Blog touched million views!

Last time I checked was about a month or two back when this was around 800K views. I didn’t realize this milestone until someone told me today that our blog touched this million mark. Glad to see more readers are visiting with bakthi. To some extent, this blog has played some role in increasing our faith and bakthi towards Periyava. I sincerely pray Periyava to continue His guidance for all of us.

Thanks for all your support and encouraging me to do this…



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  1. I’m not managing the kamakoti website. I’m just yet another devottee of mutt. Based on the subject I choose the name and relevant email id.
    I appreciate your thoughts. Just like how you don’t like to entertain people with “masks”, I don’t like to put “my” name. It’s the thought that we share that matters and not the name or email ID. As long as they aren’t provocative and the info is relevant at least for you(in this case) it shouldn’t be a big deal. If you want everyone to know about what is being shared please moderate the comment. Otherwise, just read it and delete the comment. Life is simple! You can delete this comment if you want.

  2. You are doing a great service. But be prepared for the day when you need to surrender this treasure to mutt.

    • Looks like you’re from the mutt! since i do not know the name, i am not sure with whom i am interacting 🙂

      Before the mutt takes these contents, I wish they could put some additional effort and focus to improve the current site – you have lot of work to do there! If you compare other sites like Satya Sai or other sites, they are lot more structured and well-defined. I talked in length with some of the web admins of kamakoti site and offered help. What is more critical is to maintain constant interaction with this reader base, which is going to be incredibly difficult for the mutt to maintain – I wish I am wrong.

      If Mahaperiyava wants me to hand this over to the mutt, what more do I want in my life?

      Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

      • You aren’t getting the point. Your service is acknowledged. The point being, nothing belongs to any individual. Everything belongs to shri.shankara bhagavath padhal. At some point you should try to index these videos and publish them on mutt website. That day may or mayn’t come at all. But when you do this work try to do it with the mindset it’s a treasure and nobody owns it. Try to involve more like minded people to administer this website. You should be happy when the day comes and not get surprised. Possession is an enemy to Gnyana. I’m just a messenger here.

      • First of all, typically i dont talk to anonymous users – not even sure if you are from the mutt or not. I do know both the web admins of really well!

        Secondly, I wrote – “If Mahaperiyava wants me to hand this over to the mutt, what more do I want in my life?”???? I hope you read this. If so, what makes you think that i would be surprised. On your point of “everything belongs to adi shankara”, please click on “About” to understand what my position is on the content of this blog.

        I am fine you being a messenger – but don’t come to me with a mask on – I really don’t react well – sorry, that is my nature. Please disclose your identity, if you wish to interact with me.

      • I’m not managing the kamakoti website. I’m just yet another devottee of mutt. Based on the subject I choose the name and relevant email id.
        I appreciate your thoughts. Just like how you don’t like to entertain people with “masks”, I don’t like to put “my” name. It’s the thought that we share that matters and not the name or email ID. As long as they aren’t provocative and the info is relevant at least for you(in this case) it shouldn’t be a big deal. If you want everyone to know about what is being shared please moderate the comment. Otherwise, just read it and delete the comment. Life is simple! You can delete this comment if you want.

      • Just as I thought.

      • Excuse me? You impersonated as Kanchi mutt and you still find it “no big deal”??? Very disappointing. EVen in your 2nd reply, you didnt admit that you aren’t from kanchi mutt. Only when I mentioned about my links with the web admins, you admitted – pretty smart! Think of someone who can’t understand how things work – if he reads these comments, he would think that kanchi mutt is posting all these replies. What a perfect way to mess with people’s head!

        God bless you.

      • Please delete this comment thread. it was a message for you and not for your blog

  3. Mr.Mahesh is doing Sevai.May MAHAPERIVA Bless u and give u the strength to continue this service.Each and everyone will definitely feel happy that we r also getting a chance to scribble something through this blog. Thanks a lot Mahesh Sir. Hearty Congratulations .

  4. dear mahesh,

    true that Periyava is guiding you, true that Periyava is behind it all.

    but i am sure that you are the focus of all the work – Periyava has chosen you,
    and the blog radiates from you.

    you have lit the lamp, millions are lighting theirs from the blog.

    God bless you, your family and your group for all this great service.

  5. but for his blessings and creating this in your mid this could not have happened. Kudos for HIS blessings to you in turn being passed on to us

  6. periva blessings to all of us .Thanks maheshji.PERIVA is always with us.

  7. Anantakodi Pranams to His Holiness Nadamadum Deivam…

    He is always alive in our hearts………….

    He is still with us…

    Appa………..Bless us………

    Vijibala & Family, Thiruvanmiyur

  8. thanks mahesh for yr yeoman service to the community.may mahaperiyava bless u and family .
    jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  9. Thanks for the kind words – in fact, there were too much of appreciation, which I truly don’t deserve. Let me put it this way – if i start a new blog to write about me, my life or whatever – I am not even sure if my wife & kids would read them!! When this blog gets a million views, it is due to none other than Periyava. I also see references to sustaining this blog on a long run – yes, it is very astonishing how this is being sustained. In the early days, I spent lots of time to accumulate more content to the repository, then it slowly evolved into a self-sustained model. Even today some days, I feel like I don’t have any material to post. At the same time, I would get an email from someone with a photo/article/painting to be posted – that is Periyava! So the blog is running by itself. Thanks to all who continue to send materials etc. I know few may be upset that I did not post their contents – nothing intentional – purely on the relevance basis or lack of my time.

    On my time spent on this – yes, that is one area, where I can take “little” credit 🙂 I manage to spend time on a regular basis despite my work/travel etc. To me, work-life balance = work-blog balance! Thanks to Periyava for the energy and motivation.

    I see this blog evolving as a virtual Periyava Hall, where photos/paintings are displayed, videos are screened, slokas are shared for chanting, people come and pray. Some people run here when they have personal trouble. With His blessings, this will become a much larger place for worship.

    What is more soul-satisfying for all of us is that this blog had changed some – if not several – people’s life – brought them back to Vedic/Periyava’s path, cultivated more bakthi towards our gurus. If 5 people start/resume sandhyavandhanam or chant “Om Namashivaya” during nithya pradosha time or do shiva puja or do some service in the temple or do any vedha/gho rakshana, showing respect to vaidheekas and our gurus due to this blog effect, I call it a success. Numbers don’t matter. This alone matters.

    Hope you all agree.

    Jaya Jaya shankara Hara Hara Shankara

    • This is only a tip of a iceberg. In coming days this sacred service readership will touch billion to trillion hits. Because it is not commercial and only divine service. Each and every article worth of it. Kudos to Mr.Mahesh and his associates. I recalled the words of satsang performed by Shri Yagnasubramanian at Anusham function Chennai, our people wherever they are they will be like when they are in India. In the material world especially in USA Mr. Mahesh spent lot of time to gather such good things for us it will not describe in words. Pranams Sir. Mahaperiya entire blessings will always with you. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

      V.Ramasubramanian, Kuwait

      • One more thing that million times hit and Mr. Mahesh’s 100th video of Mahaperiyava happened almost same day. This is DEIVA KADATCHAM.

    • The finishing note is good. Unfortunately, we can’t do that because we don’t have “time” in our busy schedule.

      A humble request to everyone:
      1) Please tell Gayatri mantra once every time you visit this blog. That will make million viewers tell million Gayatri.
      2) Read Prashnotra Ratna Malika with meaning as many times as you can. See what happens.
      3) Dear Rudra,chamakam, sooktham chanters,Ask yourself if you know the meaning?
      4) Bhagavad Geeta = Thirukkural = Deivathin Kural.
      However old you may be: With due respects, Do you practice at least one Dharma suggested by them?
      One acid test is, Do you speak the truth always?
      5) Dear Pasta, Pizza, Burrito Bowl eaters, Do you do annadhana at least once in a year?
      6) Have you inspired at least one youth about Shankara Bagavathpadha’s teaching?

      Lastly, a sliver bullet point:
      I was enthralled when somebody said in your blog 3,333 for 33 days.That mayn’t be easy. But try this.
      – Close your eyes and count 1 to 108( chanting Gayatri Mantra from your atma(no lip movements)) everyday
      – Don’t use fingers for counting
      – You should visualize paramacharya sitting on the top of each number telling “naa irukaen” as the number moves from right to left in your mind.
      – You will fail on day 1. Don;t give up. keep trying.
      – Someday you will understand what “naa irukaen” means.

      • Hari Om Sri. DharmoRakshathiRakshakaha,

        Per the Vedas, Gayathri mantra is the epitome of all the Vedas/mantras and casual chanting should be AVOIDED at any cost. The same goes for Sri Rudram/Chamakam. Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam is different and does not require achaarams. Before Sandhya Vandanam or Madhyanikam, we are supposed to take bath, wear pancha kachham, perform Achamanam, Pranayamam and finally chant Gayathri Mantra after cleanising ourselves both internally and externally. Only during this time we can chant Gayathri mantra, as you had suggested visualizing Sri Sri Maha Periyavaa.

        Of course during other times we can chant Jaya Jaya Shankara, Rama Nama, Siva Siva visualizing him or when they are opening this blog. It is extremely important we do NOT mix mantras and namas alike and treat them the same.

        On another note, Sri Sri Maha Periyavaa does not like himself to be addressed as ‘Paramacharya’. Please refer to Sri Ra Ganapathi Anna’s ‘Maha Periyavaa Virundhu’. Sri Sri Mahaa Periyavaa clarifies that Saiva Madathipathies owns that title and Adwaitha Sampradhaya Sannyasis should be addressed differently. In fact he jokingly advocates to devotees to address him as ‘Sinnavaa’ as he is sick and tired of being referred to as Maha Periyavaa. Thought I would share this.

        Hari Om!

  10. Dear Mahesh, first of all congratulations for this stupendous feet! Many such blogs start with a lot of passion but eventually do not carry forward the passion, dedication and hard work with which it is created. A million views is by no means a small achievement. The subscriber’s and your faith in Periyava played a major role apart from all the moving and Bakthi entrenched episodes that we have been reading ever since the blog was created. Ungaladhu indha nalla matrum vida muyarchikku ennadhu valzthukkal and please continue this noble work. God Bless.

  11. dear Mahesh

    A Million Thanks. Your blog has been my home page for long now. Whenever, I need solace I come here. Thank you.


  12. Mr. Mahesh, Thank you for the Excellent Blog. we learnt a lot of things through this about Maha Peiva…Let your serivce continue..

  13. Mr Mahesh, I am sure that your blog might have influenced and kindled interest in everyone. Secondly, this gives an opportunity
    to many to get an awareness and the importance about Maha Periyava. Our heartiest congratulations to you for this yeomen
    service and we pray Maha Periyava to bless you always for undertaking this great assignment. Your noble service is required
    to be continued to enable everyone to have the Darshan of Maha Periyava everyday with a new input and in fact it has become
    part of one’s daily activity to view the thread with anxiety.

  14. Mahesh,

    Congraulations and thanks to you for your dedication to a noble cause! We join you in our prayers to Sri Maha Peiyava for His Anugrahams. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!

  15. Maha Periyaval’s Anugraham lead us to achieve this through You.May HE bless You to continue your Mission without interruption.
    Hara Hara Sankara,
    Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  16. வாழ்த்துக்கள்; சீக்கிரமே ஒரு கோடியை தொட அவரின் அருள் கிட்டட்டும்.
    ஹர ஹர சங்கரா ஜெய ஜெய சங்கரா
    காஞ்சி சங்கரா காமகோடி சங்கரா.

  17. Very Happy to know the interest shown by millions to hear and do pranams to periyavaa.congrats for this service rendered by you all

  18. I feel my day is incomplete without a visit to this blog and without having a darshan of Periyavaa’s padam in the home page -please don’t change the pictures that are there in the home page now.

  19. I am very proud to state that I am one among that “fortunate 1 miilion”, an “anugraham of Maha Periva” through Shri. Mahesh.
    We all wish and pray for prosperity to you, your family and the entire team of this blog.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara! Hara Hara Sankara

  20. On this august moment I want to suggest all of you to reflect on the following questions:

    Do I believe in the concept of Adhvaitha and Guru Parampara?
    Do I respect my Jagadhguru?
    Do I seek his blessings with at least 0.0001% bava of guru bhakthi?

    First of all understand, Periyavas aren’t individuals. They are from Guru Parampara. I respect my Guru with the bhava of 100% Guru Bhakthi.

    Until we all pray for the welfare of mutt and pudhu periyava, there won’t be a confluence of positive energy and spirit.It may not matter to the 60+ searching his or her soul and waiting for anugraham. But it matters to the current generation. I belong to the 30- group.Probably, I am an outlier here. I was told I was taken to paramacharya only once at a very early age.

    I request some of the “senior” bhakthas to do something about general attitude when it comes to Pudhuperiyava. It’s not acceptable and not at all encouraging. If you really want to be thankful to our guruparampara for performing trikala chandramouleeswara pooja (simply for lokha kshemartham) , just do one thing. Trigger the passion of mutt activities in youth. Connect with more paramacharya bhakthas who don’t pay visit to mutt off late. It’s a sign of disrespect. disbelief.

    Sorry if my comment comes as a surprise to this blog.

  21. Anantharaman viswanathan,Adambakkam

    Dear Mahesh,

    This is just a first step.You are going to achieve so many things with Great Sree Maha Periyava’s blessings.Go ahead.
    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hare Hare Shankara.

  22. when every time some one visits your blog and read the comments/news he is blessed and you ar responsible for the same

  23. Congrats.. Reflects dedicated service initiated by you and team members too….

  24. Congratulations! A million is only a figure! Maha PeriyavaL’s Blessings and Guidance will make the site more and more popular and benefit more and more devotees. I feel great whenever I visit this site. Thanks a million! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  25. Wonderful and not really surprising either, your blog has given me the opportunity to know so much more about Maha Periyava. Congrats and God Bless for this wonderful undertaking.


  26. Sarveshwara.


  28. Mahesh,

    congratulations and this milestone signifies that you have touched 1 million hearts with the blessings of Mahaperiyava. Please continue the noble service. for an ordinary devotee like me reading this blog is a way of charging our battery……….Thanks once again

  29. Congratulations God bless you Mahesh.

  30. Very happy to learn this.Let Maha Periyaval bless you all the time.

  31. நம்மை படைத்த இறைவனை நாம் காண முடியாத நிலையில், அவர் ஸ்ரீ மஹா பெரியவாள் மூலமாக நமக்கு கட்சி தந்தார் என்று பெருமை படலாம். மில்லியன் என்பது கூடிய சீக்கிரம் பில்லியன் ஆக மாற வேண்டும் என்று அவரை வேண்டிகொள்வோம் . உங்கள் தொண்டு பாராட்டப்பட வேண்டிய ஒன்று. இதுவும் ஸ்ரீ பெரியவளின் சித்தமே . ஜெய ஜெய சங்கரா !!!

  32. Congratulations … I was also tracking the numbers and was very happy when it crossed the magic number… You have earned a million credits of Punya by ensuring that atleast a million times Periyava was remembered by all the bloggers who visited this site….I salute the yeomen service that you and your team are doing by putting together these blogs and while it is certainly with Mahaperiyava’s blessings, I envy your dedication in sustaining this blog thus far inspite of your busy schedule. My respectful pranams to you!!

  33. Wonderful Mahesh. You’re very humble to accept our appreciation. whatever said, HE has chosen you to illuminate our heart and mind everyday. This blog is a part of our life and hope many would agree. Million thanks and keep up the good work.

  34. Congratulations! With his divine grace , more success ahead.
    Sincere thanks and prayers for the team maintaining this web site resource and to the users.

  35. ;praying Mahaperiyava to bestow more million viewers join our blog

  36. Mahaperiyava’s blessings for Mahesh&Family will be there for ever!

  37. Very impressive work Mahesh..honestly I do not even have the time to read all your blog posts (its so informative and so many), not sure how you manage to compile them…your effort helps us to remember Periyava and the Dharma he followed, everyday.

  38. A mere .look at the benign photo of this Karunaa Moorthy brings tears of joy.

  39. Dear Mahesh,
    Congratulations! You are indeed doing a great service in propagating our Dharma, which is the basis for self discipline of humans and renaissance of ethical living and Mahaperiaval’s Avatharam was to remind the future generations of our cultural and traditional values and benefits thereof. In this direction you , Mr.Anand Vasudevan and Mr Seshadri are devoting lot of your valuable time.I am sure you will always have the blessings and guidance of His Holiness.

  40. i entirely agree with you mahesh, HH is instrumental and is making you and your wife do this service. please continue. blessings of Periava is with you. n.ramaswami

  41. We Pray Our Periyava to bless this blog should reach each and every one in this world.This is the begining only this blof will go further and further and will touch the horizon very soon. Our Pranams at the lotus feet of our Periyava.

  42. congrats Mahesh keep it up,you too are blessed

  43. blessings of mahaperiva

  44. You are absolutely a blessed soul — MahaPeriyava always pick right people for right job — How much tear you made to shed — How much Athma being touched — How many people can realise their Anma? Absolutely you are really blessed Soul — MahaPeriyava Saranam. — I am also proud to be one in the Million

  45. Great Mahesh Sir, Your dedication and time spending to this blog is wonderful and admirable.Congradulations.

    Ramesh P E


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