Samashti Upanayanam in New Delhi

Dear Sri Ganesan – Namaskarams….It is amazing to see that this has been going on for 40 years now! It is such a noble service – you all are true devotees of Mahaswami.

With the benign blessings of their Holinesses Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya Swamigal `Samashti Upanayanam’ is arranged in Delhi every year since 1974, in connection with Sri Sankara Jayanthi on the auspicious day chosen by Sri kanchi Acharyal. This year Sri Sankara Jayanthi comes on Wednesday, the 15th May, 2013 and Sri Periaval has directed that this year Samashti Upanayanam be arranged on the auspicious Muhutham, on Sankara Jayanthi day, Wednesday, the 15th May, 2013.

Accordingly, the 40th year Samashti Upanayanam will be performed on Wednesday, the 15th May, 2013 at “Kanchi Kamakoti Bhavanam – Delhi” in Sri Devi Kamkashi Mandir, Opp. J.N.U. East Gate, A-11, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi 110 067.

Those desirous of performing the Upanayanam of their Wards may contact the at the given address or on phone number 25742607 / 9871765727 / 26867240 / 26890508/ 22720797 / 22771692 / 26865513 and register their name, Veda and Gothra at the earliest, in any case, before the 5th May, 2013.

All are requested to participate in the community cause and be recipient of blessings of Vedamatha and Sri Acharyals.


If any one further require any other assistant they can contact me at

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  1. Rama Rama

    The concept of samashti upanayanam is itself questionable since very basic need of checking astrological aspects for each individual vatu such as
    (a) Thara phal
    (b) Chandra phal
    (c) Sthana shuddha
    (d) Panchakam
    (e) Kasara etc.

    Formulae for calculating these checks are mentioned in all panchangams (almanac).
    Any good astrologer who is doing his nithya karma, who is not craving for money,
    who is always thinks the benefit of others, who does not spell any negativity but cleverly indicates the remedial measures taking
    sastras as pramanam and not on his own wits will be the suitable person to conduct the checks.

    The ishta dina (Proposed auspicious date of upanayana) must be correlated with individual vatu.
    This is over & above of satisfying following mandatory conditions.
    (a) Upanayan must be conducted only in Uttrayanam
    (b) The prefered ruthu is Vasantha ruthu
    (c) There should not be Guru moodam for Rg vedic vatu & Sukra moodam for Yajur vedic vatu.

    Mahaperiyava indicated that there is no such thing as even or add ages (othai padai / rettai padai in tamil) as believed widely.
    We are doing harm by way of delaying the brahma upadesa to the eligible vatu citing various financial reason etc.
    It can be conducted simply by way of conducting sumangali prarthana and inviting close relatives without any luxury.

    Also, necessary arrangements shall be made by way of collecting arasu samith, cow dung cake, camphor etc so that
    agni upasana (Samithadhanam) can be taught.

    At least during holidays Brahma yajna can be done after madhya ahnika.
    Maha periyava says that the deva – rishi – pitru tharpana must be performed every day.
    Here, people may think that who’s parents are alive, what is the point of Pitru tharpanam.
    But, the pitrus mentioned in brahma yajna denotes Divya pitrus.
    Karunika pitrus are different from divya pitrus.
    However, while doing divya pitru tharpanam as a part of brahma yajna, the sacred thread shall be kept in the left wrist.

    More guidance shall be given to vatus appropriately.

    Above all, let respective parents shall set an example by way of doing sandhya upasana, Brahma yajna if possible agni upasana daily
    so that preaching becomes easier & effective.

    Rama Rama

  2. Very excellent devoted annual activity needs everyone appreciation and contribution for a great work.

  3. Great picture! Great event! Best wishes for the successful conduct of the Upanayanam on 15 th May 2013, on auspicious Sankara Jayanthi Day. To conduct the function for the past 40 years is stupendous indeed! Really great service by Sri. Ganesan and his Samithi. At Chennai, Samashti Upanayanam is regularly organised by Sri Sankaraalayam, Meenakshi Street, Perambur, Chennai 600011 usually in Vaikaasi month (May) and many Branches of TAMBRAS(Tamil Nadu Brahmin Association). May Blessings of Adi Sankara BhagavadpaadaL , Maha Periyava, Periyava and Bala Periyava and all Guru Mahaans be showered on the Vadhus! May they continue Sandhyoopaasana and Gayathri chanting regularly and keep up Dharma ! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

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