Pradosham Mama Speaks About Bhakthi

Small audio file I received from Shri Ganesh Kumar where Sri Pradosham mama is worried that his bakthi is not enough and he needs to do more bakthi. When I finished listening, I first laughed and then a great fear caught me. Why I laughed? If Pradosham mama thinks that his bakthi is not enough, then what to talk about me?! Why I fear? If that is my current state, how do I progress?! I know that this speech is not to intimidate us but to take our bakthi to next level.

mahesh – Pradosham Mama Speaks About Bhakthi | Mixcloud – Re-think radio.

Thank you Ganesh Kumar for sharing this.


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  1. Hi – r u still in Nigeria?

  2. Pradosham Mama’s devotion and Sandur Maharaja’s unadulterated Bakthi for Mahaperiyava ,I have seen with my own eyes personally.The picture of Mahaperiyavaa with inviting Hands at His adhishtanam was taken by Sandur Maharaja,who was also a Minister in Congress Govt at Kanataka..I am tempted to recall an incident in my life in NIgeria,when Mahaperiyavaa appeared in front of me to protect me:-
    “It was July 1980 when I was working in Ijebuode,Nigeria a town,100 KM away from Lagos the capital.My wife and my daughters were yet to join me and I used to go to Lagos for weekends on Fridays to be with my friends.On Fridays,just like in western world,there used to be heavy traffic on the express highways and when we were driving in my Peugeot504 at 100 KMPh(I had a diver by name Philip Ogunde,who was driving me on that day)I was reading a book on the back seat .It was also slightly drizzling on that Friday afternoon and suddenly I heard a Baaaaang..

    Philip Ogunde has rammed our car at 100KMPh on the car on the left side!

    Whereever I live I used to have Mahaperiyavaa’s picture nearby..even in my cars!
    I suddenly saw HIM in front of me!

    The car made a 180 * turn on th left towards the Median which was well secured .as in any western country but at 100 KMph Centrifugal force!
    The car banged the Median and the centifugal force made the car to make a complete turn again and it hammered the median TWICE in a matter of few seconds before the car was thrown into the Bush on the right side..

    During thiese few seconds…BELIEVE ME..I had Only Maha Periyavaa smiling at me!

    There was LUCKILY a TRuck just a few 100 yards from our car ,whose intelligent Driver,saw the bang of my car on the Median!
    He applied suddent Brake and also STOPPED the entire Traffic towards Lagos with his presence of mind,as othewise we wd have been ploughed thro’ as our car made two turns due to very High Centrifugal force..
    Luck wd have it the Bush was at a level ground and if it was an elevated level ,car wd have been smashed byond recognition..
    I just opened the back door as if nothing had happened ,when many onlookers and particularly, the NIgerian Truck driver hugged me and lifted me..
    “Oh!Jesus!This is MIracle!This MIracle!!”
    Many Nigerian women onlookers
    “God saved you..BELIEVE ME!I Tell You!!”

    Philip Ogunde was shocked beyond words and was unable to get out of the Driver’s seat as he took time to recover!
    We removed him and put him on the back seat and I started driving the car!
    The car started normally,EXCEPT that th Silencer was smashed and thrown away and hence Noise was too much to bear!
    I drove the car to Lagos ..
    The on lookers shouted
    “This is Miracle!This is Miracle!!God is there!Believe me,God is surely there!!”

    When I reached Lagos to my friend’s house.Philip Ogunde was still in a shock and took him some days to recover.

    I repaired the 504 and drove back next day with Ogunde on the back seat,AS IF NOTHING HAD HAPPENED!!


    I dont know much about Bakthi….
    But in my life I have confidence that He will protect me!

  3. Pradhosham mama is a very simple and humble person and yet his dream is reality for all of us in Orikkai. I could see or feel the same humbleness in Vikku Vinayakram mama’s speech.

  4. Very nice to hear Pradosham Maama’s voice and his experience. Sandur Maharaja and Pawar, a Maratha attendant of Maha SwamigaL also come in here.Devoted and blessed souls, all. Is it possible to give an audio file which could be saved and played when required?

  5. WE can only offer our pranams ,his simple words will melt our heart and take us further to our Kaivalyamurthy Maha Periyava.No body can explain the sweetnes of Kalkandu,Sugar or Jaggery unless that is tasted.The Grace and blessings of our Periyava is only like that.”Chant daily with fervent devotion,Sath Guro Jagath Guro,Kama Koti Sath Guro,Deva Devatha Swaroopa Papa HaAri Sath Guro”

  6. Could you kindly give his script in a pdf form.

  7. Yes, this is audio file. I am asking about the video files under the ‘video content ‘section. Since the download of video file takes too much time, could you possible to convert these video file as audio file and give the link for download.

  8. this is not a video file – this is a very small audio file for 4 minutes. not sure why this would take long time….

  9. Since the download video file of devotee experience takes too much time, could you please convert video to audio file and give the link for download
    Thanking you

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