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  1. I see only a single black & white picture here. Can someone clarify.

  2. yes kahanam, that is right. both are his poorvasrama photo. the black and white picture is the one given by the very old person’s grand daughter. the other one in sepia is taken at night in one of the camps. you can see mettur being taught by periava in hurricane lamp in the tent!! that is a very very rare photo of mettur. i will try to send another recent one, of course that also mettur’s poorvasrama just before his entering into sanyasa. thanks mahesh. n.ramaswami.

  3. Mahesh,
    There can be mo greater service than this.

  4. Our Humble Pranams.Hara Hara Sankara — Jaya Jaya Sankara– Kanchi Sankara – Kama Koti Sankara

  5. In Black and White picture, is the person on extreme left Mettur SwamigaL? He looks similar to the person in the colour photo. Probably Poorvaasrama photo? Thanks for His Dharshan.

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