Another rare photo of Periyava and Mettur Swamigal

Thank you Shri Hubli Ramaswamy mama for sharing this wonderful rare high quality photo.

This photo is considered as a treasure to Mettur Swamigal’s poorvashrama brother’s daughters….This rare photo was taken just few days before HH Mettur swamigal was initiated into sanyasa by Periyava himself. You can see Periyava is teaching something to HH Mettur Swamigal.

Namaskarams to both Periyavas.

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  1. What we can do to our Periyava and Mettur swamigal is only this much,KIndly Offer your Sincere humble pranams to there holy feet.Service of Mettur swamigal to Periyava is known to people who keep in touch with Swamigal and Kanchimutt.

  2. oh! really amazing. Mettur swamigal’s guru bakthi is such that he had sanyasam and then deeksha by sri sri sri Maha periyava by keeping both of his padams in mettur swamigals head. What a way to get this. Pranams to Maha periyava.

  3. Excellent dharshan. Thank you!

  4. thanks
    Om Namasivah

  5. Thanks Shri Mahesh.

  6. Sri Mahesh

    I have forwarded an article titled titled “ramanatha, nee bagyasaali da” to your gmail id. Its too good. In case if this not published earlier please publish it or else ignore.
    Regards, Subbu

  7. amazing outpouring of grace

  8. saashtanga namaskarams


  10. Thanks a ton for sharing this photo.

  11. wow… Beautiful. Great thanks for sharing this.

  12. Beautiful. Thanks so much Mahesh

  13. Sarveshwara. Beautiful.

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