Wish you all very happy deepawali

Dear readers,


On behalf of the blog, I wish each of you and your family members a very happy Deepawali. Being devotees of Kanchi Acharyas, let us pray them for their blessings and hope that the light of knowledge and wisdom removes the darkness of maya and ignorance around us. How apt that our Pudhu Periyava is born in a place called “Irulneeki”! Let us also pray Goddess Lakshmi to bless us all with health, wealth, knowledge and wisdom to enable our spiritual journey.

I have provided two links to Periyava’s speeches on Deepawali. Please listen to the voice of God on this auspicious day.

Deepawali – Part 1

Deepawali – Part 2


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  1. First of all we thank you very much for sharing the work,articles,information of our Acharyal with all of us.We Pray Our Periyava,Tripurasundari sametha Chandramouleswarar bless you happy and long life with immense mental peace and tranquility always.Happy Deepavali To all of you.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I feel gifted to receive daily – Maha Periyaval’s photos & devotees experiences both in Audio & Video formats,
    Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara..
    Your services are most valuable.

  3. We re delighted to hear the discourse of Sri Mahaperiyava. Tks for sharing. Wish you happy Diwali.

  4. Excellent. Very good audio quality.

  5. Hi

    What a blessing! Thank you. We wish you, your family and your team a Very Happy Diwali.

  6. Mr Mahesh it is really a boon to us. We are thankful to you for giving us an opportunity to have
    Maha Periyava’s messages daily and also interesting events that took place over the years. We also
    own our respects and regards to your Team too as they have been rendering an excellent servic.
    On this occasion we pray to God that HE should give you all joy and pleasure to render this service
    for many more years. Let me take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to your wife and children too.

    Balasubramanian NR & family members, Ambattur.

  7. What a wonderful Diwali Gift, dear Mahesh : Thank you. MAY THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS WITH WORSHIP SHOWER RAINS OF BLESSINGS ON YOU AND FAMILY. You have been rendering yeomen service.

  8. Thanks a bunch Mahesh. Wishing you, Bhuvana and your children too a very Joyous and Safe Deepavali!!!

  9. Many thanks for uploading MahaPeriava’s discourse. Blessed to hear to His voice on this auspicious day. Sincerely appreciate your efforts in spreading MahaPeriava’s teachings.

  10. Excellent!! Good thinking in sendinf links to hear Priyava’s voice and his explanation on Deepavali. Great job !!!Best wishes to you and team members for your continued good work of spreading Periyava’s preachings and teachings.

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