam drive” gathered some photos of a veda patasala, posted them in the internet without even telling the concerned veda patasala. The worst part is after collecting all the money they did not pay a penny to the patasala – god knows what happened to the money collected. If you see this from the veda patasala’s perspective, they are clearly scared and unsure whom to trust and whom not to – what a pity!

With this experience in mind, I am going to be careful in posting photographs of the patasala/vidhyarthis etc as it might reach these wrong-doers’ hands.

I want to share this to all of you so that you know how these imposters are playing with innocent patasala vaidheekas. I also strongly suggest not to post any such things in facebook and in other social media.

Whether we help patasala or not, even accidentally we should not put them to trouble.

Hope you all agree.



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  1. Dear All. the list of patashalas is available at Sri Matam. A list of names is also provided in the 1st sheet of the Sri Matam Calender. I will try to get a list of Veda Patashalas & post it

    As a general rule, ask for their 80c ID number and insist on a receipt. Please pay only by cheque. If they dont have a 80c then you can route it thro Sri Matam.

    here is another list you can look up on

  2. i always make a habit to donate to patsala and that too every time i choose diffrent no the same so that all patsalas should be self sufficient so i was looking for some site where i can get the patsala dress and i came across one

    situalted in chennai once i spoke to a chartered accountant who is mangaing this the adress is OM CHARITABLE TRUST

    49, Five Furlong Road, Guindy, Chennai – 600016,

    Tamilnadu, India. Phone: 91-44-22447451. Fax: 91-44-22552334. please note i am not trying to promote this and all and i am just sharing whatever available in the sites .every body should make a habit of donating to ved patasala.

  3. Please try to issue a soft copy receipt to everyone even if they don’t expect.
    On a different note, Is it possible for you to tie up with some payment service and issue online receipt for this? Like – how they collect money for non profit organizations and causes through website. May be you can explore it and plan it for the upcoming years.

  4. Mr Radhakrishnan’s suggestion is a valid one. A PSU a/c can be an apt suggestion to prevent such
    incidents. A Committee can look after such activities centrally.

    Balasubramanian NR

  5. Yes, I fully agree with you. Hope bakthas will be much more careful in future, before agreeingto donate any amount to Veda Patashalas. Tks for your timely warning.

  6. Shri Kanchi Mutt can prepare a list of Veda Patasalas,register them and publish them with their addresses in their web site. Alternately, we can donate to the Mutt for Vedic support and they can distribute it to eligible Veda Ptdasalas.

  7. Concerned by the news. But no cause for alarm. Good and bad co exist. It only means that, donors & well wishers should be more vigilant & careful.
    But, we should not shy away from posting photos of Patasala & goshala and other activities of the Mutt – as such , these pots are so less.
    I see the Patasala, its students & the Goshala and other activities in Sankara Mutt, West Mambalam and it is very inspiring and brings so much peace to the mind.
    Is it possible for all donors to visit these places for confirmation and totally refrain from donations due to suspicions?
    Will these spiritual activities end because of these bad elements and suspicions?
    Bring such problems & possibilities of cheating to the Mutt & ask the Mutt for solutions.

    Some precautions could be:

    Deal directly with the Mutt & follow their instructions.
    Do not give cash/cheques/DDs to strangers (even if accompanied by known persons – as they also may not be aware of the fraud & cheat).
    (eg): Draw cheques/DDs in favour of “Sree Kamakshi Mandali Trust(Regd)” – {This is an extract of their ‘Souvenir 2011 ‘ and as per instructions form the Trust}
    Do not give cash. Insist on receipts.
    If suspicious, photograph the volunteers with your mobile, camera on some other pretext and do not pay cash – this will deter the cheat and do not give the cash/cheque even.

    And so on………..

    Let us donate and do our bit to curb bad elements & cheating and leave the rest to Mahaperiyava.

    thamizh chelvan

  8. Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust is the answer. We should pay into their account and not to any other account.

  9. Sri Annadurai Iyengar was instrumental in sincerely maintaining a list of Veda patasala/vedic scholars by name and he used to send Money orders every month to most of them.He was ably assissted by Shri Rajagopalamama,who was Fin controller retd of Air India and he must be in Srirengam now.He can be of great help in identifying the true vs false ones.

  10. Yes. I fully agree with you. It is a serious matter and we should take all the care before posting any matter in the face book. Your warning is very timely.

  11. I suggest that those who call for donations for Veda Padasala or for renovation of temples or any spiritual activities,it would be better to open an account in a PUBLIC SECTOR BANKS and ask the donors to directly credit the donations in that bank a/c. For those who want to send it by crossed cheques full address of the banks should be published so that the cheques could be sent direct to the banks for crediting to that particular a/c.Those who go to various places for collecting donations one should be careful about the authenticity of the collector

  12. This is really bad…pls take care in posting pictures of pAtashAlA…

    • It is cent % correct to open an account with any bank which could nullify such frauds happen in future. Thanks to Mr.Mahesh to alert true donors.

  13. s. sir. I fully agree with you.

  14. Dear Mahesh,
    To be cautious is very good but need not be so much cautious that this blog should shy away from posting the pictures of Vedapatasala and their Teachers and Students. Miscreants could as well take snaps on thier own(when they are planned Miscreants). Many people do not have the fortune of visitng the patasalas and Vaideekas. Atleast, Let them see the pictures.

    Regards, Balaji.V

    • While that’s correct, I guess Mr.Mahesh wants to ensure this website is no way linked to Adharma karya. Hence, it’s always better not to publicize by taking photographs etc., I would say those who donate money should either visit the patashala in person or send any of his relatives/friends to visit the place at least once a year. Through these activities, we should build our dharmic network.

  15. ABSOLUTELY. People who donate should be careful enough to verify the genuineness or authenticity. With the advice and consent of the Veda Samrakshana Trust of Kamakoti Peetam, some foo-proof method may be devised to denote that donations collected under this symbol or name are ONLY GENUINE.

    • The problem is even fool proof systems are devices by “individuals”. With due respects to kanchi acharyals: On a lighter note, I feel independently run initiatives involving minimum people are always trustworthy than “mutt” owned trusts. You will feel being part of something only when it’s a reasonable size.

      There is only one formula to ensure genuineness. Seeing is believing. The best seva is “sharira sheva”. Whether you donate or not, make sure once you pay visit in person or through friends/relatives. Go and do annadhana in that Patashala during your visit.

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