Why do we?

Glad to be back after a long break…..Thanks to Hubli Sri Ramaswamy mama for sharing this document. My sons went to Chinmaya mission and I have this book too – small book – good sets of topics on several “why do we…..???”


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  1. REspected Sir,

    recently i received a sage of kanchi mail in which there was a video of a young boy who followeD mahaperiyava and someone in the group advises him to go back but he was within minutes called by periyava to join him. s0 goes the video. I read it partly . now i find it is missing. may be it was accidentally deleted PLEASE FORWARD THIS VIDEO AGAIN . it CAME AFTER BALA PATTI VIDEO . PL OBLIGE THANKING YOU


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  2. Sir
    how to down load from SCRBID “Letters to Ramanashram” by Suri Nagamma. I am trying to login but it is asking for $ monthly fees.

    How the CMH document here can be downloaded here

    Appreciate your help.


  3. i do have some more of these and i am wondering how to bother mahesh. in fact even the diary of mettur swamigal i could have done iot but i did not know how to upload these things even though i am an octogenarian and feels that it can be done. n.ramaswami

    • Really “Why do we…” is a beautiful, small book by Swami Chinmayananda, which will enlighten the old particularly and definitely, the young! Thanks for sharing. Sri. Ramaswami is requested to share other similar books and the Diary of Mettur SwamigaL, which should contain His nectarine experiences with Maha Periyava. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  4. Many brahmin ladies and gents used to say ,we are not observing any kinds of ” Madi” as if in the olden days with pride.Those Ladies are not even preparing Krishna jayanthi Bakshnam,Vinayaka Chathurthi KOzukattai prasadam, for any thing they used to call a ladies conference and inform a caterorer there need and order the materials what are all they need.By the grace of God and Blessings of all our elders in our house my wife used to prepare things.One day one of our mami visited our house and told,” I am not preparing any thing,i will call vaithy and order the materials needed for the function,he will bring every thing before time ,and i will drop a few drops of cows ghee on it and bring before diety and do pooja” Ethu than Engathille Nadakarathu. then only i came to know some body is preparing some thing for our pooja. My kind request to all Brahmin ladies,kindly never forget our tradition,once we lost,then we have to bring Pizza,Kurkure,Burger etc etc for our Gods Naivedyam..Evalavu Progress Namaku Venuma? Konjam ,Nenjam Avathu Namodu Kalacharam Namaku Erukattume illa vittal Anacharam mellam Acharam Akum Naal Bahu Dura MIllai.

  5. highly informative and excellent for not only children but also for eldres too

  6. Very concise and nicely written in an easy to understand language for Children.

  7. It is true,
    My two children had the blessings of Swami Chinmayanda & initiated at Siddabari.
    My son acted in the Light & Sound act of Ramayana as RAMA in the August presence of Swami CHINMAYANADA 7 recd. the blessings directly.

  8. I too have this book from Chinmaya Mission. – Published by Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, and the subjects covered are light a lamp, have a prayer room, do namaste, prostarate before parents and elders, wear marks on the forehead etc. etc. about 20 and more WHY DO WE.
    Good concise one.

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