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  2. The first painting was drawn by my chithappa Late shri Jayaraman, Ex PNB, chennai and the second picture I got from a corner of a house ( where all unwanted items have been thrown) at Trichy which my sister was to occupy some 15 years back. When i told that it was a very rare picture of Periyava, the houseowner wanted me to give it back to him. I politely refused telling that It was Periyava’s gift to me (Kuppayil kidaitha manickam).I have been collecting photos and pictures of Mahaperiyava for so many years and this picture finds a special place in my collection.

  3. Thanks a lot for all the devotees who have seen the paintings and posted their comments. I am running a yajur veda patasala for the past 10 years at Periyava Illam-Veda vidhyarti Nivas, Plot No. 34, Bhagyalakshminagar Main road, Madambakkam, chennai 600126 with donations from my friends and relatives. Shri. sethalapathi Subramanya ganapadigal is the teacher imparting vedic education to our students. so far 5 students have completed their Krama Patam and 4 of them are pursuing Ganapatam. 3 More are doing their Krama patam. Both acharyas have visited our patasala and performed puja there. I invite all to visit us. Prakash 9283170890.

  4. Amazing pictures giving live feeling. Thank you very much Sir.

    Balasubramanian NR

  5. Very nice paintings. Periya smile is divine! Thanks for posting.

    • Maheshji, Sri Prakash is an expert photographer and possesses a good collection of Mahaperiyava. He got ‘Karmayogi’ title from Kanchi Mutt. He is a multifaceted spiritual cum social worker. I thankfully remember him having taken me to Shri Sabarimalai 3 times alongwith many devotees irrespective of their age and sex. Most importantly he introduced me and my wife to Mahaperiyava in Kanchi, immediately after our marriage. It is only because of him and the support of his family that we were able to have darshan and ‘abhaya-hasta’ aashirvadam from the Mahan. Further, he was instrumental for my learning the Holy Vedas from Aangarai Shri Krishnamoorthy Ghanapatigal in Guwahati, which I recite daily to the possible extent for ‘Atma-unnathi’.

  6. Sri VS

    Vedha patasaalai – Cud you pls let me know the exact location in Tambaram? Am also in Tambaram.
    Regards, Subramanian

  7. wonderful photo’s it shows real bhathi coming from heart. Mr. Prakash (Ex-IDBI) hope still he is running VEDHA PATASALA – PERIYAVA ILLAM
    at thambaram – Chennai.

  8. Mahesh – It is because of your thoughtful creation of such a divine website ‘Sage of Kanchi’, devotees are able to get the benefits of many experiences, rare photographs and preachings of Maha Periyava including the beautiful lively paintings of Periyavaa. Thank you. All the Mahaperiyavaa’s devotees’ good wishes are always with you.

  9. alive pictures
    தத்ரூபம் உயிருள்ள ஓவியஙள்

  10. excellent.

  11. Nice paintings..The smile in the second photo is very motherly and serene!!

  12. The second photo is very realistic.

  13. beautiful paintings!

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