HH Mettur Swamigal – a Silhouette

Lots of folks have asked me about photos of HH Mettur Swamigal or interview with Him. If you know well, He doesn’t allow photos of Him at all. I got His darshan in Feb. Previous evening/night we spent an hour discussing few things and asking Him questions etc. Next day (day after the historical “ther” was resumed) when I was walking inside Thiruvidaimarudhur temple, He was coming out and I did my namaskaram on the road – He hurriedly said “dont do sashtanga as this is a road – just do bhavanai”.  After He left, I realized that I could take few clicks of Him walking with dhandam, kamandalu etc. Here is the shot – this is the closest photo one could get….



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  1. letmr. satyanarayana post it to mahes or me and we will do the needful. i have posted two rare of rarest photos today to mahesh. let us all pray he gets well soon and mahaperiava is looking after him. nramaswami

  2. Upon reading Shri Anantharaman Viswanathan’ s post, I remember the vedic mantra “Bhadram Karnebhi Shrunuyamadeva: Bhadrampasye……………………” This beautiful mantra says, ” let us hear all good words, let us talk all good words , see all good things…….” etc. So doing all GOOD things itself is a way of TAPAS.

  3. Anantharaman viswanathan,Adambakkam
    Twnety years ago I went Kanchi Mutt and met Sri Jayendra Periyava in regular darshan.After that I was waiting for him to clarify my doubts on meditation.After an hour he asked me why are you waiting? I said I have some doubts.Immediately
    he asked one of his disciples to take me to Sri Mettur Swamigal.At that time Swamigal was doing tabas with closed eyes.
    I sat for 15 minutes in front of him.After that he opened eyes and asked me what I wanted? I told my queries on
    meditation.He laughed and told don’t worry for anything when you are doing a good cause,God will protect you.I am
    really very fortunate to sit nearer to him and had darshan.My pranams to the great mahan.

  4. We understand only very recently about this Swamigal.Our Humble Pranams at his lotus feet and seek his blessings.AS far as i am concerned my father used to say more about our Kanchi Maha Periyava Chandrasekharendra Sarasvathi Sankaracharya swamigal,RamanaMaharshigal,Saibaba,RamakrishnaParamahamsa,Thangakai Seshadriswamigal in our day today life We lost him in the year 2011 march 14 th evening at 5.05pm with full thought of our Acharyal “Siva &Parvathi Dharshan” he says so.That day he never wet his bed or passing out stool in his bed.His earlier younger days spend at Tiruvannamalai RamanaMaharshigal..our family totally surrender to the padarenu of all our periyaval.We totally believe all there words are the words of GOD only. This is what my grand father and my father used to tell us till there last breath.We saw THERE Blessings in there death bed.They both never utter a single word other than the names of GOD. Hara Hara Sankara, Jaya Jaya Sankara.

  5. I had the previlege of seing him when he was moving with SRI SRI MAHAPERIYAVAL IN Karnataka where i was employed in NMDC. HE showed keen interest in knowing our Iron Ore Project.
    I could have his dhrashan om yearsbak in Kanchi mutt.
    Yes He is a very holy and blessed person.Whoever meets him kindly convey my namaskarams..Ranganathan(retd. Fom NMDC)

  6. please see0171 for mettur picture. may i have your e. mail address please . let me see if i can post some metturs photos. n.ramaswami

  7. Mettur Periyava is a Great sage. I have had his divine dharshan couple of times in Govindapuram.A true Sanyasi we know in the path of Mahaperiyava.

  8. h h mettur’s photo is there in the ones you have posted now from the album of your friend at chicago. yes,his wish is not to take photos of him not because of anything except that he obeys periava and follows periava. we have the fortune of serving him and be near him. let us pray he becomes bodily well though he does not care about this body to be discarded. mahesh has got periava’s grace and that is why he could be with mettur at govindapuram. we will certainly mention about your great service tomorrow(24th August)when we hope to be with Him. N.ramaswami

    • Pl convey my namaskarams to Him. He will surely remember me. I can pull out this post, if this is against His wish.

      • I met Mettur Swamigal last december, post attending Illayathangudi periyava jayanti.
        I could not offer my namaskarams at the MAHAPERIYAVAA SAMADHI there, as it was closed, by 12 PM.
        I went to the place where Mettur Periyava was staying and chanted HARA HARA SHANKARA.

        Mettur Swamigal came out, i told him i have from Chennai, and sought blessings.
        Mettur Swamigal insisted that i should seek the blessings of MAHA PERIYAVA and only then can have his DARSHAN.
        With firm conviction he told me, that is the SAMPRADAYA and it cannot be compromised.

        I went again in the evening and offered my salutations in front of MAHA PERIYAVAA.
        I then went thru the 68 lingas (representing 68 ACHARYA’s who have attained SAMADHI.
        Mettur Swamigal entered the hall and started to guide a young Shrowtigal to perform PUJA for the 68 lingas.
        Self and family moved to the corner of the room and witnessed the puja.

        He blessed us and asked the attendents there to offer prasadams to us.
        He then left the hall.

        I dont know how to describe this Bakti.
        And more important, who am i to describe a MAHAN’s bakti towards his GURU.
        Certain things are best narrated and left alone.

        Incidently, the paintings of the ACHARYAS on top of the liNga was drawn by my wife(20 of them)


      • I have taken a few snap shots and i can share it with you

  9. Shankara.

  10. It is better not to disobey the wishes of Mahans.

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