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On the last trip to Kanchipuram, I went on an ordinary day and the mutt was fairly free from crowd – lot quieter…Got darshan of both the periyavas. When I went to HH Pudhu Periyava’s place, it was a perfect setting where Periyava is sitting and taking class for some students like Lord Dakshinamoorthy. Very quiet environment, Periyava talking in a very soft voice to the students. Class went for a good 45 mts… I waited outside till the class was over before I met Him….Here is the photo…..

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  1. Our Pranams are always to the Acharyas of Kanchi Kama Koti Peetam and ShrigaGiri Sharadha Peetam., They both are from the Plant bearing Fragerance flowers from the garden of Adi Sankara Bhagavath Padal. OUR HUMBLE NAMASKARAMS TO BOTH OF THEM.

  2. It is an excellent opportunity for you to meet the Periyava on a day when he is totally free expect
    for a short engagement. It would have given you an opportunity and a chance to hear HIM explaining the

    Balasubramanian NR

  3. Sri Chandrasekhara Gurubyo Namaha( kanchi and sringeri Maha sannidanam)

    Thanks Bala sir and sastanga namaskarams.I got initiated to Bhuvaneshwari Mantra long back by my mother and you have presented the information on Friday, really I felt divine mother came through to you to have information for me.

    very few people in this blog,they express like you.Did you go thorough that link sir, which i mentioned about sri. Tadepally Narayana Sastry( from Tenali of Gunturu district), he also suffered poverty and he dont have adequate money and food to perform Navarathri. Bala herself came and helped him. Such Gnani and even now Tenali of AP ,people who hear his name( chandolu sastry garu) they fall on the road and prostrate such a mahan.His entire body was occupied by Bala ambal.

    you can see that link and see how bala is going out from his body after his mortal coil kept fire.

    Jaya jaya sankara Hara Hara Sankara

    Sastanga namaskarams to lotus of kanchi and sringeri achryas.

    8:59 PM AEST

  4. dear Jagadeesan sir

    Please read this pragraph. Hope you will understand the meaning of Bhuvaneswari. Brahmasri Kamakoti sastrigal passed away hopefully around three years back.

    After several years, Sri Shantananda of Pudukkottai (Sri Bhuvaneshwari Adhishthanam) became the disciple of Swami Swayamprakashananda. According to his Guru’s instructions, he came to Kanchipuram to perform Srividya Purashcharana. His Guru reminded him of Amba’s instruction and told him to accept bhiksha only at the residence of Sri Kamakoti Shastrigal (Sri Vedamurti Shastrigal had attained Siddhi by then). Sri Shantananda came to Kanchi and began to spend his entire day in the Sannidhi of Sri Kamakshi, immersed in Japa. Sri Kamakoti Shastrigal noticed the rare brilliance in the naked avadhuta and requested him to accept Bhiksha. Swamiji, who had not eaten anything for a week by then, enquired who he was. On hearing his name, Kamakoti, he immediately agreed to accept Bhiksha at his residence. He would eat one ball of rice from the hands of Sri Kamakoti Shastrigal and wipe his hands on his long matted locks. After a month, one morning Shastrigal heard the sound of numerous bells from the Sannidhi of Amba. When he rushed to the temple, he found Swamiji in a state of Samadhi and Amba’s earring was in his hands. Sri Kamakshi had blessed Swami Shantananda and had graced him with Mantra Siddhi. Swamiji, according to instructions from Sri Kamakshi, established a beautiful temple dedicated to Sri Bhuvaneshwari in Pudukkottai.

  5. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

    Bala sir,

    Still the Kamakoti Sastrigal is alive. At one place I could not understand that,you said “I was guided to visit Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati in Sringeri by Sri Bhuvaneshwari.

    He will shed his mortal frame in the next few months. Have his Darshan before that’.”—–> Sri Bhuvaneshri means Ambal or any specific person.

    “There is nothing dearer to me than Arya Shataka.” — this is very true, before Maha Swamigal being initiated to Sanyasam ,he was always reciting only Mooka Panchasathi.

    I requested this blog people to keep a photo of jagath guru and paramacharyal of Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathy swamigal darsan to all.

    that is way we will be respecting two chadrasekhara Paramacharyal of Ambal. I don’t know when my dream will come true.

    can you send me those pics of given by H.H to Kamakoti sastrigal.

    10:49 AM AEST

  6. Sri Bala sir,

    Please Dont say Namaskaram to me and I dont deserve for that also.

    All our Namaskarams to go only Lotus feet of our Jagath Guru’s of Sringeri and Kanchi.

    Chandrasekhara chandrasekhara Pahimam, chandrfa sekhara chadra sekhara Raksha mam

    In continuation to that I would to submit here. when Sri Ramana Maharshi asram got prasadam from Madurai Meenaskshi amman.
    Sri Ramana aslo felts same, tears and says mother sent to me.

    Bhagavan has been spending the days out in the Jubilee Hall.Sambasiva Iyer came into Bhagavan’s presence with the shawl,
    , etc., on a large plate. The
    who hadaccompanied him recited a mantra while all of us prostratedbefore Bhagavan, then rose. Looking at me, Bhagavan said,“Our bull has been sent to the Meenakshi Temple, did youknow?” “Yes, I knew,” I said. “On the day it was going, I saw it decorated with
    turmeric kumkum,etc. and came to know of the purpose when I asked the cattle-keeper.”Holding the plate reverentially and smearing the
    vibhuti and kumkum on his forehead, Bhagavan said, “See, this isMeenakshi’s gift.” And his voice quivered as he said it.Sambasiva Iyer spread the shawl over Bhagavan’s feet, andwhen Bhagavan, deeply moved, removed it with evident feeling of reverence,
    And his voice quivered as he said it.Sambasiva Iyer spread the shawl over Bhagavan’s feet, andwhen Bhagavan, deeply moved, removed it with evident feeling of reverence, the attendants took it and spread it over the back of the sofa. Adjusting the shawl properly withhis hands, Bhagavan, looking towards us, said, It is Mother’s gift.” And, chokedwith emotion, he was unable to say more and became silent.His eyes were full of tears of joy and his body becamemotionless. Seeing this, it seemed to me that Nature herself had become silent. When, as a boy, Bhagavan was in Tiruchuliand someone had been angry with him, he had gone to thetemple and wept, sitting behind the image of Sahayamba.He alone knows how the Mother consoled him and what hopes she gave him.

    Courtecy: Letters from Sri Ramanasramam By SURI NAGAMMMA

    chapter name:(143) MOTHER’S GIFT

    9:43 PM AEST

  7. Dear jagadesan

    namskaram. After I seen these your replies just i given below one incident for Brahmasri.Kamakoti Sastrigal of Kanchipuram.

    Whenever Swamiji visited Kanchi, he blessed Sri Kamakoti Shastrigal and his family by accepting bhiksha from them. During one such visit, he narrated an incident, ‘Kamakoti, I was trying to see through my Yogic powers if there really is a self-realized master in physical form currently. I was guided to visit Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati in Sringeri by Sri Bhuvaneshwari. To personally test his realization, I went to Sringeri and sat outside the temple of Sri Sharada. I lay there for three days and no one took notice. On the third day, when I began to leave, an attendant of Mahasannidhanam came running and informed me that Jagadguru wanted to see me. Surprised, I followed him and reached a dark room. It was an empty room and in the middle of the room was seated a frail Yati, whose brilliance seemed superior to that of the Sun. He stared at me and his sight induced shaktipata in me. In seconds, I was in the state of Samadhi. He is the foremost of Jnanis in physical form currently. He is the true Jivanmukta. He will shed his mortal frame in the next few months. Have his Darshan before that’.

    Sri Kamakoti Shastrigal at once decided to visit Sringeri. The income that he received from the temple was next to nothing. In fact, the temple was in such a bad state that Shastrigal had a big problem offering even Naivedyam to Amba. He would offer whatever he had in his house and because of this, his family spent days without food. As Smt Saroja Mami recollects, ‘once we were in a very bad financial state and someone gave Mama some dakshina. He immediately bought some grains, made prasadam, offered it to Amba and distributed it to devotees. Family, children, and society – everything was secondary to Kamakshi. Kamakshi was his mother, Guru, friend and child. He took care of her and she always took care of him’. With great difficulty, he managed to reach Sringeri. But Mahasannidhanam was in the state of Samadhi then and there was no saying when he would return to bahirmukha avasthA. Sri Shastrigal requested H H Sri Abhinava Vidya Tirtha Swamigal, the junior Acharya then, to grant him Darshan of Mahasannidhanam. The next day, when Acharya went to pay his customary respects to his Guru, Mahasannidhanam at once opened his eyes and said, ‘Kamakshi’s child had come to see me. Bring him’. Acharya at once summoned Kamakoti Shastrigal to the holy presence of Sri Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati Mahaswamigal. Shastrigal performed dirgha danda pranama to the two Acharyas and offered a picture of Sri Kamakshi and tirtha prasada to Mahasannidhanam. The great Jivanmukta, like a child hugging a long lost mother, grabbed the photo, held it close to his heart and tears of joy began to flow from his eyes. After a while he said, ‘You have brought me great joy. The only lack I have had in this life is of not seeing Sri Kamakshi with this charma chakshu. There is nothing dearer to me than Arya Shataka. Amba has blessed me finally with this photograph and fulfilled my wish. You have given me a photo of my Devata and I will give you your upAsya. shArada is none but Bala’. Saying so, Mahasannidhanam blessed Sri Shastrigal with his lotus hands and gave him a rare photograph of Sri Sharada Parameshwari with a serpent on her crown. This photograph adorns the puja mandira of Sri Shastrigal to this day.

    pAtena lochanarucheH tava kAmakoTi
    potena pAtakapayodhibhayAturANAm |
    pUtena tena nava kAnchana kuNDalAmshu
    vItena shItalaya bhUdharakanyake mAm ||

  8. Sorry Sri Chandrasekhara Bharathy Swamigal purvashraname is: Narasimha Sastry
    sorry for that wrongly mentiond.


  9. Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara
    Sri Chandrasekhara Gurubyo Namaha( Kanchi and Sringeri Maha Sannidanam),


    The book Name is NADICHE DEVUDU( WALKING GOD) not demudu.This book was written by NeelamRaju Venkatasehaia editor of Telugu News paper( Ramanathi Goyeka’s Andhra Prabha). He is one of the freedom fighter. He repeatedly asked Maha periyaval about Nelichery( where Maha periyaval and Gandhi 1917 at Palghat). Finally one day he got call from Mutt to rush to Kanchi swamigal will go mounam. he rushes back from Hyderabad to Chennai.

    Maha Periyval reveled to him in that book. Prior to that, he secretly told to sri .Veda Murthy in one of the interview in this same blog

    The essence of Nadiche Devudu book:
    1) Maha periyval with Vinobave
    2) PV Narasimharao sanscrit knowledge
    3) Great pundits in Telugu such as Chandolu Sastry garu( Bala upsana)
    4) Sri Lalitha Mahonar (devotee of Hyderabad experiences)
    5) Kakathiya Cement MD( Sri Pallem Veknateshwarlu experience)
    6) Spathi sri Late Ganapthy’ s experience
    7) Kallur Subramanya Deeksitulu Telugu poems and his story
    Last Interview with Gandhi
    Interviews with Ilustrated weeklly Raman .

    I requested this blog people to interview staunch devotees in Hyderabad ( Kowtha Lalitha Manohar etc) no response here.

    Maha periyaval said in one of the interviews by blog people, Brahmins are living as Brahmins only in AP.
    Maha Rastra they changed to Kshritya( Brahmin community)

    Tamil nadu ( no need to say)

    If you observe in Sringeri peetam, only Telugu origin only come as Achryas.

    — sri Chadrasekhara Bharthy swamigal — Puvashrama Name ( Rama Sastry) –Mother Tongue -Telugu
    — Sri Abinava Vidya Teertha swamigal — Srinivasa Sasty–Mother Tongue -Telugu
    — Sri Bharathy Teertha Swaminga– Seetharama Anjaneya Sastry –Mother Tongue -Telugu

    Chandrasekhara Pahimam Chandrasekhara Rakshamam

    jagadesan iyer
    2:25 PM AEST

  10. I just came across Veenai E.Gayatri’s blogspot (http://egayathri.blogspot.com/2009/11/love.html), where she refers a book “Nadichey Demudu” which is a compilation of experiences of devotees with Mahaperiyava. This book is in Telegu and if anyone knowing Telugu could access the book and translate it in Tamil / English, it will be wonderful. I am just copy pasting from the blogspot.

    Friday 13 November 2009LOVE!
    I have a book in telugu titled, “Nadichey Demudu” authored by Sri. Neelamraju Seshaiah. This book is a compilation of the experiences of many devotees (from Andhra Pradesh ) of Kanchi Maha Periyavaa, concerning His Holiness. Every essay is a moving account of feelings, devotion and experiences of the bhakthaas of Maha Periyavaa, I had read this book atleast twice.

    The most touching version came from a devotee called Sri Kalloori Venkata Subrahmanya Dikshithulu. His experience strengthened my belief about ‘bhakthi’. People usually misinterpret ‘bhakthi’ as overwhelming respect/fear, to the extent of distancing oneself from the deity instead of approaching and attaining the deity. I had always felt that ‘bhakthi’ meant overwhelming love aimed towards spiritual proximity packaged with intensity of passion and longing, same as the lovelorn sentiments expressed by Sri Thyagarja (‘Nannu vidachi kadalakura’-Rithigowla, towards Lord Rama, …’Ika thalanu nenu’, Devibrova, Chinthamani by Sri Syama Sasthri towards Goddess Kamakshi, and innumerable other compositions of theirs in other ragas and compositons of various other saint composers, Azhwars and Nayanmars.)

    I had read the article of Sri Kalloori Venkata Subrahmanya Deekshithulu many number of times as I found the dialogue in sanskrit between Maha Periyavaa and Sri Deekshithulu spiritually stimulating and emotionally fulfilling. The conversation between Maha Periyavaa and Sri. Deekshithulu in sanskrit left a deep impact in my heart. Here is a translation of the same from telugu to english in first person as narrated by Sri Kalloori Subrahmanya Deekshithulu:-
    Srivaru ( devotees from Andhra address Maha Periyavaa as “Srivaru”) was touring in Tamilnadu.I usually try to be in His divine presence( His ‘Sannidhi’ )during summer holidays. One evening, in a remote village in Tamilnadu, Srivaru commenced His discourse:-
    ” Birth and death are natural phenomena in human life. Manmatha is the cause of birth and Yama is the cause of death. If not for the misery caused by these two, there would be no birth or death. To avoid rebirth, we need to appeal to the One who had controlled Manmatha. To eradicate death, we need to propitiate to the One who had punished Yama. Both these jobs were done by only One Supreme being, who is none other than the Smarahara and Mrithyunjaya, Lord Shiva! Lord Srikantha (Maha Vishnu) is not easy to attain, whereas, Lord Shiva is very easy to please and attain. Let us all surrender to Lord Shiva,’Namah Parvathipathaye Harahara Mahadeva!”
    I joined the chorus of voices. Srivaru then went on to another episode.
    After the discourse Srivaru rested on the terrace of a small house in the village. The person who was appointed to attend on Srivaru was reclining on the steps. It was past midnight and I was unable to sleep. I sat downstairs on the ‘arugu’ ( a small cement slab in the frontyard of the house),pining for the Darshan of Srivaru. I mustered up some courage and decided to go upstairs. The man in attendance stopped me,”Periyavaa is taking rest, don’t go upstairs.” Feeling dejected, I went back downstairs to resume my earlier position. I tried to find solace in reading about the sentiments of the Gopikas towards Lord Krishna and the poetry of Sri Pothana. My mind refused to feel settled and I abruptly got up to go upstairs. I found the man in attendance half asleep. Without waiting for a second thought, I quickly jumped up the stairs towards the terrace.
    I found Srivaru resting on His side, using His hand as a pillow. Without disturbing Him, I tiptoed to a distant corner, watching Him.
    “Kaha?” (Who?) Srivaru asked me in sanskrit.
    “It is me, Kalloori.”
    Srivaru asked immediately, “Nidraa Naayaathaa Kim? Naidaaghasthopo Baadhatheyvaa?” (Are you unable to sleep because of the heat?)
    “Na Naidaaghasthaapaha (it is not because of the heat). From morning onwards I was trying to get atleast 5 minutes of time in your “sannidhi”, I was pining to be with You! I want atleast five minutes of “Ekaantha Seva” (private darshan) in the presence of Your Holiness, You have to give me that.” my voice was tremulous.
    “Thvayi Gopikaathva Mathi Dishya Mayi Krishnathvam Sambhaavya Kimapi Sambhaavitham Khalu-“(Are you attributing Gopika tattvam [nature of Gopikas] to yourself and Krishna tattvam [nature of Lord Krishna] to me and imagining further?)
    I wondered how He had guessed! I could not bring myself to reply.
    Srivaru continued, “Adya Asmaabhi sthamila Bhaashaayaam Prasangaha Kruthaha Thvam Bhaashaanabhignyaha Kim Jaanaasi Maduktham” (We were conversing in Tamil, were you able to understand?)
    I replied,”Srivaru ordained that I should understand, that is why I could understand.” I had been travelling extensively in Tamilnadu for the sake of Srivaru, yet I could never understand the native language. Most surprisingly, I could follow the discourse of Srivaru on that day, as per His ‘sankalpam'(His wish).Srivaru asked me to tell Him what I inferred from His discourse. I narrated the essence of His discourse in the form of a small sloka:-
    “Janimrithi Virathirbhavedithithvaam Rathipathi Shaashakameesha Kaalakaalam
    Himagiri Thanayaa Dvitheeya Meedey Parama Dayaarasa Meesha Madvitheeyam.”
    Translation:-“Manmatha is the cause of birth, Yama is cause of death. The Supreme Lord who had supressed both of them is Kamavairi Mruthyunjaya, Chandrasekhara, Lord Shiva. He presented half of His body to the daughter of Himalayas, He is merciful and compassionate. To defeat birth and death, we should surrender to Him!”
    Srivaru listened with a smile. His smile felt like moonlight.
    “You asked me for 5 minutes of my private time, how many minutes have passed?” Srivaru asked.
    “Maybe 15 minutes have passed…”I replied.
    I felt remorseful and guilty for disturbing His rest, I said,”I am unable to bear the sight of Srivaru resting on this hard floor.”
    He immediately replied,”Kim Nashrutham?”( have you not heard?)
    ‘Kshithithala Shayanam Tharuthalavaasaha
    Karathalabhikshaa, Kowpeenavanthaha Khalubhaagyavanthaha!”
    (The most prosperous are the ones who wear nothing other than a loin cloth. Sleeping on hard floors, living under trees, food in the palm of the hand – who can be more prosperous than this? A materialist can never be so prosperous!)
    He consoled me and sent me back.

  11. Many tks for sharing.

  12. No word to comment/ R.Subramanian/ Tirunagar, Madurai 625006

  13. i had a darshan of puduperiava a week ago at ayodhya mandapam where he did give a bhashan for a shortwhile wherein he explained that parents and oldies should be taken care of and not left in vriddasraramas for others to take care of like orphans when they have so many relations. n.r.

    • Absolute Truth and God’s Words. May the Lord Bless Pudu Periyava with all health, vigour and longevity. We, humble people can only pray and pray to Maha Periyava and seek His Blessings. Great picture! Thank you! Mahaan’s Dharshan in quiet times is indeed very satisfying! Jaya Jaya Shankara, Hara Hara Shankara!

  14. Very nice Mahesh…Thank You!!

    (Aala Marathadiyil oru mouna guruvai kandeen,

  16. As said, very peaceful to see these photos.

  17. Beautiful, serene, blissfull

  18. Hara Hara Sankara,
    Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  19. I watched him this morning how fragile our DhakshnaMurthy when he was doing Aarthy for MahaPeriyava. Only MahaPeriyava give Him a lot of strength

  20. Serene indeed. Our Dakshinamurthy He is.

  21. thank you!

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