Perfect (simple) place to live?!

Found this photo in the Facebook. Taken somewhere in Palakkad agraharam….So beautiful – peaceful. Perfect….In fact the Sirigumani agraharam is very similar to this. Temple at one end and Patashala at the other end. If you go further down, you can dip in ahanda Cauvery! It is a large family with loving people and socially a controlled environment – good for children to grow..I know there are hundreds of such agraharams used to be in a such a lovely setting in those days. I am sure most of them have vanished or occupied with commercial shops etc….

Someday, I will settle down in a place like this – if this place has an apple store, good broadband internet and a good gym near-by – just kidding 🙂





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  1. most agraharams in TN are there only in name…most of original residents have sold out,occupied now by non-brahmins with their life-style evident in form of live-stock ,etc…only agraharams that still retain chracter are those in Palghat, few in Tanjore region and few in Tirunelveli region.In palghat,there is no anti-brahmin sentiment unlike in TN. Kerala Govt. encourages those brahmins & declared Kalpathy as heritage village. Here, agraharams have Periyar statue at entrance

  2. saliayamangalam tanjore district agraharam also looks like this.

  3. We Pray God and Our Periyava to bless the Prarthanai of Eatchankudi Sivaramakrishnan come true soon. “Hara Hara Sankara” “Jaya Jaya Sankara” Kalady Sankara” Kanchi Sankara”

  4. Serene atmosphere enhances old memories & happiness .

  5. Absolutely simple and serene. Can see happiness plastered all over.

  6. i pray sri sri mahaperiyaval that his village eachangudi should come up like this in a year

  7. The Board with electric bulb projected as “MAHANAVAMI” is clearly in Malayalam is given.This is Palghat only and especially Kalpathy Brahmana Agraham.This village is on the banks of River Neela( Bharatha Puzha) once this river has plenty of water flowing,after the construction of Malampuzha Dam,the flow of the water is very much curtiled. Government is killing rivers by giving plenty of permission to sand mine from the rivers.Every one want money,they never care for there younger generations.In the future books may contain once there was a very big river but it was killed by your ancestors for money.Now they have the money but the country dont have the Grand sumptious River.All religious Mutts should join together and start a movement to protect the common whealth of this country and its people.

  8. This is a Palghat Brahmana Agraham.I firmly believe this is Kalpathy Agraham only.There is a saying even today speakout by people “Kasiyil Pathi Kalpathy” Here the diety is Sri Visvanatha Swami and Ambal is Vishalakshi” This is the month most people gone out of the village will return to there village to participate in the RATHOLSAVAM.

  9. Varagur agraharam,vishnampettai,kandamangalam,mullakudi,pazamaneri etc in thanjavur Agraharams are like this

    People should come back to villages


  10. Very good to see. Those days, Rajas’ were making Agraharams in all places and giving money to Brahmins to stay there and to recite Vedas in temples & Palaces for keeping the Panchapoothangals in the perfert levels (neither more nor less). Similarly, bad evils to loose the strengths. Finaly, 3rd one, all jeeven to have santhi. This is the meaning of ” Om Shanthi, shanthi, shanthi.
    Now, we can see the difference in present time, too much rain, too much sun light (dryness) etc. In Bhagavadam, it is clearly written about the Past, present changes are taking place now and in future too…. The main reason for changes, we are reducing and loosing our Karmas. As a result, eveyone’s Athma carrys & travelling with bad Karmas. At one time total athmas’ carrys bad Karmas. This habbit to change for better future of youngsters. Politicians to understand the importance and help for the people.
    Darma is not only by way of giving money, things, word etc. By way of Brahmins doing Nithya Karma’s (at the right time), we can keep the Panchapoothangals in the right place. This is also a darma for others and for our own Athma’s.. Mahaperiyava has highlighted in many places.

    Money can not control any one of the Panchapoothangals.

    Hara hara Shankara and Jaya jaya shankra

    L.MOHAN, Abu Dhabi.

  11. People who had migrated from such village agraharams to a city for earning, wish to go back and settle for peaceful life. zBut their family situations makes it impossible. Also the modern facilities lack in such villages and make people prefer to stay back in a city.


    • No. No. All modern facilities are available everywhere, in every nook and cranny of TN. Electricity is a problem though. Of course even that can be solved through Solar Power if we can spend 4-5 lakhs for solar alone. Once you have power, you have everything. Pollution free (noise, atmospheric) environment. On top of it, it is PEACE we cherish. You get that in plenty in a typical village.

  13. Musiri agraharam is also very similar where we have the great agnihotri and aahitaagni,Sri.Anantanarayana Somayagi whose entire family is in Vaideekam

  14. beautiful, serene

  15. Exactly, I am earning & saving only to get into one such village in the banks of Cauvery. Inside the heart, we (me) still believe that money is the means to acheive this and that’s the pittiable part.

  16. How many people are ready to go back and live in village agraharam(s).

  17. Mr Mahesh, really a beautiful place to watch. A nice view too. In Tiruchy too, there is a place
    known as Ahanda Cauvery. People are blessed to have such a quite and peaceful place to
    live in at the fag end of their life, so that they would be able to have nice darshan at frequent
    intervals, than busy places like Chennai.

    Balasubramanian NR

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