If you haven’t seen it yet – please do it soon.

Not sure how many of you have seen Shri Ramadurai’s interview – click here – one of the bests. Periyava had very very rarely revealed to others that He is Parameshwaran. I have read one or two incidents in the past. In this interview you will see Him doing so. I know Thiruvannamalai Shri Gowrishankar’s interview is probably the most viewed as of today. This interview has similar miracles – not just miracles – but more precise instructions to all devotees on how to hold on to Him tight and stay connected. I know it is a long video – but don’t miss..

Things I liked:

  • Indra Gandhi’s devotion to Periyava
  • Sri Anantharama Dikshithar’s bakthi
  • Lesson to all of us on serving His devotees is serving Him
  • Station Master’s devotion to Periyava’s devotees (I am sure Rajini must have copied this in his “Ejaman” movie!! 🙂 )
  • Telepathy between HH Pudhu Periyava and Mahaperiyava
  • HH Pudhu Periyava’s anugraham to mama
  • Devotion of Sathoor Krishnamoorthy towards Periyava
  • Humorous comments like “When did you become Kanchi Sankaracharya?”, “Onakku onnum theriyadhunnu enakku nanna theriyum – adhai nee solla vendam” etc
  • All upanishads made as a juice and given not only to Shri Ramadurai Mama and to all of us

We need to learn a lot from these great devotees on their unshaken devotion to Him.

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  1. It would be a great blessing to meet n do namaskaram to Sri Ramadurai mama. What a blessed soul n couple they are!! No words .. Can you provide the address or phone number of mama so that v can go n do namaskaram him?

  2. It is not Anantharama Dikshitar’s Bhakti, as mentioned in the intro above, it is Anantharamakrishnan, the founder of the Amalgamations group of industries, who bore the pallakki on his shoulders and requested Mahaperiyava to bless his home Sudharma. Later in the interview, his son, the late lamented, Sri Sivasailam is also mentioned. This home of Sri Anantharamakrishnan, “Sudharma” is now serving as the venue for the Sringeri Acharya’s Chaturmasya vrata.

  3. Namaste,
    I do not have words to express on this experience with maha periava by him.I should say that to et near maha periava itself is no ordinary thing and to get a place in his heart is so great.It is onlypoorva janma punyam i should say .Though i ahd the opportunity to see maha paeriava on number of occasions i could learn more about him only recently.thaks Sri Ganesh uncle and to Sri mahesh. thank you.

  4. while viewing to this video, in certain places (giving moksham to Sri.Sathur krishnamurthi, then thuli etc) i sobbed uncontrollably. Today being anusham day, i had this opportunity to see this video twice (still more to continue!) i intend to download the same for preservation. great service by Sri.Sivaraman, Sri.Mahesh and the entire crew. A mega / maha namaskarams to all those who are all instrumental in bringing this out. Mahaperiyava has shown himself who HE actually is. Yet we are in agyanam. Mahaperiyavaa himself should open our eyes and bless us. Thanks a maha ton.
    Mahaperiyavaa saranam.

  5. Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks !

  6. Wonderful Interview. My greatest reverences to Shri Ramadurai Sir and the team that captured it.
    I listened it twice and kept in my favorite and would be listening more often. After listening to the incident, when Mahaperiava revealed that he is the Ultimate Supreme Spirit, I am yet to come out of that effect.P Listening Periava’s words thru Shri Ramadurai’s mouth had a terrifying impact on me and I am yet to come out of it.

    One of the interviewer also aptly recollected Periava’s discourse on Gita (Yomam Ppassyathi Narada…!) that exactly fits mahaperiava himself.

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