Must-watch interview of Shri L.S.Venkatesan

Super interview….don’t miss..A simple man, great bhakthi, entire family is devoted to Him and Sri Pradosham mama….

  • A great painter, who had an opportunity to get all his paintings blessed by Periyava.
  • Rare incident of Periyava doing namaskaram to one of His paintings..
  • He pointed one photo and said “I am in this photo”
  • Periyava promised that He will come wherever a song compiled by Shri Venkat is sung.
  • Periyava walking in His house in a spatika form…..
  • To Shri Venkat, Periyava is his mother!

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  1. Namaskaram! Very divine and heart touching interview and was thrilled to see the swami paintings..What a tremendous Guru bhakthi

  2. Sarveshwara. SHankara. WHat compassion!

  3. Sahasra koti pranams to Sri Mahaperiyavaa,

    Mr Venkatesan namaskarams to you a great devotee to MahaPeriyavaa,

    Thanks Mahesh and Sri Sivaraman.


  4. I will prepare the songs and prayers written in a word format and send to Mahesh to post in this for periyava devotees.
    My email id is and contact number is 91-9600064140. Please send me your address thru mail also so that i can send you a copy of the slogams. Thanks.

  5. Mr.Venkatesan has kindly permitted to publish his contact number. I request the viewers to be judicious in using the contact number.

    Pallavaram, chennai.
    Ph: 9600064140

  6. I would like to contact him,mr mahesh.Could you please provide his phone number or email ID?
    Very touching interview.

  7. Very good interview. would be grateful if the prayers written is also made public. else please provide details from where we can get the same. Thanks.


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