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I was at Kanchipuram yesterday to get darshans of  Acharyas. HH Pudhu Periyava was sitting in a very low light area and didnt want to use flash on Him. Hope I will get another opportunity to get a photo. Also met Brahmasri Vedapuri mama – great soul – I am not exaggerating the following sentence – “I did not hear not one word other than Periyava from his mouth. He lives and breathes Periyava”. That is what we should learn from him.

In other photo, HH Balaperiyava was talking for a long time to three rig veda ganapadigals. He was advising them to go teach and spread the importance of veda in remote places and putting more focus away from Chennai kind of big cities….

When I was there – looking through the camera’s viewfinder, Periyava was “jollichufying”  (glitter isnt the right word here, I guess) in golden kreedam – so took more shots!

Will post more photos from today (Aradhana day) soon


_MG_1933 _MG_1934 _MG_1935 _MG_1942 IMG_1931

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  1. Below Bala Periyaval pic who are those 3 people. Please can someone share who are those devotees.


  2. feel blessed thankyou neerula poi pakamudiyalainu varruthame ellai eppadi thanks sollarathu theriyalai

  3. Dear Sri Mahesh
    Thank you for the photos of Maha Periyava and His Adhishtanam on Periyava’s Aradhana day. We are very glad to see the photos since we could not go over there.

  4. Mahesh, Tks a lot for sharing the photos. I feel as if i was there with you in the matam to see the function. We are really blessed through you by Sri Maha Periyaval. Awaiting to see more photos.

  5. But for Mr Mahesh I would not have had such a great opportunity to watch the great occasion.
    Maha Periyava will certainly bless you. It is a great

  6. Meena Sridhar from Detroit.
    I witnessed both the Abhishkam video and these beautiful photos together just now.
    Thanks Mahesh for taking us all mentally to all situations described by the blessed souls in their videos
    vallarga ungal narpani

  7. All Maha Periyava’s anugraham we had his Darshan today thru’ ur pics sitting @ Pune !!! Koti Namaskarams to Periyava…

  8. By the Grace Sri Sri Sri Kanchi Mahaswami we all got Sri Mahesh and the link connecting Kanchi Mahaswami. All of us are Blessed to see and view these rarest of rare details and photos and Videos. Let Kanchi Mahaswami bless Sri Mahesh and his team. T R Sivaraman

  9. We are all blessed because of you Mahesh. Thanks a lot for the ” Darshan “.

  10. Thank you so much for posting the photo of Periyava on his Aradhana day. I could not make a visit to kanchipuram on this auspecious day. So this photo i got chance to view is like a prasadam for this day. Thank you once again. Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara

  11. Dear Mahesh, Thanks for the Athishtaana Photos which we are able to view on Aradhana Day.

    If you are still around the Mutt now and if you find time, please try to talk to Sri Vedapuri mama and ask him about a) what HH taught him to recite in the early morning and b) His message to Sri Vedapuri mama as to why HH preferred to remain in Kanchi at the fag end, after having toured the great length and breadth of our ancient Bharat due to the greatness of Goddess Kamakshi.
    You will be able to record it. I heard it from him twice, but sadly I could not record it. The morning Suprabhatha Sloka of HH to Sri Vedapuri is very interesting and pleasing to hear.
    N Jayasankaran (son of ICF Sri Neelakanta Dikshithar, who is also today in Mutt for the Aradhanai)

  12. Thanks a lot for the info and lovely photos…

  13. Excellent photographs to be preserved for ever.

  14. Feel very blessed to see these photos, thank you Mahesh!

  15. Mahesh, thanks for sharing details about your visit with the photos. Words can not describe the feelings. It’s great.

  16. Great photos on MahaPeriyava Aradhana day. Thanks Mahesh

  17. Thank you so much Mr. Mahesh! What a wonderful day to startwith? Even though have tried to be there at Adhistanam today. Due to preoccupied work unable to make it. But, when i got up in the morning, immediately as usual was checking for post (it’s my routine to check immediately on getting up) and found Photograph of Adhistanam and Periyava. it was amazing experience in the morning. Once again thank you so much Mr. Mahesh.

    “Apara karuna sindhum gnanadham shanta rupinum
    sree chandrasekhara gurum pranamami Muthanvaham”

    Jaya Jaya Shankara.. Hara Hara Shankara.

  18. We Offer our Anantha Koti Pranams at the lotus feet of H.H.Jayendra Sarasvathi Sankaracharya Swamigal and H.H.Sankara Vejayendra Sarasvathi Sankaracharya Swamigal of Sri Kanchi Kama Koti Peetam and also Our Namaskarams to Brahmashri VEDA PURI MAMA ,Whose service to our Maha Periyava will be ever remembered by all of us.Our Pranams to all devotees of Periyava Who spend there life for the service of God incarnated soul of this century “KANCHI MAHA PERIYAVA SRI SRI SRI CHANDRASEKHARENDRA SARASVATHI SANKARACHARYA SWAMIGAL”

  19. Jaya Jaya Shankara.. Hara Hara Shankara. Thanks a ton for the pictures and updates.

  20. Vedapuri mama background says chandrasekara rakshamam !! – Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara. eagerly looking forward for aradhana pics or possible webcast link.

  21. Mahesh sir. Thank you so much !!! Very blessed to see Maha Periava. And I have a question. How people in USA can get Periava Kural CDs ? – Please guide me.

  22. You made us to see Periyada darshan from here itself. No words for thanks. You are bringing us very closer to Periyava.

  23. Dear Sir,Thank you so much. This time I’m missing this event. Due to some inconvenience, i couldn’t make it for this year. This photo of His Brindavanam gives me the feeling that i am in front of Him and fully satisfied of having His Darsanam. Thank Youroopa Jayanthi 

  24. million thanks, fortunate to have such a close darshan today, blessed.

  25. நமக்கு கொடுப்பினை இருப்பதால் தான் ஸ்ரீ மகேஷ் மூலமாக இந்த போடோக்கள் மற்றும் அனேக விபரங்கள் உண்டனுகுடன் கிடைப்பதுடன், பார்த்துகொண்டே இருக்கலாம்.

    நன்றி மகேஷ் !!!

    • Exactly. Feel proud that, you could have his Darshan sitting at home/office. He blesses who think of him, anywhere, as he is everywhere.

      balan, bangalore

      • Superb quality pics. Thank you so much Sri Mahesh! Boy, you are blessed! However, I am not far behind. Today I organized VEDA PARAYANAM at my residence at Srirangam where 10 Vedic Scholars chanted Sri Rudram, Sri Chamakam, Sri Purusha Sooktam, Sri Sri Sooktam, Sri Durga Sooktam, Sri Bhagya Sooktam, Sri Meda Sooktam and a few more. It was raining Veda inside and outside it was literally raining ! I now propose to have Vedic evenings on all Anushams every month — By His Blessings.

  26. Thanks Mahesh; gld to know that you are able to be in Srimadam on 8th Jan; Periyavaa has pulled you there; engalukku kodupinai illai.

  27. We are blessed indeed!

  28. Divine pictures,thankyou Mahesh.In the last picture is that Vedhapuri mama in the middle?

  29. Great pictures!!

  30. Terrific pictures Mahesh. What a blessing on such a holy day.

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