Maha Sivarathiri 2013

Dear Readers,

Today is Mahashivarathiri – the most auspicious day for all of us. Let us do all our anushtanams, spend the whole day/night only with Shiva dhyanam and pray Him for His blessings. We have heard so many stories of explaining the power of panchakshara japam – even in this blog. Let us put that into practice at least on one day.

I have enclosed some videos of my choice

  • First one from Kashi Vishwanatha Maharaj’s “saptha rishi Puja” – one who has seen this alone can appreciate this uniqueness – out of the world experience. My most favorite.
  • Second from Ujjain Mahakaleshwarar – 5 videos – there is no reason why one can’t spend time to watch all these 5 videos – it is an amazing experience – I absolutely want to go there once, if He blesses me
  • Third from a Pradosha puja abishekam to both Mahaperiyava and Parameshwaran/Nandikeshwarar.
  • Finally from Sringeri Periyava doing abishekam
  • Interestingly, I dont have any picture/video of Kanchi Periyavas doing abishekam at all. If any one has such video, please let me know…

Om Nama Shivaya!

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. I could watch this videos only today. However I am happy to have the darshan on the last Tuesday of Masi Masam which again a very auspicious day for Lord Shiva ( Vaidhyanatha Swamy ) thanks a lot for uploading as we may or may not visit these places in our life time to witness the abhishkam.
    Meena Balan

  2. Watch Live telecast of Shivarathri pooja performed by Sringeri Swamiji amidst Rudram chanting. I wish a similar telecast us available from kanchi mutt and adhishtanam regularly. I know chandramouleeswara pooja can’t be videotaped at our mutt.. but still the matra hymns and jagadguru’s darshan rejuvinates your mind

  3. Dear Friends, In the recent ‘Voice of God’ Audio CD collection – the following are apt to listen today, in the golden voice of Aiyan.

    i. Manikavasagar – in 2nd CD, 4th file.
    ii. Shiva Sthuthi – in 3rd Cd, 1st file.
    iii. Aarudhra Darshanam – in 1st CD, 17th file.

    Nama Shivaya, Nama Chandra Sekhara.

  4. Very nice videos for better viewing of this. One may be able to see so closely even present in the venue.

    Good thinking and presence of mind!!!

  5. Thanks a lot Mr Mahesh for all the excellent and superb videos. An excellent Pradosham video of Mahaperiyava’s Abhisegam
    It gives a feeling that we had a direct darshan. But for you, we would not have got such opportunities to watch. Once again,
    thank you very much and hats off to you.

    Balasubramanian NR

  6. Thanks a lot.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara ! Hara Hara Sankara!

  7. Read Shambo Mahadeva not as printed.

  8. Great work. We in India too get to benefit significantly by your efforts. Be assured you will get 100% puny a for this sustained effort of yours. Shambles Mahadeva. Hara Hara Sankara. Kanchi Sankara. Kamakoti Sankara. Pranams.

  9. Accepted Mahesh! What is important is Bhakthi and an uninterrupted thought of worshipping Lord Siva and chanting as Japa ‘Om Nama Shivaaya’! When that is done, you will get not 10% Punyam but 1000% Punyam! I pray with you on this Sani Pradosham day to Lord Siva! May your great efforts flourish well in future also! Will see Dharshan of Abishegam to the Lord in the morning. Om Nama Shivaaya! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  10. Dear India devotees,

    I am aware that sivarathiri is celebrated on 10th in India. In US, the day is determined based on latitude,longitude as per the location and all the nazhigais, thithis etc are calculated as per that basis. For a long time, each temple followed different panchangams and this time they all aligned to one – local timings based panchangam. Technically, both are correct. For us, some times it is hard for us to be different from the majority folks in India – I agree! Anyways, hopefully we will get at least 10% punniyam when compared to you all 🙂

    Also since I will be sitting in temple tonight, I thought I would post this article so that most of you can see the darshan of abishekam first thing in the morning.

  11. Thanks Mahesh. This day Saibaba used to bring out lingams from his body through his mouth. I have seen this too. Last Mahashivarthri my beloved anna shri Ra Ganpthi got sivaprapthi. As I type this I could not control my tears. “Anna where are you!”

  12. Thanks Mahesh. This day Saibaba used to bring out lingams from his body through his mouth. I have seen this too. Last Mahashivarthri my beloved anna shri Ra Ganpthi got sivaprapthi. As I type this I could not control my tears. “Anna where are you!”


  14. Very nice videos. I enjoyed seen the all the videos. Sambo Mahadeva. Small correction Mahasivarathri on 10th March. However I seen the videos today on the day of Pradhosham. Siva Siva.

  15. excellent but tomorrow is shivarathri and today is pradosham. you may adjust accordingly in chicago. today is saturday here and tomorrow is sunday. 11th monday is somavara arasa pradakshinam. n.ramaswami

  16. Mahashivarathri is tomorrow 10th March, today is Sani Pradosham

  17. Reblogged this on kahanam and commented:
    Om Nama Shivaaya! exceptional devotional videos all showing Abishekam and Pooja to our Loka Pitha Mahadevar! Let us chant Om Nama shivaaya on Sivarathri!

  18. 9th March 2013 is Sani Prathoosham. !0th March Sunday is Maha sivarathri in India as per Panchangam.! US timings will be behind. Maha Periyava does Abhishekam to Siva Lingam near Nadhikkarai though only back view of Maha Periyava is seen! Great videos all! Sringeri Periyava pooja is also great! Matha Aikyam will be strengthened! Greatly purified! Thanks for the pictures on Sivarathri eve! Let us all also remember our Ra. Ganapati Anna who attained Mukhthi last year on Maha Sivarathri night first kaalam pooja time! Ra. Ganapati Anna gave us Deivaththin Kural of Maha Periyava and other great experiences which are being continued in this blog. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! Om Nama Shivaaya!

  19. Mr Mahesh,
    Thanks a lot for all the nice videos. can you pl tell where was the pradosham video of mahaperiyava abhisegam taken? I would like to visit the place and have darshan.

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