HH Sivan Sir Jayanthi Video

As you are aware, His jayanthi celebrations went well in Chennai earlier this month and here is a small video covering both the morning and evening events.


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  1. thanks a lot mahesh, i missed the jayanthi though near yet far!!!periava does not disappoint devotees so this video. God bless you. n.ramaswami

  2. Sadaashiva brahmendra swaroopebhyo Shivan Sir sadgurubhyO namaha |

  3. What a sweet lad that Dhanush is. Such bhakti in singing that song. Lovely video.

  4. Thank you Mr Mahesh for an excellent audio presentation. You will certainly be blessed by
    Mahaperiya for this great work. Thank you once again

    Balasubramanian NR

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