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Devotee :: Shri T.R.Krishnamurthi Sasi & Sekar

There is no one worth mentioning in the world who did not know our Mahaswamigal. In India all pious people know him as God in human form. Next to Goddess Kamakshi He is adorning Kanchi-Kshetram blessing all people who are lucky to go to Him.

I should say, I am gifted to receive of Thennangur situated between Vandavasi and ancient Kanchipuram. Thirty years ago my cousin brother Sri T.S. Nagaswamy who was also from Thennangur, one day phoned me to say that Mahaswamigal would be visiting Thennangur and that I should be there to receive him. He was working as an advocate and I was a Purchase Officer in Dunlop India, in their Ambattur factory. I took my two sons along with me and we were there in time to receive the Jagadguru. After we had darsan I introduced my sons starting to say
“This is my kanishtan” and I faltered a bit to say that the other is my jyeshtan. Mahaswamigal looked at me with a smile and said “enda ivan chinna pillai, ivan peria pillainnu sollen” (“say this is younger
and the other is elder”). All of us were thrilled with the affectionate words and the simplicity of communication. He wanted me to put the names in Tamil because I faltered in putting it Sanskrit.

After resigning my job at Dunlop I started a small-scale industry in the name of Sasi & Sekar for the manufacture of gears required for machinery. Two years after starting my factory in 1967, I went to
Ranipet for business. On my return I wanted to have darsan of Paramacharyal who was then in Gollachatram. When I went near the entrance of Goll-chatram the guard told us that we could not have darsan as Paramacharyal was in Nishtai. In dejection I was about to turn when the guard said that we could have darsan as Swamigal has now come out and sitting in the courtyard. By then a big crowd had gathered. All of us rushed in with the thulasi garland in our hands.

Paramacharyal was sitting by the side of the corner pillar; we were standing about ten feet away in a circle and I was in the front line. Swamigal, signaling by his fingers, called. I could not know whether it was me, People by my side said that it was me who was called so. I went near covering my mouth with my right palm and stood at about four feet away. At that time he ordered “Kitta Va”(come near). I well still nearer. Again I was ordered “Utkkaru” (sit down). I sat very near him.

At this time he started the conversation in Tamil. I shall give the verbatim.

Param : “engirundu vare” (where do you come from?)

Self : “madrasle kodambakkathilirundu” (from Kodambakkam in Madras).

Param : “enna panre?” (What are you doing?)

Self : “gear factory vachirukken.” (I am running a gear factory).

Param : “gearunna?” (what is gear?)

Self : “palchakram” (toothed wheel).

Param : “munnadi enna pannindirunde?” (what were you doing earlier?)

Self : “Dunlop purchase officera irunden.) (I was purchase officer in Dunlop)

Param : “Dunlopile Krishnane theriyuma?” (Do you know Krishnan in Dunlop?)

Self : “Theriyum” (I know)

Param : “un factorile ethineper velai seiyara?” (How many people work
in you factory?)

Self : “aru per velai seira.” (six people are working)

Param : “masam enna sambalam kodukkare?” (How much do you pay per month?)

Self : “Sumar irandayiram.” (Roughly two thousand).

Param : “Kadan vanginayo?” (Did you borrow?)

Self : “vangiyirukken.” (I did)

Param : “vaddi koduthindurukkaya?” (Are you paying interest?)

Self : “koduthindurukken.” (I am paying)

Param : “vaddiyum koduthu sambalamum kodukka vandindirukka?” (Do you
get enough to pay the interest and the wages?)

At this stage I laughed and told him ” onga anugrahathile vandindirukku.” (By your grace I am getting enough). Swamigal also laughed and said lifting his concaved palm, “Kshemama iru. Poiva”: (Be prosperous. Go). Swamiji’s blessings simply thrilled not only me but also everyone assembled there. From that time onwards we are growing and I consider all employees as a part of my family.

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  1. HE is not GOD-like. HE is GOD to us. Every one of HIS Devotee shall have HIM in the HOUSE to pray daily
    before commencement of the work. I have the living God with me in the posture of doing Chandra Mouleeswarar Pooja.

    Balasubramanian NR

  2. Off late I too get the Aw snap error if I use chrome browser . With internet explorer the files are opening. The blog is not opening with mozilla firefox too.

  3. I felt like that i was in front of Maha Periyaval with tears of joy.

  4. “Sasi Sekar” — this reminds me of Sri Adi Sankara Bhagavadpaadaal’s “Kanaka Dhara” stotram where in one place Sri Aachaarya praises Mother Sri Mahalakshmi as “Sasi Sekara Vallabhethi”… The way He praises or should I say “flatters” Her (in order that She Blesses that poor Brahmana Stri who dropped in His bhiksha paatram a nellikani (gooseberry), it literally used to bring tears to my eyes. The way He praises Her and the way She yields, that has to be experienced to understand. Sri TR Krishnamoorthi avargale, ungalukku aneka Namaskaram. Romba bhaagyasaali neengal!

  5. this one word kshemama iru is the greatest one according to my father when periava told him this at mahagaon .nramaswami

  6. It is really a great news for me to know how & with whos blessing Sashi & sekar growns seeing receissonary days, & competeion fm Natesan industry etc in which they are masters today.
    It will not be out place to beg for the sake of Lord siva who never bothers about his temples which is dialapidated built by several kings. I am trying to get some good hearted people to help me in this effort, Pl note that I dont have any Trust,or any organisation for my work,There are siva temples near and around Sriperumbadur, Acharapakkam,Uthiramerur, etc, My present effort is for reconstruction of Pennallur stone temple built in1050 years old,by 2nd Rajendra chollan,& 1st Kullothungan, Irrumpedu,Vengadu, etc.As per Mahaperriava instead of building new temples, give at least a brick to rebuild dialapidated temple it will be of great help.Unfortunatenly all most all mutts even though they have funds, wealth they do not under take to do so this kind of work, it is our sin & we hav to curse our selves to had a birth as hindus, or they mutts organiserswithgreat ego & selfish quality people whom I have come across so far, I dont mind selling my diginity for begging for saving our lost heritage, culture in this regard , I am even ready to wash the feets of people who can help me in this effort at least to see that the athma of Mahaperriava is happy to bless all who will also undertake this sort work without any expectation,buisness motive,selfishnature& family purpose etc Devotees of Mahaperriava may pl come forward to get his blessing. Iam very sorry to use this site kindly pardon me. Ing.R.Gopalakrishnan,BE,MS(Fr), former Hindujas,Ashokleyland,Telco etc. 9445684215, 184/34, Pammal Main road,Chennai-75.

  7. Maheshwara — Please come back — I can not control — I know YOU WILL COME BACK — Maheshwara — Are not every readers get Tears — is that your blessings towards— Just by thinking about you — full tears – no need to read about you — think about — look at your photo — I do not know What YOU do inside

  8. Sarveshwara. How precious it is to read a new interaction.

  9. Great blessing to the devotee Shri. T.R. Krishnamurthy Sasi and Sekar! May Maha Periyavaa bless us all! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  10. Blessed are the all the familiy members of Jagath Guru paramacharya bhaktha’s jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  11. i am unable to open thie document, not only this but all sage of kanchi issues. a file Aw swap comes on screen evaery time i open it

    pl advise.

    d .c subramanian dcsuby@gmail.com

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