Hubli Shri Ramaswamy talks on Mahaperiyava

This is a long-pending interview to be published from me.

Shri Hubli Ramaswamy had gotten several darshans and lots of interactions and his entire family is blessed by Him at all occasions. A very lively person, pretty open…..Long interview but lots of information….


  • What PIN code means???
  • Miracle on tiger skin
  • Nanogenerian – ever heard of this term? Not me until I saw this interview
  • His daughter/son’s marriage
  • How to make vella seedai?

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  1. Hubli Sri Ramaswamy is all transparent sincerity in his expressions. We all feel blessed by his recounting his experiences with Maha Periyava. We had His Dharshan too, thanks to his recollectionds.

  2. you have said that in the first word itself mr. panchanathan. think of him sincerely and he will stand before you i assure you sir. n.ramswami

  3. Sarveshwara. After having read and heard so much about Him in the past 8 years, this is what I am left with in the last month or so…..I don’t know Him. Who is He, What is He…

  4. once you surrender to mahaperiyava in toto you need not worry for any thing because,periyava knows every thing of our past,present and the future.Even today after his mahasamadhi,if you think about our periyava and surender all your problems at his feet with total devotion,swamigal will solve your problems by some source.Believe is a truth only.

  5. good to c for posterity. one extraordinary incident i must quote here. my son met with an accident at bombay while saving a child falling from asbestos roof which gave way and sustained very serious spinal cord injury. i was at secunderabad and was informed that the doctors at Nair hospital where he was admitted has said that he was in a bad shape, not passing urine etc. and like a calf running to the cow, i went to mahaperiava first and told him. He asked me touching a place in his back ‘ingiya, sariyapoyidum po’. I reached bombay Nair hospital direct and the ortho surgeon who came with neuro surgeon prepared to operate, was surprised when urine bursted out and drenched his cloth and found that no operation was needed. that is Periyyyyyava! every incident in my life was forecast. my youngster was preparing to become a science graduate having passed inter science. It was on a river side in a remote village when G.sitaraman auditor a greater devotee of periava came to have darshan and finding me there gave his clothes to me and the purse to my son before going to take bath and darshan. Lo, here is a forecast i did not understand. my son did B Com, and inspite of his joining at secunderabad with some other auditor for ca, had to join under G.Sitaraman due to my transfer to vijayawada!!!!!!!!!!!!!lots and lots sir.

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