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I was always under the assumption that my email id is visible to others until I talked to someone yesterday who mentioned that it used to be visible and now now it isn’t. I really don’t know what happened – I didnt change any settings from my side.

My email id is I have also added this id under “About“. Please feel free to email me if needed. Please note that I may not respond to each of your emails immediately but will eventually get to that – I am getting lots of emails per day – making things difficult!



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  1. I just E-mailed the Details of Getting Beal or Bilve leaves for periyava in USA
    Dear Sir ,

    Hara Hara sankara Jaya Jaya sankara …!

    I really excited to share you some information about getting bael or bilva (leaves) for periyava in USA . I use to get the bael leaves from Shantivanfarm they are located in Florida, USA.I use to order bael leaves for every Anusham for periyava ,they use to send me through FedEx or USPS and they also have other puja items.

    Here the contact details of shantivanfarm

    Name : kanwal singh

    phone : 561-714-8953

    office: 561-784-9250

    Address : 466 Lyons Road , West palm beach , FL 33411.


    I hope this will help for all the periyava devotes, I really thanks to periyava for giving this opportunity and please let me know if you need more information, Here my contact details.

    Name : shashi

    Phone : 515-822-6958.


  2. Mr. Mahesh

    Can u share the mail id of Mr.P.Suresh [and also others if they have posting / publishing rights]

    Regards, Subbu

  3. Hi Mahesh – Few days ago, I sent you a picture of Sri Maha Periyava as an attachment vial email and asked you to publish in the blog if it has not been done already. Can you let me know, amid your hectic schedule, whether you received my mail? Thank you – Hari

    • I will take a look at this – just got back from my trip. Thanks for sharing…Please note that if those pictures are not new, i may not post them – please do not feel bad.

      • Mahesh – If you are not aware yet then you may post. A book titled “Pearls from Ocean of Wisdom – Selected Quotes from Discourses and Lectures of Periyava” has been published in English. If you are interested to buy the book contact Mr. Viswanatha Sharma at (+91)-94441-09431 or at (+91)-99625-62067 or at

      • I am not sure. Can you let me know the details wherein I can find whether the picture has already been published. Thank U.

  4. Hi Mahesh,

    Perhaps it could be so, because some time back I wanted to pass on an important information to our devotees group. Since I could not post the same in this website (as it threw error as ‘ Comments awaiting moderation ‘ twice), subsequently I had requested you to provide me with your email address via another post. As I did not get your feedback, I could not communicate the information to our members. It was on Anugraha Varsha 2013 a diary released by Shree Mutt containing wonderful photographs of our Maha Periyavaa along with other attributes of a diary.

    Maha Periyavaa Thiruvadi Saranam

  5. Thank you very much Mr.Mahesh. I promise you , i will never misuse your E.mail box and fill it up with rubbish items. I will use it only if it is necessary.

  6. Hare Krishna. I am reading the postings with interest as they are related to Mahaperiava and they are always inspiring. I pray to the Mahaperiava to show His grace on all. Hare Krishna.

  7. Sir,

    Some two weeks back I had forwarded you to your mail the Biography of Sri Sri Sachidananda Shiv Abhinava Narasimha Bharthi Maha Swamigal, the illustrious Guru of Sri Sri Chandrashekara Bharathi Mahaswamigal (in PDF format). Just want to confirm whether you received it. It’s a very informative book and hope you enjoy reading it.

    • Hi sir ,
      I really looking for Biography of Sri Sri Sachidananda Shiv Abhinava Narasimha Bharthi Maha Swamigal,please can you send me that details if possible .
      Please please please I humbly requesting for such a great mahan book.
      Here my contact details :
      Name : Shashi kiran

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