Two adishtanams of Kanchi guru parampara recently identified

With the help of mutt records and astrologers etc, two more adishtanams related to Kanchi guru parampara has been identified recently. One in Puri – dates back to 400 AD !! and other one in Tiruvannamalai – dated back to 1040 AD.

I will try to get a bigger image so that the text can be read easily – until then, please zoom this if possible with your browser (using ctrl key and “+”  key).


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  1. what a shame that we do not see the importance of our acharya’s teaching but busy in doing this Kanchi vs sringeri fight! for how many decades we are going to fight? while we are fighting for this, silently 1000s of folks are converted to other religion in some parts of India. why don’t we all turn our effort in following acharyas teaching to strengthen our religion? we fight for petty as if we are the savior a of these mutts… one can save these mutt if we don’t follow our acharyas teachings and do our Anushtanams….

    dear Shri chandramouli – if you know me, you can tell that, to me, all our acharyas teach the same thing. don’t ever turn this blog into a war zone. let this be the final warning. if you wish to leave, leave. I am pretty sure there are some sringeri blogs out there…..

  2. Mutt itself is giving false information and changing the history.Dharmam Vellum

  3. Dear Mahesh

    Kudali Sringeri mutt is sub-mutt for Sringeri. Kudali is the place near shimoga.


  4. Dear Mahesh

    The calendar given all the false information. Then who established Sringeri Saradha mutt. Even Kanchi mutt is not established by Sankaracharya. Dont change to history due to ignorance.Even 2500 years old is also not correct.If you have real Bhakthi please remove this calendar from this blog.



    • this says Sringeri clearly unless I am missing something. also, if this calendar is going to shake your bakthi towards your guru Peetam and guru parampara at sringeri, then you should work on developing more bakthi. since this calendar says some important information about two adhishtanams, I am not removing this post. sorry.

      if you have concerns, then please go after the people who print this calendar.

      I have great bakthi towards both Kanchi and Srigeri acharyas and this calendar cannot shake it.

    • Sir, we believe in the true origins of the Kanchi Mutt, and trace it back to Srimad Adi Shankara Bhagavadpadacharya who established the Sarvagna Peetam here 2500 years ago. If you have a problem with all this, please keep it to yourself or air it to a coterie that shares your thoughts instead of creating unnecessary controversies here. Let us bother about learning to adhere to the teachings of Srimad Adi Acharyal instead of such petty issues…

  5. Very happy to note the unique steps taken to identify the adishtanams of earlier Acharyas.. Mahaperiavaa’s Guru bakthi brings tears in our eyes.. Hence these types of activities deserve support by all devotees of kanchi mutt…S.RamamoorthyIyer. patron Adambakkam Sankara kendram

  6. Mahesh,
    Where can I get this calendar?

  7. Mahesh, There is one issue that needs to be corrected. 65th Acharya who at attained Samadhi at Ilayathangudi is missing in the list of known ADHISHTANAM. The Ardhana falls on 10th April 2013. The Acharyas Janma Nakshatram also fall on ANUSHAM. Ilayanthangudi Periyava’s FATHER and MAHA PERIYAVA’S Grand Father are brothers.

  8. very glad to see the news report looking forward to see more details…kns,tiruchy Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2013 14:46:30 +0000 To:

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