Veshti avundhuduthu..Sariya kattiko!

Thanks a million Shri Narayanan Bala for sharing these photos…

These two rare photos were taken by Shri Narayanan Bala’s brother-in-law, Shri.Narayanamurthy (NM), in 1963, when he was about 13 years old. Mahaperiava was in Thozhuthur, near Trichy, and was proceeding to Trichy.Devotees in Trichy went there to receive Him with Poornakumbam before entering Trichy district. Shri NM also went along with his father. After reaching there, Periava was going for “Snanam”. Shri NM had a new box camera, and he wanted to take His photo. Mahaperiava readily agreed. So he snapped the shot as He was smiling as if He was seeing some thing funny. He then said,” photo eduththacha? Veshtiya sariya kattikko, avunthuduthu paru!” Until then, he did not notice that his veshti has slipped off. Luckily, he was wearing a half drawer ( famous in those days, which has been adopted by the westeners as Bermudas). Shri NM was profusely embarrased, but there was no one to take his pose, in that pose!

Mahaperiava is all smiles in this photo!

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  1. Maha Periyava had a greeat sense of Humour, I had enjoyed his blessings during his vist to Delhi in 1973

  2. periavas humour is tremendous. see by whom HH is surrounded. doesnt this show his simplicity and his feelings towards urchins. once he was free from the post of matathipathi (though we dont agree)according to him, those surrounding him could never drive away anyone at all!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. so humourous,touching and full of Karunai -thinking of this simple statement icould feel periava’s divine love

  4. SO beautiful.

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