Ishavasya Upanishad by Swami Satyanandha Saraswathi

Bought this book in Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Saylorsburg, PA sometime back…..This whole upanishad is a very small one with 18 verses, the last 4 verses are more of prayers. Swamiji who has done the translation and commentary has done a great job of explaining very nicely. Vedanta being a dry topic, making it easier is a tough job. Also, rarely, I see a vedantic person who does not decry karmas. Swamiji has very nicely highlighted the importance of both karma and gnana margas.

Periyava made it lot easier for us via Deivathin Kural. One does not have to read any upanishad if he has Deivathin kural at home.

However, I liked the following story from this book::


Here is a Pantheistic Philosophy of India in a story format in an (Brihadaranya) Upanishad

Discussion took place between Yagyavalkya and a great Brahmin::

The Brahmin rose up in the court of King Janaka and asked, “Oh Yagyavalkya, can you tell me how many gods are mentioned in the list of Vedas?”

“Three thousand, three hundred and thirty six”, Yagyavalkya replied.

Then the Brahmin asked, “But, tell me, how many gods are there?”

“Three hundred and thirty six”, the king said.

“No, I as you what exactly is the truth about the number of gods”, the Brahmin asked again.

“Eight”, now Yagyavalkya replied.

The Brahmin did not keep quiet and asked further, “No, I want you to tell me the real number of gods”.

“Three”, he said.

The Brahmin was still not satisfied and insisted, “Tell me the truth”.

“Alright, one and a half”, came the reply.

“Then, if it is one and a half what are all these 3336?”, the Brahmin enquired further.

“These are glories and manifestations”, answered the learned.

“What is this one and a half?”, the Brahmin then enquired.

“One is imminent and the other half is transcendent”, was Yagyavalkya’s reply.

Immanence and transcendence both are within the scope of infinity, and the infinity is ONE.

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  1. Lovely.

  2. Very beautiful.

  3. the above is superb. HH Paramarthananda has taken a lot of calsses on various upanishads and brahma sutras and these are available in c.d. format sastra prakasika trust r.k. salai, chennai. these are very lucidly explained in english.
    deivathin kural is available in e format. i dont think anyone has recorded this, but there are a lot of lectures by periava. i can try to post them or give copies to mahesh when he visits india for use in states.

  4. It will be good if ‘Deivathin Kural’ is available as an iPhone/iPad App.

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