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As you know, I have been moderating all comments for the past few weeks, which is working fine – in my opinion. However, I need your help in keeping few things in mind to make it lot more easier for all of us ::

  • Do not  comment / draw comparisons to other peetathipathis – Mahaperiyava is beyond comparisons – period.
  • Do not rank between different mutts or peetams – that is not our job – you may find other forums to do them
  • In some cases, the comments itself are devotees’ experience; in such case, please drop me an email to with the details of such experiences
  • Some comments are very strongly worded – not necessary for them.
  • LASTLY, DO NOT send comments addressing HH pudhu/ bala periyavas with their names like “jayderar and vijayendrar”. I see a lot. They are not your brothers/cousins or your friend.  Would you address Mahaperiyva as “Chandrasekharenddrar”? You accumulate more sins by doing that – that would be most disrespectful things to do.  I am already moving such comments straight to trash – will continue to do so in the future also. They need to be addressed properly as HH Pudhu/Bala Periyava / “Sri …..saraswathi swamigal”.

To conclude, we have gotten a  lot better….however, these guidelines will help us too – pl take them in the right sense. Take the good things from this blog; practice them – if possible.

Thanks for your cooperation

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara


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  1. now a days, i mean for the past 5 days , i am unable to read the content in sage of kanchi… Aw SWAP is coming… if i am going through google chorme. so i tried to get in through internet explorer. i am able to read. but not the tamil font… anyway i complaint to my service persons. like me some other also complaint about the same problem

  2. Dear Shri Mahesh,

    Anything to start with or close is very easy, but sustaining it is very difficult for human beings. Only with a steadfast devotion this is possible, be it in any walk of life especially which involves service to the society. In that sense, you are doing a yeoman service to the community comprising of Maha Periyavaa devotees in the midst of all your professional and personal life, which is uncomparable. Maha Periyavaa has blessed you and will bless you with enormous strength to produce quality content consistently. Through this site, I have learnt lot of things thoroughly be it ritual or spiritual, which was known to me superficially earlier. Not only knowing, have started practising them appropriately wherever possible.

    Some time back I came across an information about the age of the members of this site, an average of above 60 years. I believe am fortunate enough to have been associated with this site at my 44th year (would have been very fortunate if it could have been much earlier), leaving with some more time to learn & put them into practise at least till whatever little time I would have on earth.

    Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Paahimaam
    Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Rakshamaam

  3. mahaperiva saranam….
    Dear Sri Mahesh,….. avar arulaalee avar thaal vanangi…. so this site is his blessings…. he chose YOU out of all his devotees. and made you to do this uncomparable job…. great work… it is periva blessings, …. pranams to mahaperiva…
    praying to periva…. he should give all his blessings to YOU to continue this .
    mahaperiva paadamee gathi

  4. Thanks for your guidelines. When people read good things, especially connected with spirituality, automatically some thing may flash in their minds which makes them to give their ‘comments’. If you feel that it is good to add, you may include it, otherwise you are free to delete it.

  5. Permit me to quote periava once long ago….’any one with dandam should be revered and with kaashayam and dandam should be done obescence(namaskaram). that this the minimum anyone can do and that is called our values and culture please please please pardon me but let us be like that and let not bother mahesh to remind us again. it is an appeal which mahesh may moderate …..n.ramaswami

  6. I am very happy that better sense will prevail and other Bakthas will keep it mind while they send their comments. As you mentioned rightly that we do not have any rights to compare and comment about other Pidathipathis or mutts.. A word of caution is always necessary now and then. Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  7. Sometimes I get confused because i notice that the current Periyava is mentioned by many as Pudhu Periyava whereas when i read those comments I assume that they are talking about Bala Periyava. So just for the sake of simplicity and easy understanding may we address the 3 Aacharyas as as
    1. Maha Periyava,
    2. Periyava &
    3. Bala Periyava.

    • funny incident. when once a reference was made to periava as mahaperiava, he laughlingly said people has made me maha so that i am politely kept away from all of you!!!!!well for we people periava remains periava, pudu periava (a reverential reference started decades ago) always remains pudu(new – see his ever loving big laugh!)and bala (young) periava remains the same. does any one remember the names other than this. if someone does, oh…….cant imagine.

    • I think what Sri. Subramanian has written is the correct way to address the Periyavas. Pudhu Periyava was a term coined by Maha Periyava Himself after Sri Periyava joined the Matha after Sishya Sveehaaram. People used to tell Periya Periyava and Chinnap Periyava. To avoid the word ‘Chinna’, Maha Periyava coined the term Pudhu Periyava. Now Bala Periyava is also here. Hence we should address as Maha Periyava, Periyava and Bala Periyava. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  8. While Periavas need to be addressed respectfully, sometimes we enter into psychic contact with them, chant their names frequently during a day, and hence, the name is more of a personal way of calling, as one become connected and closer and the distance seems to have distanced itself…and they appear in dreams frequently, forewarning and if not understood, intervening and arming at the moment of the event, alleviating worry by speaking in personal voice in a bodiless fashion, and so on…Hence, some may not append the words “Swamigal” and so on…Just like devotees may call Lord Rama, “Hey Ram !” However, this may not apply to all…

    • I politely disagree with you here – partially! if you notice, calling them affectionately is different from intentional disrespect. Also I have not seen one single person calling Mahaperiyava with His name – even in utmost affectionate situation.

  9. pity we need to be told all these small things of value. anyway anyone teaches values is welcome and none can stop mahesh from his yeoman service since he has all the blessings of periavaaaaaaaa. n.ramaswami

    • mama,

      if periyava wants to pull the plug – He would do it within seconds…His pitchai and karunai, this is running….In US there is a common phrase “If a truck hits me….” used at workplace to highlight the dependency. Even if a truck hits me, with His blessings, this will continue to go 🙂

      • God bless you mahesh. Yes if periava wants it to be done, nothing can stop. no truck will hit you but only a truck load will go near you and pick you up in doing this great service. i am trying to at least take a print out of the great work of mapping you have done and give it to mettur swamigal. funny even just a moments ago someone from near him was phoning me and he was asking…!!!!!!n.ramaswami

  10. Dear Mahesh,

    Your guidelines are well intentioned. I appreciate them. On one side you are requesting followers of this blog not to use strong words. This is absolutely welcome. I think you too should be careful in choosing the words. Avoid words like ‘my blood boils’, etc. Similarly, you have the freedom to move anything to trash. But it is not necessary to make a public announcement of the same in this fashion. In my opinion it can be made in a more subtle fashion. In my opinion your effort and contribution in ensuring smmoth flow of knowledge and information to all asthikas on Mahaperiava and Kanchipuram Kamakoti Mutt is unmatched. If you feel I have exceeded my limits and taken liberty to address these comments to you, my apologies to you. Pranams.

    • I learn too from all of you all the time. Point noted and corrected. Thanks for the guidance.

    • well said. We, Mahaperiava’s devotees are benefiting so much by this forum. That is because of one person’s absolute devotion and bakthi. Of course, we do make mistake knowingly or unkowingly-a human trait. I have learnt a lot from this forum. Thanks to the one person, keeping all informed and making us better people.

      • vijaya – it would be unfair if i approve this comment without acknowledging so many others who contribute to this blog. Almost all of our readers have immense bakthi and devotion – that is why this blog still survives.

  11. Nice one — Please add one more — if you can — always denote “H” (Capital H when, denoting any of the three Acharyas:).

    MahaPeriyava Saranam Saranam

  12. Dear Sir,
    S. I hope all the believers of Mahaperiyava will accept your views and act accordingly. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

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