asya śrī rudrādhyāya praśna mahāmantrasya




Whenever I see this photo, the phrase “asya śrī rudrādhyāya praśna mahāmantrasya” comes to my mind…..

Om Namo Bagavathe Rudraya!


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  1. Namaste,

    Is there any way to contact Brahmachari Umesh pa?


    Manas Bharadwaaj

  2. Sri Chandra Sekhara Gurubyo Namaha( Kanchi Maha Periyval and Sringeri Maha sannidanam)

    MaatruDevo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, Achrya Devo Bhava

    we all know our Guru Parampara( in orikkai village of Mani Mantapam, one can see the Guru paramapara)

    One can easily recognize this in Maha vishnu from there Brahma ….. and finally Maha Periyval pic as last. This tells Guru parampara with below sloka.

    padmbhuvam, ( Brahma came from Navel of Maha Vishnu)
    tatpurushaa putrancha parasharancha,
    gaudapadam mahantam,
    Govinda yogendra thadasya shisyam

    TIl Gaudapada , we dont address as ” Bhagawath Paada” any Achrays , only with Govinda all address as ” BhagavathPaada”.

    Sri Adisankara went in search of his Guru Govinda Bhagawath Paada to Narmada side, similarly Govinda Bhagawath paada is in search of for his disciple Sri Adisankara .

    Sarvam Shivarpanam mastu

    Thought of the day:: To study Vedanta or eligible to study these following are essential; To attain moksham( liberation)
    -vivekam( Intellectual )
    -vairagyam( thought elimination process)
    -dham and shamam( controlling of antar indriyas and bahir indriyas)
    -Mumukshtwam( Moksham)

    Jagadesan Iyer
    10:53 PM AEST

  3. Sri Chandrasekhara Gurubyo Namaha ( Kanchi and Sringeri Maha Sannidanam)

    Thanks for your message. I dont know to read Tamil even my parents are from born to such a divine soil. when I visited Sringeri I purchased for my mother all Tamil version books for her and for me I brought English only. When I want to tell my mother about Acharyas, I inform my mother that Kanndi kaar swamigal etc;

    Even some times here they publish in Tamil, I go to google and there language translating tool from Tamil to English Read from there and I try to understand . Very difficult but one must bear for the sake of perival to know and I ensure that I dont miss any mail or articles.

    Mahesh, there is one letter is pending so long for approval from your end. I wrote on 19th on Sri Abina Vidya Teertha swamigal yet not published and says waiting for recommendation etc.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

    Quote of the day: For every thing to create raw material is required. To create this prapancha ( world) what is the main raw material did anyone know.
    ans: Eswara Himself is the main raw material for this. Eswara himself created this bu Eswara is chaitanya but the world is ASUDHI and not in chaitanay why?? please think and search.

    From Chaitanya how can we have non chaitanya material.
    similarly from non chaitanya will there be a chaitanya……

  4. Great information given by Sri.Jagadesan Iyer. In fact, the book’s Tamil version has also come from the same publishers, “Yogamum Gnanamum Jeevanmukthiyum” The experiences of Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha Maha SwamigaL, Sringeri Jagadguru, are beautifully described by Sri. Umesh., who himself is a Brahmachari and great scholar.Sri. Ra. Ganapati has described our Maha Periyava, Sringeri Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi Maha Swamigal, a Jeevanmukhtha Himself and Bhagavan RamaNa Maharshi as the Advaitha Triumvirate of the 20th century. Even a simple chanting of their Names and a mental Namaskaaram to these Mahaans Feet will bring great merit and success. In fact, Sri. Abhinava Vidya Theertha Maha SwamigaL gave a set of lectures on His Gurunaathar Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi Maha SwamigaL at Bangalore, which used to be called as SmaraNa Sapthaha! This has been translated and brought out by Sri. Vidyatheertha Foundation as “Enathu Gurunaathar” , Sri. K. Narayanaswamy, one of the Founders of Sri Vidya Theertha Foundation has published a Three Volume treasure books “Sri Guru Krupa Vilaasam” on the experiences of devotees about Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathi Maha SwamigaL.

    Sri. Narayanaswamy’s address:
    Sri.K.Narayanaswami,”Srikanta Vilas”,5, Brindavan Street, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004 India .Phone: 044-2498 5946

    Sri. Narayanaswamy is a great, humble and pious person lives in Sringeri for part of the year in study and tries to preserve some of the older works published in the now defunct journal “Sri Sankara Krupa”, takes written copies physically and tries to publish some of these great religious works for posterity. Such great work needs to be encouraged by at least buying copies of the books and read sincerely and with devotion.

    Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  5. published by Sri Vidya Teertha foundation ,chennai
    -Sri Vidya Teertha foundation
    G-B Sai Karuna Apartments
    49, Five Furlong Road
    Guindy, chennai- 600 032 Ph:044- 2255 2334

    I was having initial feeling this swamigal is angry etc. but Maha Periyaval changed me lot that look. Similarly “Letters to Ramana Ashram” by Suri nagamma ( epdf) one of the best book to know Sri Ramana( very simple to know).

    Really Ramana maharshi, Kanchi peetam and Sringeri peetam books enough for us to elevate our bhakthy and atma gynam.

    If a person wanted to know about Kundalini, deep meditation, Brhama Gyanam, how to reciprocate our guru bhakthy etc Yoga enlightenment and perfection is enough. ( this book very useful for Sri vidya upsana and who initiated in to Japam )

    All are ultimate treasure none can give any expression one must feel it.

    Swmigal shows the interview ( he is grate devotee Umesh brhamachari) into deep meditation what he is seeing seen by the H.H. Such a blessed soul that book author like our mettur swamigal.


  6. Sri ChandraSekhara Guru byonamaha( Sringeri Maha Periyaval and Kanchi MahaPeriyaval)

    Kanchi Sankara Kamakshi Sankara- Sringeri sankara sharada Sankara
    Hara Hara Sankara Sringeri Sankara, Jaya Jaya sankara Kamakoti Sankara

    Dear Suresh Sir,

    Sastanga Namaskarams. To understand any book the base is Maha Periyaval books and upanyasam. Reading Sringeri swamigal books consolidates and enhances our bhakthy on Maha periyaval to infinity and we feel the gurutwam( unbiased guru bhakthy among peetam’s) and ekatwam( feeling all are one).

    The “Yoga, Enlightenment and Perfection” is experiences of Sri Sri Sri. Abinava Vidya Teertha Maha swamigal
    Born: 13-Nov-1917( eldest son to Parents Name:Kaipu Rama Satstry and VenkataLakshmi mother tongue: Telugu born in Bangalore)
    Purvasrama Name: Sri Srinivasa Sastry

    Sringeri Peetam Ascending as sanyasi: 22 MAY 1931( 13 years )

    Discarded the body : 21-Sept-1989

    The book cost is only Rs.70/ and even they reduced to Rs 30/-. The value is immeasurable. Unfortunately all young generation or old generation addicted to TV, reading English Novels, Kumudam, kalki,mangai malar etc .If we think as a book ,we dont get anything. For me it is taking many years to read a word and a para etc. still i am reading. Every day new for me with that book. When God delivers the voice how can we say I completed the book. I get only tears and uncontrollable.

    In one of the page Swamigal informs to author not to publish one information still he is in alive in that body. After HH departs one can publish and that is very interesting to know the secret.

    Read with devotion the book and imbibe the nectar of honey and one can feel how we elevate.

    jagadesan Iyer
    7:41 AM AEST(19/Feb.2013)

  7. Names he Jagadesan Sir — Shall try for this book “Yoga Enlightment” — there is so much in your comment how would be in the book.

  8. sri sri mahaperiava thiruvadi saranam. hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

  9. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara

    Balasubramanian NR

  10. Sorry not intimated , is initiated

  11. Sri Chandrasekhara Gurubyo Namaha( Sringeri and kanchi)
    Anganyasa Karnya is common for all Japam.The person who intimated for Japam like Ganapathy, Bhuvaneshwari,Bala, Panchakshari all will follow the hierarchy.

    – Anganyasam
    – Karanyasam Here one makes taps his finger and makes bandana towards clock wise direction
    – Dhyana Slokam
    —- Moola Mantra( 108 Rosary beeds)
    — Pancha puja( lum: Pridi atmane Gandham Samparpayami) ( For Mother it changes Lum Prdiatmaney Gandham Samarpayami)

    – Anganyasam
    – Karanyasam Here one makes taps his finger and makes bandana towards anticlock wise direction
    – Dhyana Slokam
    —- Moola Mantra( 108 Rosary beeds)
    — Pancha puja( lum: Pridi atmane Gandham Samparpayami) ( For Mother it changes Lum Prdiatmaney Gandham Samarpayami)

    As per Brahmasri Gopala Ganapadigal shares his experience expresses ( in the same blog)
    – doing 1000 pujas a sloke is better to chant,
    – chanting 1000 slokas better doing a Japam with rosary beeds( Tulasi malai 108)
    – Than Japam better to perform to “Dhyanam”
    – Than Dhynam better to be in “LAYA: merge in Atman

    If anyone is interested Please read the book of Yoga Enlightenment and Perfection by .H.H Sri Abinava Vidya Teertha swamigal, one can consolidate with Mahans approach.

    chapter Name: Hatha Yoga
    Pno:61( Changing the breath ration 1:4:2 to 1:2:2 suggested by H.H Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathy swamigal on Breath purakam,kumbhkam, Rechkam,

    Chaptner name: Initiating deep meditation
    Pno: 109
    how to meditate on eyebrows ( Suggested by Sri Charndrasekhara Bharathy Swamigal to H.H Sri Abinava Vidya Teertha swamigal

    For everything there is concept, content and completeness to achieve the goal provided a person
    who does gayathri and nitya anustanam
    one must respect to parents
    Maatru devo bhava and pitru devo bhava
    Swadharama is great than paradharmam

    Rushing to my evening anustanam and other things
    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara sankara

    jagadesan iyer
    8:21 PM AEST

    • Hara hara shankaraachaary jaya jaya shankara. Namaskaram to all. I need guidance in doing nitya Shiva puja at home. Can Maha periyava devotees guide me bt providing step by step process and mantras? Pls help.


  12. Mahadeva Avatara

  13. No word to comment Ellam avan seyal

  14. Hara Hara Sankara,
    Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  15. Great photo of Maha Periyava, new to me. Aghora Rishihi, Anushtup Chandhaha, Rudroo Deevathaa are to be chanted subsequently. Siva Svaroopam Maha Periyava! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  16. Ellam antha SRI SRI MAHA PERIYAVAL ANUGRAHAM …..we are blessed to hear and see HIM through many many ardent devotees.


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