Thank you and Happy New Year


Dear readers,


It just seems like yesterday that I wrote end of year note to all of you and now one full year is gone by. It is the end of another great year with you all. With Periyava’s grace, lots of things happened ::


  • Veda Rakshana Drive
  • lots and lots of video interviews
  • completion of reviving Periyava’s upanyasams from old tapes
  • this blog surpassed half million visits – in few months it will touch a million hits mark!
  • reader base of over 1000
  • Total posts over 750 so far
  • I continue to be the #1 in posting – no competition – LOL!!!!!
  • Suresh being the #1 in commenting

This blog has reached so many people with Periyava’s grace. He is the one who decides how to do it and it is happening….All upadesams, devotees experience you watch/read are decided by Him and we simply execute….

Thanks to each one of you for supporting and encouraging me throughout this journey. If you have experienced any inconveniences, pleaseaccept my apologies. Also, if I haven’t answered your question or taken care of requests, it is simply due to my work schedule etc….I will try to respond more in the coming year…

I also want to do special thanks to Shri Shivaraman, Karthikeyan and Shri Ganesha Sharma on the video interviews in India – simply outstanding…..

As our blog grows rapidly, I am finding the need to move to a self-hosted website that would give us more flexibility. Currently I am technically too constrained due to the fact that is free hosting. For instance, I can’t upload audio files, I can’t use flash, custom themes etc. Very likely I will be moving to a new site (very soon) to provide better reading experience to you all. I sincerely request you to follow me to the new home and continue your support, if I choose to move.

Finally, let me wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year and join with you in praying Karunamurthi Mahaperiyava to continue guiding us. I am sending this note a day earlier as I will be on the plane to India on the New Year’s Eve.

Pl expect phone calls from me in Chennai and posts from Chennai.

Take care,




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  1. Mr. Mahesh
    Wherever you go , we will come, rather we will be made to come. The efforts people have put to present all these files, audio or video or even the articles…..hats off to all of them. It is a blessing that we are able to read and listen to all this and it is because of you people and the bigger cause is HH. Apart from the Veda rakshana work, there are so many temples and the gurukals who are not able to have a decent living. Is there something that we can organise. Currently am part of the group which is doing something for temples in and around the village of Thethiyur. I am jjust contributing and have not done anything big, but may be we can think on these lines too.
    A peaceful year ahead for you and family

  2. Welcome home
    Contact if u happen to be around Delhi.
    How long u will be at chennai.

  3. Tha k you so much for your efforts!

  4. DEAR MAHESH : SAIRAM. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR YEOMEN SERVICE. May Maha Periyaval’s Paripoorna Krupa Kadaksham be ever with you. We had been to India and met Mr. Ganesan (my brother in law) and we were talking about you and the Sage of Kanchi site. He has just completed his next writing on Maha Periyavaal which will shortly come out in a book form.

  5. Happy New Year 2013! chan


  6. Thanks for your wishes. With the blessings of Sri Maha Periyava we all will be lead to devotional path in the forth coming years.

    G.Ramadas Villivakkam

  7. Wish You and Your Family a Very Happy and Prosperous 2013. I am sure Maha Periava will be beside you at all times.

    Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara

  8. great service and we pray MAHA PERIYAVA to give u strength to do this holy task without interuption.
    wishing all the best

    hara hara sankara jaya jaya sankara

    vpraman mannargudi/siruseri chennai

  9. Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous 2013. I pray to Periaval to give you more strength to do MORE in near future. With all the Video Interviews should be able to produce something like Ramayan, Maha Bharat or Shri Saibaba type productions real soon by HIS GRACE. I am praying by HIS GRACE Temples show up for OUR MAHA PERIAVAL in each pettai like how we have for other gods and saint

  10. Dear Shri Mahesh,
    Your services are selfless and you revoke the religious fervour .This act of yours through the utmost faith on Maha Periyaval enable me to follow & experience .May Lord Nataraja & Maha Periyaval bless you & your family with good health & prosperity to continue to hold the mantle for the benefit of WE ,the followers.
    Hara Hara Sankara,
    Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  11. Dear Sir,

    Wishing you and your family ‘A Very Happy, Peaceful, Healthy, Prosperous New Year’. I am one of the thousands of beneficiaries of your posts .. My day begins by reading your posts on Mahaperiyava and forwarding it to my friends circle. It is a wonderful experience .. Please keep up the good work .. Warm Regards

  12. very very great service you are doing ; and the very great grace we are receiving from Maha Periyavaa…

    Pranams to all Elders and wishes to youngsters on this forthcoming New Year 2013

    Rajamani Balaji

  13. Dear Mahesh, we all, Mahaperiyavaa bhakthas specially pray for you to His Holiness for giving you more and more enthusiasm in posting lots and lots of such fantastic posts on Mahaperiyavaa in the coming year. I wonder working abroad, how you manage your time for all these. (Mahaperiyavaa’s villayaadal?) hearty congrats.

  14. Dear Sri Mahesh

    Thank you for all your sincere efforts in sharing the real greatness of HH Maha Periyavaa among the ardent devotees and all other sincere persons who read the contents in amazement, some with half belief. At least in 2013, I wish and pray that these persons, who are in minority would be adequately blessed by Him in their personal lives (like a gentle constant breeze on power cut time!) so that their half belief turns out to be total belief and surrender. Mind you, He never insists that. “Avar arulaal Avar thaal panindhu.”
    The present Acharyas of the Kanchi Mutt, having inherited the legacy of HH Maha Periyavaa, continue to contribute a lot to the needy without much ado. Pranaams to them. Some one needs to chronicle these for next generation. The request is only to preserve for posterity. As we know, today’s sufferings and mundane events are tomorrow’s good old nostalgic days. It is human nature.
    On the eve of 2013 New Year we sincerely appreciate your attempts, Mahesh. These are yielding great vibration among the devotees across the countries.
    We wish you a great health, spiritual experience, and your honest pursuit would take this blog to thousands of devotees by the end of 2013. Our prayers to Him would meet that.


  15. Dear Mahesh, wishing you and your family a very happy new year 2013. Keep up the awesome work you do. Look forward to your posts from India. Periyava thiruvadigal charanam. Best regards, Radha R

  16. Our New Year starts in the month of Chithirai, right?

  17. Hello Mahesh, Thank you for your wishes and wish you the same. Kindly send me the details about the Shivaarpanam Trust,- veda Rakshana drive detials. I live in Canada, I would like to send our fund for 2013.

    Thank you, Muthu Sakthivel Brewer


  18. Dear Sir, Thanks for your new year wishes; which i take it as it is from Maha Periyavaa, since everything is His “leela vinodham” . Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara. Maha Periyava Thiruvadigale Charanam.

  19. Namesthe Mahesh.
    Surely it would be other Suresh (Panch).
    MahaPeriyava Saram
    Looking forward to Deivathin Kural Cds.

  20. HELLO! Msahesh Wishing You and Your family HAPPY prosperous New Year! fromf Maha Periyava Your Blog I have derived the treasures of MahaPeriyavaa ! You continue this sacred Journey !

  21. Happy New year to you Mahesh. May God bless you.

  22. Thank you for doing this wonderful service. Wish you / your family / and all those who read this message a very great 2013. Our prayers on this occasion is for this service to continue further and reach newer heights….and may all our hearts be filled with guru bakthi every moment.

  23. anantharaman viswanathan.adambakkam
    Dear Mahesh,
    Thanks for your articles and videos on Sree Maha Periyava.The efforts and strain you have taken to bring forth all these certainly blessed by our Sree Maha Periyava.He has decided to do things through you as you are blessed and capable of that.So let Maha swamy bless you to continue with your work.

    • Happy new year to you Mahesh and Thank you for everything you do through this website to let us enjoy the Kanchi Maha Periyava’s grace and blessings.

  24. A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and to your family and also to the entire team.
    Simple alphabets are not enough to describe the services rendered by you all.
    Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara

  25. May He shower His Grace on everyone!

  26. Thank you, Shri Mahesh! May your selfless service blessed by Maha Periyava’s Grace continue to grow in several directions and may Mahaperiyava’s blessings keep you in happiness and health for many many years!


  27. Dear Sri Mahesh
    Thanks a lot for your yeoman service to the devotees of Maha Periyava. Hope this noble work of yours will continue for a very long period of time with Maha Periyava’s grace.
    A Very Happy New Year to you and your family

  28. Dharmo rakshathi dharmaha Raja


  29. Thanks for the great service.Maha Periyava will continue to guide and bless our sincere efforts. Happy New Year!

  30. Dear Mr.Mahesh,
    At the outset I wish to thank you sincerely for the wonderful mails sent by you from time to time on our Mahaperiyava and His greatness.
    I am very fortunate in serving a service Centre started by our revered Mahaperiyava and your mails makes me realise how I need to go
    very very far to make a very small contribution to our Mahaperiyava’s foresight. I shall be happy to get in touch with you and discuss on
    how all of us could initiate some meaningful service from the coming year onwards. I am located in Chennai and I shall be glad to get
    a reply from you.
    Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year and expecting many more wonderful mails from you.
    Ever at the service of Mahaperiva.
    T.Sadasiva Kumar

  31. Dear mahesh,How are you and family?.Hope all are fine.We are very much thankful to you for having opened this website which illustrates the
    greatness of OM SRI MAHAPERIYAVARSANKARACHARYA including all saints.We are very fortunate to be born as INDIANS,because INDIA is
    the seat of origination of all religious thoughts.Whatever incidents we find in our vedhas they are also found in other religious texts.As a true followers
    of DIVINE we should all give up our negative attitudes to please our GODS.We should not allow cows,bulls,goats,silk worms etc to be killed by anyone
    for any reasons.Gods are all embodiments of karuna.We should not hurt anyone’s feelings.PEACE,HAPPINESS,VICTORY BE WITH DIVINE..
    OM JAYA JAYA JAYA SANKARA HARA HARA HARA SANKARA. Let this new year (ENGLISH) begin with positive note to nobles by the grace of GOD
    and continue forever. padmasekar,sundaramravishankar,sundaramsekar We are all fine in the grace of GOD.

  32. Dear Sri. Mahesh,
    Thanks a lot for your kind new year wishes & I reciprocate the same to you. You have made my life more useful by your sevice especialy for people
    like me relocayed to U.S to stay with children. Though I am being provided all Vedantha lectures fom Mds. by my erstwhile friends of Vedantha classes
    under Sri Krishnamurthi Sastrigal over more than two decades, your services are an addition to that. May God & Mahaperiava bless you with all good.

  33. Thank you very much for the new year wishes

    You are doing a great service of enlightening us all with “Maha periavas “information his advises various interviews etc

    We all wish you ‘ Mahaperiyavas kataaksham be showered on you and your family to live a long healthy life and to continue the services you are rendering


  34. Thanks you very much for all you have done.Expecting more in the future..

    • you sound like my manager !!!!!

      Mahesh Sent from my iPad

    • Thank you for the excellent service you are doing. You are a true bhakta of Mahaswami. The description given by Bhagavan in Geeta
      Mathchithaah Mahtgathapraanaah Bodhayanthah parasparam
      Kathayanthi cha maam nithyam thushyanthi cha ramanthi cha
      fits you exactly.

      • Sir, I truly don’t deserve any of that…..i am trying to cultivate more bhathi towards Him. These lectures/articles/devotees experience help me to cultivate the unshaken bhathi. We all learn and pray together in this blog.

  35. Dear Mahesh, Thank you so much for your service to mahaperiava society and am also an ardent devotee of mahaperiava. I am doing mahaperiava pooja for every anusham day for the last 2 years with the gracious blessings of Sri Maha periaval. For the last 10 days i am
    doing dhanur masa pooja for mahaperiava vigraham which is being gifted to me by a great mahaperiaval devotee, if you are happen in tobe
    in chennai i would like to meet you in person. if you can kindly send me your no and address of chennai it will be great pleasure for me to
    meet u. wish you a very happy new year for you and your family with the gracious blessings of mahaperiava. periava thiruvadi saranam.

  36. Dear Mahesh..Thank you (and of course your team) so much for sharing all the things about Periyava. It has become my habit and every day routine to go through this website for new postings and information about periyava. My day is not complete without this.
    Wish you and everyone in your family a very very happy new year too.
    Have a safe journey to Chennai and also nice time in India. If you are going to be in Chennai, would like to come and meet you also in person.
    Hari OM. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

    • We wish you a happy and prosperous New year 2013.Words can’t express how I feel while reading all your emails.It is helpful to remember our mahaperiavah day in and day out and do our PRA keep it up and wish you success in this effort.
      D.Nagaraj Rao And her I Mumbai


  38. Dear Mahesh.You are at present doing a great service to the mankind.We Pray God for its 100% success.

  39. Dear Mr.Mahesh, You are doing a great service to the society. Otherwise Layman like me wont be knowing the Gratness of our Periyavals and our Dharma. Do continue and My best wishes to you.If God Willing i may also contribute a small fraction in your service. as of now i do not know which form i may be able serve you.It is only my wish i want to do. Thans and Regards S.VENKATARAMANI


  40. Dear Sir,

    With regard to Veda Rakshana, I have a humble suggestion to make. It could be explored whether a trust can be formed to contribute to various Veda Patasalas which require funds. Of course it shall not overlap with Veda Rakshana Turst which was instituted under the guidance of our Mahaperiyaval himself and being run by our Shri Matam. My opinion is if all the interested persons can contribute on a monthly basis to this Trust, the same can be distributed to the Patasalas. A committee could be formed for identifying the Patasalas and to do all other deeds in this regard. This is my humble suggestion. If it is worthwhile or feasible, it could be considered.

    • Dear Shri Mahesh,

      I take this opportunity of Wishing You & Your family a very Happy, Prosperous, healthy & Peaceful New Year ahead. Am one of the new entrants to this blog for about 5 to 6 months may be and thoroughly enjoying the contents. I wish to extend my sincere thanks and best wishes to your team at Chennai who are just doing a fabulous job. Able to understand their painstaking efforts in identifying Maha Periyavaa’s ardent devotees, approaching them for video interviews, editing, uploading besides their official work cannot be just explained in mere words. Anything to start off is easy but to sustain it without losing the tempo and enthusiasm is not that easy. All these you and your team are able to carry on just because of Maha Periyavaa’s absolute anugraham and as you rightly said he is the guiding factor and the binding force. Let this sathsangam grow bigger and bigger in the days to come.

      Maha Periyavaa Thiruvadi Saranam,

      Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara
      Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara
      Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara
      Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara
      Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara

  41. Dear Sir,

    Wishing you and your family a very great new year. You are blessed with Mahaperiyaval’s paripoorana Anugrahams also. Nice to hear that soon you will be hosting a new site. If financial support is required for the same, please inform in the blog so that we can also contribute our mite to this Noble cause.I am really amazed at the information about our Mahaperiyaval that is being shared here. I pray for MAHAPERIYAVAL’S POORNA ANUGRAHAM TO BLESS THIS CAUSE TO GO ON UNHINDERED.

    J. Subramanian

  42. While wishing you&family a great 2013,you have fulfilled the longfelt dreams of ardent devotees like me..
    1.By bringing all imp videos/write ups on Maha Periyavaa under one head
    2.meeting people like Ilayaraja and getting their experience which cannot be measured in terms of any money value over a period of time.
    3.establishing beyond reasonable doubts that Miracles of Maha Periyavaa is indeed because He is Avatar of Adi Sankara HImself as Sankara Himself is none other than Shiva roopam..
    Let there be a seperate website with all facility so that even after 100s of yrs people wd do research on Him.I am willing to contribute for this worthy cause whatever needed.
    He will bless you!
    Thanks for the efforts.

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