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  1. Rama Rama

    Namaste Rudra manyava utota ishave Namah |
    Namaste astu dhanvane bahubhya muta te Namah ||

    Oh! Rudra Deva! My salutations to your anger and also to your arrows. My salutations to your bow and to your two hands.

    Rudra’s bow is kept near Bhagirath.
    Rama in Ramayana & Arjuna were fascinated by rudra’s bow & arrow which is much antique.
    That’s whey keep their Kothanda & Kandeepa respectively with much adoration, I think.

    Rama Rama

  2. BhagIratha prayatnam. Ganga mata who was angry for having to go to eatrth and started ferociously, was subdued by the might of Lord Siva [Look at Him using all the strength by holding the Trishul in His back and holding the hips with the other two hands, to bear the might of Ganga’s descent onto His locks! Sati, Nandi and BhagIratha are watching this great event! Terrific pic! Thanks.

  3. A calender of Lifebuoy soap had this print , printed in Germany.



  6. I have seen this picture print in some old houses. It is done by Ravi Varma. The picture shows Lord Siva receiving the Ganges Pravaaham in His Head and allowing Her to flow slowly as a river, so that Bhagirathan’s ancestors reduced to ashes by a Rishi’s curse, would attain Moksha. Goddess Parvathi stands near the Rishabha and is Sati. The Saint who is praying is Bhagiratha, whose penances were rewarded by Lord Siva in this way. Nice picture. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

    • It is assumed the jata mudi of Shiva is represented by Himalayas which is his abode and geographically ganges river flows from there

  7. I think this is when Lord Shiva contains Ganga in his Jada Mudi..
    Ganga in this picture is depicted with lot of “naanam”..and Lord Shiva with “anger”, while Goddess Parvathi and other sages look in awe.

  8. That’s Sri Ganga coming down in a torrent and Sri Mahadeva is ready to receive her on to his coiled jatamudi.

  9. Rama Rama

    Ganga avatharanam. (Descending of Ganga)

    The whole purpose of this episode is to flow over the ashes of the sons of Sagara who were liberated from their sins and attain salvation.
    Hence by remembering OR reading this particular chapter in Valmiki Ramayana pitrus are deriving satisfaction.

    Rama Rama

  10. Scintillating one, I have a doubt whether it is Ganga Devi


  11. is it lord shiva welcoming Devi ganga ? superb work

  12. whose painting ? Is this Ravivarmas work ? Anyway, There is No sathi in this painting.

    • Dear Arunji,

      You could see Gangaji, Shivji, Bhagirathji along with Ambaji.
      Ambaji is also known as Sati.
      Hope this is clear.

      Rama Rama

  13. Superb is a mild word to describe the beauty of this painting.

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