Linga Purana Siva Sahasranama by Swami Shantanandha Puri

Hope you remember the interview of the swamiji. For those who missed it, please listen here. The whole interview is also written up in the preface of this document – it is a must read. As Mahaperiyava wanted, let us chant the most powerful namas and receive all the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Please note::

For the audio talk and chanting of Shiva Sahasranamam by Swami Shantananda Puri, please do the following:

  1. Mr.Kapaleeswaran, 13 CIT Colony, Ist Main Road, Mylapore, Chennai-600004, Ph. 09841051802
  2. Copy paste the links below one after another to your browser
    1. Track 1 of audio is the talk by Swami Shantananda Puri –
    2. Track 2 of audio is the chanting by Swamiji –
    3. The audio will start playing. Right click anywhere on the screen and click “Save As” and download each of the below files.

All the books and articles authored by H.H. Swami Shantananda Puri and his Gurudev are also available on internet and can be downloaded free of cost by anybody for his personal spiritual usage from website query in this regard may be sent by email to

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  1. Kind enquiry;

    Will Mr.Kapaleeswaran be able to teach Linga Purana Siva Sahasranama to devotees who wants to learn?
    I very looking forward to read and learn Linga Puranam.

    Please let me know.

  2. I had inadvertently deleted the link to the Shiva Sahasranamam and I am re-submitting the new links:

    Track 1 of audio is the talk by Swami Shantananda Puri on this Sahasranamam

    Track 2 of audio is the chanting of this Sahasranamam by Swamiji

    Tamil text of the Shiva Sahasranamam

  3. Great work! Many humble thanks to the Mahaan and Maha Periyava! Hara Hara Shankara, Jaya Jaya Shankara!


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