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  1. Though I had opportunities to witness HH Periyava at the Adhistanam during our trips on various
    occasions including those days of Chathur Masyam whenever the Bhikshavandanam is organised,
    the above one is really a blessing to all of us.

    Balasubramanian NR

  2. Very nice. Short comprehensive clipping. Gives the satisfaction of visiting the mutt and having the darshan of Adistaanam. Thank you very much Mahesh for posting this clip.

    Venkat, Toronto

  3. koti thanks and pranams for sharing this. i am blessed

  4. Thank you mahesh for sharing some unique things to all of us.

  5. blessed for the day. million thanks

  6. Great Dharshan thanks to Mahesh, who shared the video with us all. Maha Periyava and Periyava both giving Dharshan, One and the Same! When Periyava did PradhikshiNam slowly, tears welled in my eyes! These experiences truly elevate us and remove our bad tendencies. Much blessed. Much obliged, Mahesh. Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara! May Periyavas Bless us all!

  7. thank you mahesh. it is really fortunate to have you who can bring a darshan of periava before me. i immediately called my son,d.i.l etc. and all stood in reverence seeing the scene and bringing it before our eyes. thanks and god bless you mahesh. n.ramaswami

  8. I celebrated yesterday’s Anusham with Sri Rudram Chamakam krama paatam. Nice feeling! Thanks for this post Sri Mahesh. I am awaiting your response to my suggestion of starting all over again collection of funds towards Veda rakshanam.

  9. thanks a lot. a feast for the eyes and mind.

  10. Really blessed I am to view this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Today’s Anusham is extra blessed for overseas devotees with the e-darisanam of Periyava. Dhanyasee, and nadamadum Kamakshi bless us all.

  12. For me there is no life without Paramacharyar. He is all for me and guiding me always.

    Dr V R Sampath

  13. Too much of camera shake could have been avoided, nice clip , jayaya jaya Shankara .hara hara Shankara .

  14. Absolutely divine. Took me to Kanchi. Brought tears of joy. Thanks a million-Bless you.


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