Advaitha Sabha Videos from Trichy

Shri Ravigurunathan has done an extraordinary job in recording such a great session. These are amazing lectures – delivered by well-learned authorities. Great quotes about our Adi Shankara and the Guru Mahathmiam. You can see how HH Pudhu Periyava is absorbed into the verses and chants along. Rare opportunity to hear these – exponentially increases our bakthi towards Guru – be it any Guru. I listened to Part 1 and yet to listen to Part 2. In Part 2 I am able to see Sathanur Brahmasri Krishnamoorthy Ganapadigal, one of the maha vidwans.

Unfortunately I do not have the name of the speaker – will update this post once I have it.

Ravi – No words to praise your work, Sir.

Note –  Remember, this is a forum to spread advaitha/guru mahathmiyam with more focus to our Mahaperiyava. Our goal should be to learn from this forum and not judge great sanyasis who all are at a higher level than us. Pl pay attention to the verses, the meaning etc. Of late I am seeing more comments directed towards HH Pudhu Periyava. Please refrain from making any adverse comments. I will have to remove those comments.Sorry to be stern.

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  1. i am happy mahesh you want to be stern this will please mahaperiava. pudu periavas bhakthi towards mahaperiava and his service cannot be explained. only those who have experienced can explain. i am happy to see my place my people my everything including puduperiava. thanks a lot and may god bless you all. n.ramaswami

  2. Speaker is Dr.Koda Venkateswara Sastrigal.

    Information Gathered from Scholars during the session : Advaitha Sabha was formed 80 yrs back by Vedic scholars as advised by our HH Paramacharya. It is a divine coincidence where the current session was organised is the place where our HH Paramacharya inaugrated the Sabha – Tiruvanaikovil (Trichy). In between Sabha was being organised at Kancheepuram. This is an yearly event. Due to various reasons quite for some years the event could not be organised. This year our HH Pudhu Periyavaa (even after 58 years of coming to Peetam, we still fondly address him HH Pudhu Periyavaa – a scholar mentioned this during the event for which Periyavaa gave a Golden Smile) has blessed the scholars to organise the same at Tiruvanaikovil & He has blessed all of us by gracing the occasion by his presence fully on all days without any other program. Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara!

  3. I am really very glad to hear the speech,the importance of Acharyals creations study to understand our own self before understanding so many other things out side.Once we try to understand self then Our Acharyal is very very near to us,and his blessings will shower on us.The presence of H.H.Jayendrasarasvathi swamigal added more and more blessings on us.Our Humble Pranams to you all.

  4. Blessed to hear during Navarathri,
    Hara Hara Sankara,
    Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  5. WSe ae blessed to hear the lectures by the great learned authorities in Advaitha. I read in a book that Shri Aadi Shankara was an authority in Advaitha during his days and he used to arrange for such sessions. Those who have arranged for such sessions are the blessed ones. Guru Ninthanai is the most condemnable one and must not be allowed by any body in this columns. Jaya jaya Shankara

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