Shri NV Mama talks on Mahaperiyava

Sri N Venkatraman has interacted with Mahaperiyava from very young age.Many experience that he narrates show the managerial side of Mahaperiyava(many MBAs and managers may find it very useful).


  • Paala Padhukaya
  • Jalatharangam vidhwan’s incident
  • Questions posed to the engineer – simply beyond our comprehension….we see thennai maram daily (ok – not here in US!) but we never thought about this – ever!
  • When are you going to learn Sanskrit – I found this real funny!
  • Two important things for a brahmana – as explained by Mahaperiyava
  • “Advaitam : sarvam ekam yeva!” – simple explanation by Mahaperiyava
  • Mahaperiyava’s message to NV mama and everyone of us

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  1. What a great soul Sri. N.V. Maama is! Totally blessed person. We were elevated to great heights when we heard his experiences with Maha PeriyavaL.

  2. One of the best interview ever. Funny, joy, sorrow, music, devotional, advaitha, dvaitha. It was like a full movie. NV mama is one of the lucky ones. Amazing ending to this narration. Totally worth 47.07 minutes.

    My humble thanks to interviewer Sri Sivaraman and you Mahesh for being an enablers to this.

  3. Dear Mahesh,

    It is PURE joy and astonishment to hear the explanations and reasoning of Paramacharya – Maha Periyava. By the way Shri N Venkataraman was my science teacher(and also Team Manager for our Cricket Team) in the 1960s when i studied in National High School. A very nice, caring and enterprising gentleman ! I felt more joy when Shri NV narrated his expeiences with Maha Periyava.
    Thanks to you and Shri NV.
    Arupathi Sekar

  4. Thank you so much.

  5. what an informative interview reminding me about periavas teaching me about generation gap…i am still grappling with the meaning of nearly and about!!!thanks a lot to sivaraman and mahesh, may God bless you!!!!n.ramaswami

  6. SImply Brilliant.

  7. dear mahesh
    kodi kodi namaskarms thanks lot i can’t stop my crying still i am crying..
    blessed peoples

  8. Mahesh,
    Thank you so much. These 47 and odd minutes were a prayer for me! I was just crying throughout.Mahaperiava la dharishanam pannina madhiri aachu!

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