Shiva linga alankarams in North India

I have not lived in North India but I somehow addicted to Shivalinga alankarams done there…I have only seen photos….but when I went to Kasi few years back, I felt the difference in-person….all are allowed to touch the linga and do abishekams. devotees carry Ganga water in a sombu, milk and bilva leaves and Lord Vishwanathar accepts all from everyone…

Here are some photos I recently found…look at how beautiful is this rudraksha alankaram!!!!.simply amazing……thought of sharing…..



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  1. I m very like it. I love 2 sivan swamy. if I feel hpy or sad to listen the sivan songs my mind s very hpy that time. but I m nt gonna to thiruvannamalai.

  2. Great Dharshan of Lord Siva with Rudraksha Alankaaram. People say that Rudraksha originated from Lord Siva’s eyes or tears! In Sri Sailam, Andhra Pradesh, we have one of the Jyothirlingams, Lord Mallikaarjuna Swamy. We are permitted to touch the Lord in Linga Svaroopam and do Abhishekam.. I placed my forehead on Lord’s Head and prayed. What ecstasy! Goddess Bramarambha with Gayathri Chakram in front of Her is in adjoining Shrine. Only the Archaka can do Pooja there. It is a Shakthi Peetham. Sri Sailam is the only place where you can have Dharshan of Jyothirlingam and Shakthi Peetham at the same Temple. Maha Periyava did Kumbabishekam of Adi Sankara Shrine and Disciples there. Now Maha Periyava shrine is also there. Very Holy and sanctified place. Can see before we reach Lord Mallikaarjuna Temple.

    Bharanidharan started writing his religious travelogues only after writing about Maha Periyava and Sri Sailam Kumbabishekam. The book has come out as “Sri Sailaththil Sri Sankarar”, originally published by Ananda Vikatan. Now I think that Kalignan Pathippagam is publishing reprints of Sri. BharaNidharan’s books. Sambho Mahadeva! Om Nama Shivaaya! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. Thirukkaetheeswaram, closer to Rameswaram but in Sri Lanka. There is a huge Siva Linga kept behind the main shrine is allowed to be bathed by devotees only during the night of Maha Sivarathri

  4. On the Anusham day, Kasi Viswanathar has Graced all our home. Thank you Sri. Mahesh.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sankara!

  5. extremely beautiful .the very thought of every one being allowed to touch THE KARUNA MURTHY LINGA OF SHIVA indicates the BIG HEART of the people of north india revealing that each and every human being is GOD’S CHILD not only a section of our community .iwish all of us become broad minded and feel the same way thus making all of us proud of our religion where each soul belongs to GOD and no one is higher or lower jai jai to such hinduism OM NAMA SIVAYA NAMA

  6. Simply beautiful. I have not seen Rudrakha alankaram in my life. Thank you and bless you.

  7. It is really nice to the Lord Siva in this form like a warrior. You may have the same experience when you visit the siva temples in Kanyakumari district and in parts of KERALA.

  8. Om Nama Shivaaya! Very nice Alankaaram!

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