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Thayumana Mahaan


Lalgudi Sankara mutt is uniquely distinction for the first mutt to be installed by Periyava with Adi Shankara Prathishtai after taking sanyasa. Time flies – this mutt just finished 100 years! Till 1995 HH Pudhu Periyava has been personally attending the kumbabhishekam of this place. The next kumbabishekam with 100 years mark is yet to be conducted. Angarai auditor Sri R Venkatasubramaniam (RVS) (click here for his experience with HH) is taking the lead in this effort. I talked to him and renovation work is going on and hopefully in mid-April, the kumbabhishekam would happen with His blessings. Although all vaideeka expenses will be assisted by Kanchi matam, Shri RVS wants to collect the renovation expenses (nearly 4 lakhs) from the public. One of the Periyavas has agreed to come and bless this event.

While this is going on, in Chennai, Smt Revathi Kumar, an ardent devotee of Mahaperiyava also known to Brahmasri Vedapuri mama has come up with first volume titled “Thayumana Mahan”. This book captures several incidents from Mahaperiyava’s life as witnessed by Brahmasri. So many lessons, so many interesting events – not heard before. As I mentioned in my earlier post, this is a great book….Priced very nominally also…As a first volume, this is a very small book. Due to great response to this book, she is planning to come up with a second volume sometime soon. As a great devotee, she has decided to send all the proceedings from this book towards Lalgudi Sankara mutt renovation effort.

Pl contact Smt Revathi Kumar at 9789082269 to get your copy. Hope Shri RVS conducts this kumbabishekam as planned with the blessings of all periyavas. Please read this flier and contact Shri RVS if you wish to donate.

Let us pray Him to help complete this effort smoothly.

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara


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  1. Today morning (7/3/13) i got a call from Smt. Revathi Kumar, periyava devotee, informing that Sri Vedapuri Mama is arrived at her home, you can have his darshan and do namaskaram. Immediately started, I prayed before Periyavaa (one particular photo) in pooja room, telling periyava “I don’t know how and what to speak before Sri Vedapuri mama” little nervous, then took apple, banana, badam and raisins and went there. Mama came from pooja room then I done my namaskaram and put the fruits before him. He asked me “you got me fruits” so I give one for you, and he took out 2 periyava photos, to my surprise, it is the same particular photo which I prayed in my pooja room. I sat before him, listening to him for an hour, all about periyva, in the mean time, Dr. Murugesan, ardent devotee of periyavaa (in Thayumana Mahan book, mama mentioned about this doctor) checked mama’s health generally and gave some medicines. After some time, a relative of Smt. Revathi Kumar, a lady came and took out a Garland and Salvai and asked me to put it to mama, really I can’t believe myself, am so fortunate, I put the garland and salvai to mama and done namaskaram, then all of us took photos with Sri Vedapuri mama. I got one more book from mama autographed by him. Then and there Smt. Revathi kumar noting down details from mama’s talk, probably for next book. Without heart to leave from there, mama gave me a banana and kalkandu with love and affection. Mama told me you can get anything in this world, but Guru Katacham and thinking of Guru is the difficult to get. I thanked Smt. Revati Kumar, for giving this opportunity, done my namaskaram before periyava in the pooja room there, I felt nothing before these devotees. Came back home, put periyava photos given by Sri vedapuri mama, so now 3 same periyava photos in my pooja room.
    The other details in brief.
    1) the back cover of “Thyumana Mahan” contains a rare photo of Periyava surrounded by Sri Vedapuri, Sri Balu, Sri Vaithaa, Sri Thiagarajan, Sri Kantan, Sri Kumaresan, Sri Pattabhi and another devotee.
    2) Sivaraman sir completed the interview of Sri Vedapuri mama and will be aired shortly. (informed by Smt. Revathi Kumar)
    3) Sri Balu mama took Sanyasam few days back (informed by Smt. Revathi Kumar)
    4) Sri Vedapuri mama will be in Chennai for the coming Sani Pradosham and the Maha Sivaratri on 9 & 10th March, 13’ in Ayodhya Mandapam in West Mambalam, Chennai.

  2. I went to Smt Revathi Kumar’s place this afternoon to get the book. The lady is a simple unassuming bhakthai like Sabhari and she narrated this incidence. When she had gone to have darsanam of Periyava as a young girl ( 5 years old)with her parents,HE asked her if she remembers anything about Lalgudi and the street they lived. She had replied that she could recollect only the Pillayar temple and doesn’t know about the Sri Shanakara Mutt that Periyava asked about. But her mother could intervene and said that her father-in-law’s house was indeed in fron of the Sri Mutt.Mrs Revathi Kumar is rightly of the opinion that Periyava had laid the foundation for the book even then as the proceeds from the sale of the book is towards the ‘thiruppani’ of the Sr Mutt.Of course this is ‘typical’ of Periyava to employ a native of the place for an important accomplishment at that place, while innumerable others too share the ‘punyam’
    I was told ‘Brahmasri Vedapuri Mama was about to reach her place but I had to leave. Later I called her after reading the book in one breath. ( I hadn’t done enough punyam to meet him, but I am planning to meet him on 9) She gave the telephone to Mama. Now, one thing about Mama is there is none in our puranas and itihasam to be comapared with him. The people who accompanied Bhagawan are the Devas during every avatara and though they suffered as human beings they were all highly accomplished beings with extraordinary powers. Brahmasri Vedapuri Mama is unique. He doesn’t breathe in oxygen but the words ‘Peryava’ and Karunamurthi. Such innocence, plainness humility are all beyond human conception. Nowonder Periyava placed HIS foot on his thigh on kaivalaya dhinam.
    I asked Mrs Kumar for her permission to translate her book into English.She said that several had asked her and she would like to finish the second volume even to think about it.
    My intention in asking 1) Experiencing Periyava must be available in English to all for obvious reasons 2) My personal greed- Can I earn a little punyam in this birth which would eventually lead me to HIM?
    I am posting this after reading this out to her over telephone. 5 year old was the addition she suggested!

  3. When I called up Smt Revathi Kumar after this post she said all the books have been exhausted and would take some time to get it printed. I was little disappointed not to be fortunate to get one. Suddenly she called me up about 4 days ago and said the book is readily available. I was surprised and felt lucky at the faster turnaround of her getting them printed. When I went and collected the books yesterday I felt the number of pages are very less, which I thought I would exhaust very soon and cannot satisfy my reading. Contrary to my expectation, it took so much time for me to complete one round of reading. Vedhapuri Maamaa’s experiences (I should not use the word experience, Maamaa is like a sivanadiyaar living with Maheswaran) with Maha Periyavaa is written in a simple language and the pleasure of reading in one’s native language cannot be expressed in mere words.

    The book is aptly titled ” Thaayumaana Mahaan “. Maha Periyavaa’s maternal love towards Vedhapuri maamaa from the time of his entering into the mutt (from the age of 8) in protecting him at every stage whenever maamaa was treated indifferently (in passifying him ‘ Naanum pithukkuli thaandaa’, ‘Onakku romba dhaagamaa irukkum bodhu, thannila kuppai vizhudhirundhaa enna pannuve’ ‘Unna yaaraavadhu kindal panninaa yaaravadhu vandhu avanai adippaa’) by his colleagues had brought tears in my eyes. Smt Revathi Kumar said Maamaa had stayed for about 16 days at her house, what a punyaathmaa she is to have such a mahaan at her house. I would expect many more of Vedhapuri maamaa’s experiences given his long association with Maha Periyavaa soon, to treasure them for ever. Smt Revathi Kumar is a blessed soul as Maha Periyavaa has used her as an instrument to talk about his son. I would request her to bring out experiences of Baalu mama and other close aides who have lived and done kainkaryam to Maha Periyavaa day in day out.

    Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Paahimaam
    Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Rakshamaam

    Maha Periyavaa Thiruvadi Saranam

  4. Today morning i met Smt Revathi Kumar, ardent devotee of periyavaa and got the book “Thayumana Mahan” (in Tamil, price at Rs.50). A must read book for all periyavaa devotees. Periyava Karunai towards Sri Vedapuri mama is beyond anything. i am resided near to Smt. Revathi Kumar house. Any devotee who wants this book please give me a chance to sent you the book at my cost. Plese write to me at with your contact details. P E Ramesh, 98402 93580.

  5. Mahesh,
    Is there a way where people living outside India can contribute?

  6. I am hearing about the Mutt at Lalgudi for the first time. Thank you very much for the input.
    I shall get in touch with the Mutt for further details. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

    Balasubramanian NR

    • Being a Lalgudian, I am extremely happy to note the developments. I seek Mahaperiavaa’s blessings for the successful completion of Kumbhabishega functions. I will also contibute in my humble way to this divine task… Lalgudi.S.RamamoorthyIyer, patron Adambakkam Sankara matam.

  7. Thanks so much Mahesh for letting us know about Smt Revathi Kumar’s book and Lalgudi Shankara Mutt.

  8. Great service by Brahmasri. Vedapuri Mama, Smt. Revathi Kumar and Sri. Venkatasubramanian and all devotees of Lalgudi Matham. The book is really superb and further parts from Vedapuri Mama’s rich experiences with Maha Periyava will be eagerly awaited by devotees. May the Matham started by Maha Periyava flourish well and Kumbabishekam conducted very soon by Maha Periyava’s Grace. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

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