Quick check on “Periyava Kural” CD

I am pretty sure all of you have received the CD. When I played my CD, 2nd CD did not work 🙁 Little disappointed. Thought I could check how many of you received this CD and the quality of it etc.

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  1. Hi Sudhakar
    I recently purchased the Album . Except for Vol 1 the rest are fine although I am yet to listen completely
    In Vol 1 , I am unable to acess s/N 17 (Aarudra Darshanam ) to the end ( S/N 21)
    Is there a way i can get these files Although i ordered through Kalakendra and received in Chennai , I am back overseas and hence wondering a way to get it
    Please advise

  2. Dear Mahesh,

    Please connect with our office on email or phone number given in the packaging and will be happy to send a replacement in case you still have problem with second cd.

    It could be a rare case of scratched disc in shipments. Will ensure you are satisfied more so for this product.



  3. Considering the years ( decades ) it was stored in old pool tapes, the overall qulaity is good, Very few areas you may have to listen carefully by adjusting the volume.

  4. I am now in USA sir.
    I will be in chennai by 24th march…Please inform me the store/shop where it would be available for me to buy.
    With namaskarams.

  5. நான் CD ஆர்டர் பண்ணிக்கிறேன். இன்னும் வரவில்லை. வந்தவுடன் சொல்கிறேன்.

  6. i will buy this Cd as and when i go to Chennai to treasure it to listen daily.

  7. Hi
    We bought all CD’s .When we listen through earphone the audio is very clear but when we tried directly listen from PC
    , the audio is not clear and find it difficult to understand fully.
    In 2nd CD — 16.- Panchanga sadas does not open at all ,probably not recorded.These are my Observations.

    with regards

  8. to me all the CD S Are working. only thing there are some repetitions. of course i have no right to comment on repetition because the making of the cd itself was a herculean task and the repetition is just u are listening the voice once more also a welcome .

  9. The cd reading per we did not have any problems. The audio however leaps and dives in parts- making it an exercise requiring intense concentration to listen and catch the whole import.

    • Dear Srividya

      I know what you mean, we have tried our best to restore from archives. In places where we felt we could not do justice we contemplated removing but then who are we to decide which of Mahaperiyava’s Kural you can hear and which you cannot. We decided we give you everything that we can understand.


  10. though i thought i would vote for the 2nd our intention of getting this cd is as donation and nothing else. yes the second cd????????????????however i did not bother this as i just cherish it and have a feeling that i have heard all these so also my children. n.ramaswami

  11. magesh it is working fine jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara

  12. where can i get these cds..?

  13. how do we arrange to get all the CDs. to an address in Bangalore? we will make online payment.

    • Kindly talk to Swathi soft solution. They can send you CDs. Thanks

      Please contact:
      Swathi Soft Solutions,
      5, Ananda road,
      Alwarpet, Chennai – 600018
      Ph:044 42316060 / 044 24984050

  14. It works for me, all the 4 CDs.

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