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Our Pranams to His Holiness

One should visit in their life time at least once and have darshan; glimpse and glance of this world wonder Nallur SIVA LINGAM. Only one such unknown metallic Siva Lingam exists upon in this world.

Bharath Natya Sasthra icons made up of wood are installed upon the front main door is worth seeing. What a creative, imaginative and artistic vocation done by our elders?

NALLUR is situated in India, Tamil Nadu the Kumbakonam – Papanasam -Tanjore Bus/RAIL route and from Papanasam 6 km in the east towards Valamkaiman.

Nallur Siva Shethram was built by KOCHENGATA CHOLAN, one of the 63 Nayanmar, may be 2000 years back. Temple length is 316 ft and width is 228 ft.

Some of the greatness of Nallur “SIVA SHETHRAM” is given below for your swift information.

  1. Padal Petra Sthalam. The great SAVITE SAINTS like NAVUK-ARASAR, APPAR, SUNDRAR, MANIKA-VACHAGAR, ARUNA-GIRIYAR, SAYK-KIZHAR had written “PATHIGANGAL” “HOLY HYMS” praising the LORD SIVA of Nallur. In ‘PANNIRU THIRUMURAI’ almost in all Padal Petra Sthalam is Nallur lord SIVA.
  2. Nallur Siva Lingam is made up of a unique solid substance of an unknown metal to the science.  That is why the LORD is known as “SWAYAMBU LINGAM”. May be only one such metal lingam in the world, exits more than 2000 years.
  3. PANCHA VARNESWARAR. Nallur  SIVA idol exhibits a rare phenomenon of undergoing color changes five times a day once in six “NAZHI-GHAI” as
    1.  (1- Copper Tinge)
    2. (2- Light Red Tinge)
    3. (3- Molten Gold)
    4. (4- Navarathna Green)
    5. (5- Unknown Color)  A world wonder may be!
  4. LORD SIVA of this temple had given “PADHA DIKSHAI”, putting his legs over the head of pious devotee NAVUK-ARASAR.  To solemnize this event the devotees are even now worshipping the lord will have SADARI SEVAI.  This practice is usually followed at VAISHANAVITE TEMPLES. May be only one Siva temple this course of action and modus?
  5. Lord Siva replays his marriage with Goddess Uma Devi to Saint Agasthya at Nallur.
  6. Legend says that LORD NARASIMHA prayed at NALLUR SIVA to inherit the power to destroy the demon King HIRANYA KASIPU.  To signify this “NARASIMHA SWAMY” idol in SUDHAI FORM is adorning the western side built over the “GARBA-GRAHA GOPURAM” of LORD SIVA.
  7. A rarest Nataraja idol depicting “CHATURA THANDAVAM” with “THALAKKOL” on the right hand dates back to 10th century Cholas style molding belongs to this temple.
  8. Outside of the Western side RAJAGOPURAM the “GANANATHAR” in the form of Bali-Peetam is installed in the open air. Abishegam and Pooja will be performed at midnight of Sukla Paksha Duvadasi. It seems similar one is at VARANASI.
  9. Aspiring men and woman for marriage visit this temple and the garland adorned the LORD KALYANA SUNDARESWARAR will be worn by the concerned after the Pooja performed.
  10. In one Avudayar two Siva Lingams are installed. Out of two one is installed and worshiped by great saint AGASTHIYAR. For this no Gingili oil Abishegam.
  11. Ashta Bhuja Maha Kali is blessing one and all at Nallur.  Nallur Dakshina Kali Amman/Devi is facing north. This Kali is a well known Santha Rupini and Vara Prasadani.
  12. The main entrance wooden doors depict the karnas BHARATHA NATYAM. Only such wooden doors in a SIVA temple may be.

Nallur Sivan Kovil Dwaja-Sthambam at the entrance of the main temple was installed in 1884. It has with stood for more than 125 years. Due to the ageing the same needs replacement.

We appeal you to be of assistance and lend a hand in this “HOLY NIRMAN” task to replace the Dwaja-Sthambam. Share your connoisseur views to restore, renovate, refurbish, smarten up and fix the Bharath Natya Sasthra wooden Icons.

If you wish to join this holy project, please see the details below::

Contact person:

R.Ramadasar, 7. RR Flat, 13. Corporation School Road, Nungambakkam. Chennai, 600 034.

For contribution::

Nallur Sivan Kovil  Dwaja Sthambam a\c

A/c No: 608 282 7317, Indian Bank,

Nungambakkam. Chennai, 600 034,


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  1. kumbabishekam is done in 2013. Is the a/c still active or closed. The contact number of person (R Ramadasar) not available….

  2. Wish you good luck in visiting the temple soon. Our Maha Periyavaa will always listen to sincere prayers and fulfil them through some means to our surprise. This is my personal experience too.

  3. Thank you Mr.Swaminathan for the valuable information about kala alavugal.

    WIsh to visit the Nallur Shiva Temple in future India visit certainly.Pray the Paramporul Paramacharyal for realizing that wish.
    Meena Sridhar

  4. To answer the queries on the time concept as above, I was able to lay my hands on few websites to gather information and attempted to add my little understanding as well.

    Naazi is the deformed version of naazhikai, 24 minutes, otherwise an hour is equal to 2 and half Naazhikais. Effectively this means 60 Naazhikais is equal to 24 hours.

    One solar day is 30 naazikai of daytime plus another 30 naazikai of night time.

    1 mukUrththam = 3+ 3/4 Naazikai = 90 minutes

    2 mukUrththam = 1 Yaamam. (but normally used only to denote nights)

    Kaala Alavu

    1 Naazhikai = 24 Nimidam
    2 1/2 Naazhikai = 1 MaNi
    3 3/4 Naazhikai = 1 Muhoortham
    7 1/2 naazhikai = 2 mukoortham = 1 jaamam
    8 jaamam = 1 naaL (pakal + iravu)
    7 NaaL = 1 vaaram
    2 Patcham (paksham) = 1 maatham
    2 Maatham = 1 ruthu (paruvam)
    3 Ruthu (paruvam) = 1 ayanam
    2 Ayanam = 1 Varudam

  5. Does any have contact number of Mr. R.Ramadasar?

  6. Tks for sharing the information. Om Nama Sivaya



  8. Excellent information .thanks. Regards;


  9. An informative article. Thanks a lot. Let us join in this venture.

    Balasubramanian NR

  10. Thank you for the valuable information about Nallur Siva temple.

  11. Can any one explain how many jamams or yamams, one day has ? What is Ardha Jamam and Fourth Jamam ?

  12. 1 நாழிகை = 24 minutes , for those who are unfamiliar with that word.

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