Dharma Sastram by Dr S V Radhakrishna Sastrigal

In response to few comments posted in “achamanam” post on what is right/wrong, I thought I could post this to see if this helps.

The first book I bought after  reading Deivathin Kural Vol 1 is this book. Periyava mentioned this book as a good reference to know what our sastras say and what we should do at various occasions. This is an outstanding book that details almost everything – everything…..I interviewed Dr Radhakrishna Sastrigal during my India trip  and he is an authority in Sanskrit and have written several books – one including a book on Adi Shankara under the direct guidance of Mahaperiyava. He was very closely associated with Him for several years and instrumental in building a very large library for the Kanchi mutt.

I bought this and skimmed through the pages. Not to my surprise, this book will make us feel more guilty! In today’s world, we are not doing one single thing as per this book.

Once you read this, this will answer more questions than you know!


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  1. Official Web Site of Dr.S.V.Radhakrishna Sastri

  2. Kindly clarify whether we can utter hari om instead of hari hi om.

  3. Dr S.V.R was our family vaidhyar and i used to listen his upanyasams viz on thripura rahasyam Bagavadam Dharmasasthram.

  4. Hi, how to get the dharma sasthram book??can u help me??

  5. could you please give the publishers address to purchase these two important books

  6. thanks for the information about the book. sorry i did not notice this first and repeated my request for details. i will immediately try to get a book. n.ramaswami

  7. Thank you Mahesh

  8. Mahesh, Thanks for letting us know about this prestigious book.


  9. This book is available in any book store near you. I bought this in Giri traders. Published by “Sri Surabhi Jagadguru Shathabdhi Publications, 84/12 Lake View Road, W.Mambalam, Chennai. Phone: 4747066”. Hope this helps.

  10. Thank you Mahesh,we dont know any thing at present,-and as a brahmin we dont know many things,we almost lost many valuable information on the way,only by reading books like this written by great learned people guided by our Periyava only can help people like us.Kindly give us all details about the book and from where we can have this book,
    its cost,where to apply with the address is a must for people like me.Our humble Pranams to “Dharmasastram Guru”
    Dr S.V.RadhakrishnaSastrigal

  11. Thank you Mahesh,

    Please email me the details of this book or where it is available and how can I get it.

  12. Mahesh, Thanks for the info.


  13. Dr.SVR is a great respected Sanskrit Scholar and I have his English Sanskrit Dictionary.His contribution particularly to conduct examns in Sanskrit is immense as I had undergone a course in Sanskrit Univ@Luz church rd when I had bought this Dic..pls email the details of this book/where it is available as it wd be easier for us to order by VPP.tks for the info.

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