The morning of Thiruvadhirai

This morning, I woke up much earlier – around 5AM – than normal due to sore throat, nasal block due to cold, stomach pain – sounds like all flu kind symptoms. Being Thiruvadhirai day, although I wanted to start my puja early, I wasn’t ready. After my coffee, sat on my couch – fully stretched – covered myself with a woolen blanket (remember I live in Chicago and this is winter time – awfully cold)  – I was warm and comfy – simple. I held my iPad on my hand and played the speech of Mahaperiyava on Arudhra Darshan (from my post yesterday) with my headphones on. After 15 mts into this comfortable setting, my eyes were trying to dose – I was hoping to get some more sleep.

Can you guess what was Periyava speaking right at that time in my ears in that lecture?

“In margazhi masa cold temperature, we are pouring cold water on the heads of Parameshwaran and doing sandhana abhishekam to whom who is already very cold by having ganga and moon on His head, His wife as half of His body (Paravatha rajakumari – from snowy mountains). Where does He get this strength to bear all this? At this time, we all are trying to warm ourselves under woolen blanket. We should try to throw the woolen blanket and get to Shiva puja or attend someone doing the puja…this is called “kulir vittu pochu””

I guess Gods couldn’t tolerate my laziness and sending all possible messages to me, for which I am going deaf-ears !!!

Of course, the natural next step happened “vaari surittukondu ezhundhen” and finished my puja and typing this 🙂

Being caught red-handed for laziness, let me try to compensate that by sharing these videos of abhishekam to Lord Natarajar  🙂

Om Nama shivaya!

Periyava Padhan Saranam!!

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  1. Thank you so much. I miss the Nataraja Abhishekam at my native place during Thiruvadhirai which used to be a divine experience. Most of our time when not in school used to be spend in the temple during childhood. Nama sivayah.

  2. Thank you for these wonderful videos!

  3. Great experience! Take care of your health, Mahesh.

  4. Simply superb. I had Arudra darsanam at 11.30 AM at Marundeeswarar Kovil in Thiruvanmiyoor!

  5. This incident goes to prove again that the writing is on the wall and only we fail to see this, since we don’t want to see. But once a person is receptive, then heaven knows of the good great consequences. Like Dakshinamurthi, HH is silent and very subtle. He is never explicit. Just as God would be. However He is conveying the message to all who are willing to hear. He is always on time. Mahesh was able to get the communication right on time.

  6. Very touching, excellent.
    ashok mehta.

    • The best thing I loved about your experience is ‘you responding to the message’. A real life incident to reinforce that we keep getting messages and the wisdom to understand that the message is for oneself and responding to it can change anything and everything. Thanks for sharing. get well soon 🙂

  7. Blessed i am to view this rare Video through your kind act.
    May Lord Nataraja & Maha Periyaval bless You & Your family with Good health to continue the Mission.
    Hara Hara Sankara,
    Jaya jaya Sankara.

  8. 12_28_12

    you made my day!
    what a priceless gift to receive on a star birthday. yes, i was born on arudhra darshan day 71 years ago. you have blessed me with this beatiful video. i am humbled and moved. thanks for all your writeup of kanchi Mahaperiava and all the videos. you are kind and generous to share these rare events in this website. Om Namasivaya.


  9. excellent mr mahesh. take care. good video.

  10. Thankyou Mahesh.Hope you feel better.Since I couldn’t do the pooja at home,I saw the video.
    Wish you and all the followers of this website a HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR!

  11. thanks Mahesh for the video.

  12. hope you feel better Mahesh

  13. Thanks. Because of the sender I was able o see Nataraja Abhishegam early in themorning. Thanks once again and blessings RAJA


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