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  1. Bala Periyava kku Charanam!

  2. It is just fabulous to watch Baala Periyava celebrating the light festival in the Ushad kalam. Is Balaa Periyava symbolically telling us that the darkness around us would be dispelled in front of Maha Periyavaa?

  3. This is a Great Photograph .We Pray God to bless all of us.Happy Deepavali.

  4. Tamasoma jyothir gamaya-HE is the LIGHT. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara hara Shankara

  5. It is great opportunity for me to view this photo. Thank you very much.

  6. Dear all divine lovers/followers,Pleased to see this holy function celeberated by holy souls.This deepavali celeberation reminds us that these holy
    souls are here to free us from hell like dark life by showing their grace which is eternal light.Don’t ever hurt/harm any souls.This will only please

  7. thanks for the nice foto

  8. Yesterday in the SANKARA T V SRI SRI Jayendra Swamigal holding the MATHTHAPOO and distributing the lighted ones to
    other children at HOSPET camp . HAPPY DIWALI to all

  9. thank you and wish you all a happy deepavali

    • This festival is dedicated to lighting of lamps. We give more importance to crackers, new dress and sweet meats and forget the essence of the festival and its religious connection. Balan

  10. An excellent picture. Thank you very much Sir. It is really a rare photo one to get it.

    Balasubramanian NR

  11. Tks a lot for sharing. Really a rare picture to watch.

  12. Thanks a lot. A real, rare sight to watch.

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