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I’ve been blessed to visit this greatest sthalam but did not know these facts. Thanks to my friend for sharing this…We all do the mistake of not understanding the sthala purana and other important data before we go to a temple – simply due to lack of time etc.

Whoever drew this picture did a fantastic job – just amazing!


Natarajar Temple at Chidambaram is living testimony of ancient “Advanced astrological and geological knowledge” of Hindus surpassing to anything contemporary.



  • The place where temple located is the center point of world’s magnetic equator.
  • Three of the five Panchaboothasthala temples, those at Kalahasti, Kanchipuram and Chidambaram all stand on a straight line exactly at 79 degree 41 minutes East longitude -truly an engineering, astrological and geographical wonder. Of the other two temples, Tiruvanaikkaval is located at around 3 degrees to the south and exactly 1 degree to the west of the northern tip of this divine axis, while Tiruvannamalai is around midway (1.5 degree to the south and 0.5 degree to the west).
  • The 9 gateways signify the 9 orifices in the human body.
  • The Chitsabai or Ponnambalam, the sanctum sanctorum represents the heart which is reached by a flight of 5 stairs called the Panchaatchara padi – pancha meaning 5, achhara – indestructible syllables – “SI VA YA NA MA”, from a raised anterior dias – the Kanakasabai. The access to the Sabhai is through the sides of the stage (and not from the front as in most temples). The Chit sabha roof is supported by four pillars symbolic of the four Vedas .
  • The Ponnambalam or the Sanctum sanctorum is held by 28 pillars – representing the 28 agama s or set methodologies for the worship of Shiva. The roof is held by a set of 64 beams representing the 64 forms of art and is held by several cross-beams representing the innumerable blood vessels. The roof has been laid by 21,600 golden tiles with the word SIVAYANAMA inscribed on them representing 21600 breaths. The golden tiles are fixed using 72,000 golden nails which represents the no. of nadis exists in human body. The roof is topped by a set of 9 sacred pots or kalasas, representing the 9 forms of energy. The arthamandapa (sanctum) has six pillars denoting the six shastras (holy texts).
  •  The hall next to the artha mantapa has eighteen pillars symbolizing the eighteen Puranas .
  •  Sri Nataraj Mandir at Satara is a replica of this temple.

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  1. Mr.Suresh , did you do your BE in Annamali during 1971-76,then Do you know Sridhar, Ramnath who did their Engineering at that time.

  2. Fascinating, thank you for this. I run Discovery Tours and am researching the links between Angkor in Cambodia and Chidambaram. Does anyone know if it is possible to see the rock from the sacred mountain of Phnom Kulen in Cambodian that is said to of been gifted by Khmer King Suryavarman II to the Chola king, Kulottunga I and is set at Chidambaram Temple? Many thanks again.

  3. I studied in Annamalai University from 71-76 and I my heart is still in Chidambaram even though I am in USA for the past 40 years. The temple gives you inner peace and so does many of the temples in South India.

  4. IT realy great to know our true hindus where the power the temple is.Well thank to those who provide the details of the temple structure and so for. Thanks to every one and please do share more one this type of info Malaysian

  5. I agree with Mr. Ram Lakshmanan regarding the cenre point of the world’s magnetic equator. Barring this the rest may be true. As Mr.RL says the spiritual powers of the temple are unquestioned.

  6. Mahesh- Great summary of the philosophical and spiritual significance of various elements of this great temple! The geo coordinates also are significant. But there is no scientific or logical proof for stating “The place where temple located is the center point of world’s magnetic equator.” The world’s magnetic equator is a wavy circular line, so there is no center point for such a line. Some people have also claimed that the tip of Lord Nataraja’s lifted foot as such a center. As a matter of faith, of course, we can believe in what we want to. Just that there is no scientific basis for it. However, that does not in anyway detract from the great spiritual powers of the temple and the positive vibrations that it continues to generate.

  7. very nice have these details alongwith splendid photographs of Maha Periyavaa… and temples and there is no chance to get the details without the grace of GURU…

    Pranams to Maha Periyavaa

  8. Shankar, the Srimulanatha sannidhi is nobody’s samadhi. It is the main shrine where the Lord along with Sri Uma Devi gave darshan to Vyagrapada. Vyagrapada and Pathanjali are blessed with a boon that in Thai masam, on a Guruvaram, under the Pushya nakshatram, they can witness the divine dance of the Lord. Since the Lord first appeared in this shrine within the Chidambaram temple premises, it is called Sri Moolasthanam and the presiding deity goes by the name Sri Uma Devi sametha Sri Moolanatha.

  9. amazing facts, and looks like there could me more to this,…tempts us to visit the temple again and again to explore,,,Let HIM grace us with more knowledge hidden in these golden abodes…thanks for kindling our thoughts and bringing such information to one and all..

    • This the Temple in which Thirumoolavar attained Jeevasamadhi. This sannadhi is called Sri Moolanathar Sannidhi. This nataraja Moolavar is 80% Gold and 20% copper and One of the Siddhar has Molded this Moolvar Ideal. His name is Kaaruyurar. Mahaperiava Visited this Temple many times. First time when he visited he asked Dikshathar’s at that time to open a passage inside the Garbhagargam, He went inside and came back and told the Dikshadhars to close it permanently and not open it any more.He refused to tell what he saw inside. Similarly he only knew what is Real Chidambrara Ragasiam.When Nataraja temple was Built in Wagoli ,,Satara Dist Maharashtra, he told the Fact to the man who responsible for Building it and then made him forget it .

  10. nice informative post

  11. I pray to Sri Kanchi Mahaaperiyavaa who is Lord Parameswaran incarnate for Kumbabhishekam and well maintenance of this ancient temple. It is a living example Siva Vishnu abetham.

  12. I belong this place.If any one of you visit this temple do go the Adhi Moolanathar sannathi, it is where Thirumoolar attained his Samadhi.

  13. Though I belong to Nannilam, I had visited Chidambaram Temple only a few times while I was a boy.
    However I used to visit Vaitheeswaran Koil quite often. But now after retirement, I make it a practice
    to visit Chidambaram whenever I go to Vaitheeswaran Koil. We get prasadam every month from the
    Dikshidars. It is a great place and no comparison can be done. Thank you very much for bringing
    out this great input for the information of everyone. Once again thank you Sir.

    Balasubramanian NR

  14. Chidambaram is our native place. in my Life time i just saw Mahaperiava just only once.I was too young when he visited Sanskrit College in 1965.This Great temple is not properly maintainted by dikisadhars due to Lack of Funds. Huge funds in Crores are needed to do Maha Kumbhabisekam which was doine 20 Years back. Case still in the Supreme Court over take over bid by HR &CE.

  15. I lived in this town for about 25 years ! During my Kanchi Paramacharya has visited Chidambaram. Earlier during 1932, Periyava had been in my village for a week.

  16. words fail me.

  17. Brilliant stuff Mahesh. What an incredible drawing that is. I feel like sitting on those steps. Majestic.


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