Taking a moment to thank few gentlemen…..

I would like to take a moment to introduce two gentlemen, who have been part of Shri Shivaraman’s video team in India and one more member who is here in US….

First, Shri Karthikeyan, a bachelor guy, working for an IT company in Chennai, is doing a tremendous help in all video editing for Shivaraman. It seems that Krthikeyan has been a regular visitor of our blog and when i posted about HH Sivan Sir’s book details part of my India trip updates, he reached out to Shivaraman to get that book, where he got attracted to the magnet (Shivaraman!). Earlier, I was doing all these editing by myself. Now, Karthikeyan takes care of all that. He does the editing, uploads them in YouTube and sends me the link and I post them. So even more reason not to thank me for doing this work! A big load of work has gone from my shoulder. Sincere thanks to Karthikeyan – please keep up the good work. What really worries me is that he spends too much time with Shivaraman, which might result in skipping grihasrashramam and go straight to sanayasashramam 🙂 Let us all pray Periyava to shower him with all His blessings.

Second, Shri Ravigurunathan of Srirangam. He has volunteered to cover devotees in and Trichy. He has done two vidoes so far – latest one is Shri Amravaneswarar. He has done a fantastic job in the video coverage. He intends to do same editing like ow Karthikeyan does. Also his brother Umesh is a gifted artist, who has drawn several drawings of Periyava – i posted them recently in the blog as well…Awaiting more videos from him…Thank you Sir.

Last but definitely not the least, Shri Suresh Panchanathan, needs no introduction at all. Been an active member of this blog and sage of Kanchi group in Facebook for a very long time. Contributes largely in sharing articles between these two blogs. in addition to that, I must highlight all the translation work he has done for several video interviews. All the non-Tamil speaking readers should thank him for this remarkable work. trust me, it is one of the most time consuming work you can possibly imagine. if there is an interview for 45 minutes, he needs to pause after every sentence or two and then translate them to English without losing the nativity of the interview..Very hard….Periyava has blessed him with such a sincerity, dedication and energy to do such a great job….Thank you Suresh.

Here in the USA, there are lots of devotees who have interacted with Periyava – may not be as close as some in India. Few to mention Dr Sundararaman, (s/o duraiswamy as known to Periyava), Dr Yegnasubramanian, Shri Guruvayurappan etc… I intend to approach them and do interviews as well.

Thanks to ll of you for continuous encouragement to keep this blog up and running…..

Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara

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  1. Can somebody please guide me where are the English translation videos i couldn’t find it ..

  2. The only one word that i can convey you is, only this much,”May Our PeriyaVas Blessings Shower on you all always”
    With Pranams,
    Muralikrishnan and family.

  3. I also would like to have the details of Shri Ra Ganapathi’s books on Periyavaa apart from Deivaththin Kural, either in the form of an ebook or print copies. I request your help in providing me the list and the publishers

  4. Dear Mahesh, Can you give more details on HH Sivan Sir’s book ? Is it available as ebook or print ? I shall be highly obliged for your help

  5. It is highly gratifying that the present generation and in particular the younger lot are not only showing high interest but also getting involved with commitment for comprehending and perpetuating our country’s rich traditional spiritual content and reinforcing the values. May God give them great strength, health and all that they aspire in their life .

    R Krishnamurthy

  6. It is indeed a boon of Mahaperiyava to have such divine blogs. With His blessings, He should give us the opportunity to experience divinity by viewing many more devotees and volunteers selfless devotion. Periyava stands by us in each of our activities which is the ultimate truth.


  7. i am myself so blessed that i am able to feel nostalgic because of this blog. it is unfortunate i am not able to be a part of this wonderful group except that i bother sivaraman with some names whom he can approach. i wish i am able to meet these great blessed souls who are doing yeoman service. in fact when sivaraman landed in my place suddenly i was hesitant and told him why should i share my own personal experience and so my son pagoda swaminathan as he is called by HH and when sivaraman told that this is for posterity i did not expect so much. you are all blessed souls and may your service continue can only be my prayers as an octogenerian. n.ramaswami

  8. Great and dedicated work. Thanks a lot to all these sincere people. I have once heard Dr. Sundararaman talk with great devotion the years of service, usually at school vacation, with Maha SwamigaL. It was very elevating. Please interview these great devotees and share with all of us. Thanks Mahesh for all the great work.

  9. Dear Mahesh
    It is so kind of you -thank you you for kind words. I feel it is Blessings of Periyavaa to get involved in such a holy work. In entirety, Periyavaa only takes me ahead & as per His wish the work will continue….

  10. Thanks a ton for all the kind words Mahesh. I am very humbled. Feeling guilty that I have not done any translations in the past two months, as it is extremely tedious. Praying to Him to give me the energy to continue from where I left. Thanks a million to you and the team for the ‘priceless’ work. I will be ever indebted to the Team for ‘The Oldest Language in the World’ and ‘Experience of Thiruvannamalai Shri Gowrishankar — Ramana/Seshadri Swamigal/Periyava in One’ translations which are still going around and around the globe, but now under different names. :)))


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