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I just realized that there were quite some interesting articles/books that were shared in the past. Not to forget them, I created a separate category/menu item “Bookshelf”….Going forward, all books/stotras etc will be filed under this category…Click on it and see the books shared so far….



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  1. To this novice in computer can Mr. Mahesh or anybodyelse please guide me as to how to locate at least one book, so that I can try for others. Thanks. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  2. Downloaded the book I lived with God in Tamil. Thanks a ton Mahesh.

  3. Dear Sir, For the past 2 days, whenever, I try to press the button READ MORE, Mozilla Firefox crashes. This started with the article of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia meeting the MAHAPERIYAVAL. I do not know what the problem is. If you can possibly suggest some way to solve the proble, I shall be extremely grateful to you. I will otherwise be losing a great treasure house on MAHA PERIYAVAL. Thanks and regards. G.N. Balakrishnan

  4. Mr. Mahesh
    THe page doesnt open properly, sometimes it displays the books and sometimes there are no books, could be a technical glitch, can you please check?
    Thank you

  5. Sirs
    In the link given below, there are some books of Sri. Ra. Ganapathi….thought it may be of interest to the group.
    probably some or all are already aware.

  6. Dear Sir,

    My apologies. Mistake is mine. I hv located the posts. Pranams

  7. Dear Sir,

    I don’t see any posts currently listed under bookshelf. Pls check when time permits. Thanks for your understanding
    Pranams p.s. nathan

  8. shankara I am blessed

  9. I cannot open , nothing shows post to be open. Pls check .

  10. they are there. thanks

  11. Shri Ra Ganapati’s father translated the Sankara Bhashyam for Gita in English. It was published by Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan. It is out of print now.
    Is it possible to add that in the bookself as ebook. Swami will bless you for your hard work.

  12. Good idea! But currently I see none added.

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