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Never knew that Lord Hanuman was married. Rare picture – at least for me! Jai Hanuman!

The boons granted by the gods made Hanuman invincible. The monkey child became uncontrollable. He became very mischievous. His pranks irritated many. He did not spare the sages even. He would pounce on them and tear their dress. He would throw fruit and leaves, perched atop trees. They bore with him patiently being aware of his future. One day a sage was very much disturbed by Hanumantha. The sage went into a rage and cursed Hanumantha: “ May you forget your strength with which you have caused us so much of pain”. The curse changed the life of Hanuman altogether. He became very calm and inert. The change pained the sages. They altered the curse on him. They blessed him thus: “If any one reminds you of your strength, you would recognize your strength and abilities and succeed”.

This boon chastened Hanumantha. He became a well-behaved child and an epitome of virtuousness.

Hanuman was growing older. His mother told him: “Son! It is time to get educated. There is no better teacher than Surya, the Sun god, who dispels all darkness. Go to him and gain knowledge.”

Even though he was omnipotent, Hanuman obeyed his mother. He reached the Surya Mandala and humbly prayed the Sun god: “O! Surya Deva, I want to learn Vedas, Vedangas, and Upangas from you. Please teach me.” Surya replied: “O! Boy of Anjana, I am always on the move, as ordained by Almighty, how can I teach you? ”

Hanuman was angered. He blocked the path of Surya. Surya pacified Hanuman. He said: “I have no objection to teach you. But you have to find a way to learn”.

Hanuman stood facing the sun and started walking backwards. Surya was moving forward and was teaching Hanuman. Lord Siva is said to know all and Hanuman, who is Lord Siva’s incarnation, proved to be one who knows all as well. With in a week of his education, he astonished Surya. Surya praised Hanuman. Hanuman wanted to continue his education. Instead of walking backward, he put one foot on the rising hill and the other one on the setting hill to face the Sun god. Hanuman’s interest and devotion pleased the Sun god. Surya taught all that is to be taught to Hanuman.

Surya was married to Sanjana, a daughter of Viswakarma. Sanjana was devoted wife but was unable to bear the heat emanating from the Sun’s rays. She was suffering with anguish. Her mother noticed the daughter’s plight and sought to know as to what the problem was. Sanjana explained her problem to her mother. Her mother in turn told Viswakarma of Sanjana’s problem. Viswakarma told Surya that he would polish off some of the luminescence of Surya. Surya agreed. Viswakarma was able to polish off some luminescence of his son-in-law. The luminescence thus separated took the form of young woman. Her beauty and grace astonished even gods. Indra wanted to know as to who would marry that shinning brilliant young women. Brahma thought for a while and replied: “Hanuman who is essence of Lord Siva’s fiery power will marry the young woman. Since Hanuman tried to grab the ever glowing Sun god, he alone can bear this glowing young woman”.

Surya remembered Brahma’s utterance. By than Hanuman’s education was complete. He was ready to graduate. He bowed to Lord Surya and said: “O! My divine teacher! Thanks to you I am educated now. I would like to take your leave now. I would like to offer you an appropriate fee as Guru Dakshina. Kindly order me”.

Surya immediately replied: “O Hanuman, you are the incarnation of Lord Siva who bore the poisonous HAALAAHALA to save the universe when the ocean was churned. You are also son of Agni, the fire god. Viswakarma separated a part of my luminescence and the world is unable to bear it. You are the only one who can bear it. So I want to offer you my daughter Suvarchala formed from my ‘VARCHAS’ (luminescence), in marriage. Marry my daughter. Since husband is the one who is to bear, you also bear my ‘Suvarchas’ by marrying Suvarchala. Your marrying her shall be my Guru Dakshina”.

Hanuman listened to his teacher and replied politely: “O Lord! I have decided to follow Brahmacharya through out my life. How can I marry?” Surya replied: “O Hanuman, this Suvarchala is a divine one, Ayonija. She would be a devoted wife. I am giving you the boon that you would still be a Brahmachari even after marriage. You would continue to be a Prajapatya Brahmachari. Your marriage is only for the welfare of the Universe and it would not affect your chosen course of celibacy. You were a born Brahmachari with a Yajnopavita (Sacred thread). Brahmacharya will be your eternal pursuit. Since you are going to be a Brahma in future, Suvarchala will then occupy the place of Vani”.

Hanuman obeyed his preceptor’s advice. Surya presented Suvarchala to Hanuman. It is stated in PARASARA SAMHITA, that Surya offered his daughter Suvarchala in marriage on JYESTHA SUDDHA DASAMI. It was a Wednesday under the star UTTARA. Those who respect tradition, even to this day, observe “HANUMAT KALYANAM” (Hanuman’s Marriage) on JYESTHA SUDDHA DASAMI day.

— with Sai Sathisvaran Rajoo Vahyuputhran and Hima Sudha Gummadi.

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  1. I think Suvarchala is the daughter of Surya having been formed from his varchas. The word ‘sameta’ may be understood as ‘accompanied by’. Suvarchala as part of Surya’s varchas would have always accompanied him!

  2. With due respect. I would request to kindly discuss the matter with scholars thoroughly before publishing. My guide Shri Sargunaraman while doing Shri Syrya-namaskaram would recite ‘Shri Chhaaya-Suvarchalamba Samedsh Shri Suryanarayana Swamine namaha: I think Shri Chhaya and Shri Survarchala are the wives of Shri Surya. Some call as Chhaya and Usha also. But here you say Suvarchala is Sun God’s daughter………


  4. An Important message to all. Pray Hanuman always

    Every day we learn some thing. Mr Sreeshankaren writings give a different information.

    We must note here that Suvarchala has come out as a part of Surya, with Viswakarma blessings

    As his own part Surya took her as his Daughter.

    Giving Suvarchala a stage as high as Surya, probably that is why we may be saying Chaya Suvarchala sameda

  5. In SooryaNamakara after each “Panjathi” namaskaram is made by chanting ‘ChayaSuvarchala sameda’. This means Along with Chaya and Suvarchala..Now it is told Suvarchala is daughter.Pl clarify after studying Arunam(Yajurveda Soorya Namaskaram) .

  6. This is first time i hear this. . Is it taken from valmiki Ramayan is which is Original ,because Tulasi Ramayan, uttra Ramayan writers had added some more through their “karpana.Sakthi “which is not found in Valmiki Ramayan.

  7. A beautiful narration of Hanuman’s mariage, never heard before.

  8. suvarchala means light- enlightenment or knowledge.
    It is the opposite of chchaya or shadow- ignorance.
    Bhagavan marrying Suvarchala only means that He has become enlightened through the Guru as per the traditional way.
    My humble opinion, not meant to offend anyone.

    In Him,

  9. Never heard of this!

  10. Never heard about this and about the temple also. Its a Amazing !

  11. Great information. Jaya Hanuman!

  12. You are right seeing and reading this information for the first time!!!

  13. There is a temple for the married form at Thailapuram, near maraialainagar Chennai

  14. never heard such things. but the same applies to this story as vedas and sastras are simply to be obeyed and not questioned as these are from the breath of sages. prayers. n.ramaswami

  15. Strange. Hearing for the first time. Nice picture of Hanumaanji in kalyaana kolam.

  16. This is the first time I hear That Hanuman also married!

    Amazing ! Hanuman married Surya’s daughter Suvarchala as requested by SuryaDev,yet continued to remain Brahmachari!

    Must read,pl circulate amongs all,Especially children!


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