Eachangudi Veda Patashala starts from today

Thanks to Amritavarshini for sharing this great article….Whatever Mahaperiyava’s sankalpam has been successfully implemented by Pudhu and Bala Periyavas….

Let us visit this great place and get His blessings and enjoy the young vidhyarthis learning vedas…..

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. My name is A.S.Natarajan, hailing originally from Kumbakonam. I wish to contribute for the Veda patasala at Echangudi. I wish to get the bank a/c details so that I can transfer some amount to this great cause Vedas started by Mhaperiyava.

  2. My email ID is . I would like to contribute some amount to this exchangedi great cause of Veda patasala. Pl inform your bank a/c details per return post and oblige. My name is A.S.Natarajan and originally from Kumbakonam. Thanks.

  3. prayer opinion at my 1st post in my facebook Ganesh Sri @kpk.ganesh FOR THE KIND REFERENCE OF SRI SWAMIGAL, SRI BALA SWAMIGAL

  4. I wish to make donations at regular intervals to the Vedha Padasalais for the benefit of the vidyarthis. Please furnish me the complete details of the trust like address, person in charge, phone no., bank name and address, SB or current a/c , account no., IFSE code, name of the trust as per bank records etc. to enable me send my contributions.

  5. what is the address. Is there any way we can send donation to this vedapatasala. If anybody know the details, please share.

  6. Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara! Let Veda Pathashaala at Maha Periyava’s Mother’s Birthplace flourish well by God’s Grace!

  7. Periyava Saranam. Namaskaram. I came to know from m/s. Sri Sankara TV officials that they are retelecasting the Grahapravesam function of ECHANGUDI VEDA PADASALA (held on 26.10.2012) tomorrow 10.11.2012 saturday between 9 p.m. – 10 p.m. I have given the script work and voice over for tomorrow’s programme with periya krubai. P.SWAMINATHAN 95000 19229, 98401 42031

  8. I had the occasion of interacting with aretired teacher,Srinivasa Iyer , who hails from Echangudi, near Sri periyava,s residence used to tell about the village quite frequently.The patashala is a best kaingaryam that devotees can do for getting the blessings of the NAMADUM DHEIVAM.

  9. There was a paricharaka at the Mutt who was assigned the task of washing the vessels used in Srimad Chandramouliswara Pooja. One day, while cleaning the vessels, this person was heard to be lamenting his misfortune of being given such a lowly task while many others were doing better duties. That evening, when Mahaperiyava was giving darshan, this man was told he was being called by Mahaperiyava and he hurried to the Divine presence. In this man’s presence, Mahaperiyava looked at the assembled devotees which one of them would come up to do the work of washing and cleaning the vessels used in Srimad Chandramouliswara Pooja. Almost every one of them present there volunteered to take up this service, considering it to be their paramasoubhagya. The paricharaka had learnt his lesson, realizing he was doing no ordinary work. Likewise, we should consider it a fortune whatever involvement we could get in the service of Mahaperiyava, be it a “lowly” brooming and cleaning or a “highly” building construction. We need to learn to thank for the blessing bestowed than complain and clamor for attention.

  10. I am P.Swaminathan, With great pride ,I would like to humbly mention here that I wrote an article in Trisakti magazine dated 16th April 2010 about Maha Periava’s desire to start a veda padasala in His mother’s residence at Eachangudi. After 2 yerars Maha Periava’s desire has been now fulfilled by his devotees and the veda padasala has been inaugurated on 26th October 2012. With the blessings of Maha Periava, I had an opportunity to participate in the inaugural function and compere the programme for live telecast in Sankara TV between 6 a.m – 7 a.m and 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.
    The C.E.O. of sankara TV told me the inaugural function will be retelecast in fifteen days time. If i happened to know the date of retelecast, i will inform. I would also like to mention here that with the blessings of maha periyava i have started giving discourse on MAHA PERIYAVA MAHIMAI, after the release of my book MAHA PERIYAVA (440 pages) in ayodya mandapam, west mambalam. On the last thursday of every month, i am giving discouse on maha periyava mahimai at sri krishna gana sabha, t. nagar, chennai. (my mail id: swami1964@gmail.com, 95000 19229, 98401 42031) ,

  11. I will also definitely try to visit Eachangudi, and get the blessings of Maha Periyava.

  12. Thank you very much for this info. Whenever there is an opportunity to visit Tanjore, I will visit this place.

  13. Panchanathan Suresh – Thanks for the article. Infact Sankara TV arranged a live telecast of Grihapravesam yesterday morning 6-7am .. I could not see the live telecast as there was no electricity .. Am sure Sankara TV will telecast it once again for the benefit of scores of devotees of Mahaperiyava Eechankudi Vedapatasala should become a pilgrim centre for us .. All the devotees should visit Eechankudi, spend some time amongst the students and do everything possible for the successful running of the Vetapatasalai .. Ivvaru seivadhu num kadamai ..
    Ramesh Mahalingam Sir .. Wonderful idea .. Let us take it forward.

  14. I hail from Srivanjiam. I will take an opportunity to visit Eachangudi shortly to have Mahaperiyava
    blessings . Thank you Sir

    Balasubramanian NR

  15. I have one idea. Each one of our families should adopt one vedapatashala student and take care of his entire study related expenses and marriage expenses.

  16. So heartening to read this.

    • K.Jagadeesan, Nagpur. It is indeed a great opportunity that Veda Pathashala has been revived at Eachangudi birth place of Mahapweriavals Mother by Puthu Periava & Bala Periava.. As a devotee of Kanchi Mutt and follower of Mahaperiava my Kodi Namaskaram to both Acharyals.


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