Mahaperiyava Trishathi


As many of us wondered, when we have ashtothram for Mahaperiyava why not Trishathi? I guess Periyava wanted Sri Brahmendra Saraswathi Swamigal, whose sanyasa was initiated by Him, to compile these and sung by Chinamaya Sisters (Smt Uma & Radhika). I am extremely glad to release the audio and text for Mahaperiyava Trishathi. Must-have text for all of His bakthas.

Here are links to read and listen online::

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  1. Can we please have lyrics for track 2

  2. I would like to have the meaning for all the 300 naamas

  3. Many tks for sharing Trishathi

  4. It is indeed our great fortune to have Shri Mahaperiyava Trishathi. Our sincere thanks for your efforts.

  5. can u send me the link to down load the audio files TY Ramesh Natarajan

  6. Dear Sir, Thank you very much for the audio and text released and made available to the devotees of Sarvagnan.

  7. We regularly chat Periyaval,s astothram during Anusham Pooja. Now we have the golden opportunity to chant triad hi as well.

  8. Recently on 7th Dec 12 on my elder brother’s 60th birthday, my father Sri I C F Neelakanta Dhikshithar (ardent devotee of Mutt for over six decades and who had been serving Bala perivaa at the specific instance of HH Paramacharya from the year 1983 when Bala Perivaa came to the Peetam) desired to get the Trisathi of Mahaperiyava printed and arranged to do so, by His grace and was very glad to distribute to all who attended the function including Mutt representatives Sri PSK, Sri Narayana Iyer, Ramayanam Srinivasa Iyengar, Sri Chidambaresan, etc.and all the Sama Vedya Pundits assembled there. Incidentally, my father Sri ICF Neelakanta Dhikshithar was keen to get the devanagri script also in the book, but due to time constraints, it could not happen. Within a week, I am able to view this including Devanagri. It is all due to the greatness of Mahaperiyvaa, who always ensures that whatever the devotee ardently wishes, as long as it is genuine and dharmic, He supports to the hilt.
    Thanks a lot

  9. It is a very useful material to possess.

    Balasubramanian NR

  10. Dear Sir,

    Thanks very much for posting our Mahaperiyava’s Trisathi. I only recently got his Ashtothram and is part of my Nithiya puja. Very happy to now receive the Trisathi. As told by you, it should very much be part of the puja of HIS devotees.

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